Why Gareth Henry and the Phrase Private Credit are Synonymous

Gareth Henry is without a doubt a man of his time. When the leaders in private credit are having a meeting, it is no surprise when the name Gareth Henry comes up. Having worked for numerous prominent investment management companies, and having worked as the head of IR for the Fortress Investment Group, he is well aware of what it takes to succeed in the market of private credit.

The growing private credit sector is growing immensely, and there are few that have as much as experience as Gareth Henry. What helped him understand these matters so well? When he was studying in college, he chose to study actuarial mathematics. It’s not something that many find exciting, but he certainly did. Little did he know that it would pay off so well in a career that would manage private credit.

There are many things that Mr. Henry brings to the table that others do not including:

• Extensive experience in alternative asset management

• Intense work ethic

• Education in actuarial mathematics

The type of mathematics that he studied then would serve to help him understand complicated calculations, and how they apply to investments.

There are some critical factors that contribute to the growth of the private credit sector including:

• The unique challenges of being a public company

• Extensive review of the regulation of public companies

• Increase in the number of required disclosures

• Cut backs on lending to private companies

• Critique of quarterly reports that may result in knee-jerk reactions from investors

Recently, Gareth Henry was interviewed by Ideamensch, and was asked what the primary contributing factors are to the private credit market and how it’s turning out so far.

There is a definite difference between what happens in transactions that are noted as a direct deal versus what is noted as private equity. Mr. Henry noted that major institutions are looking into making co-investment decisions. His training in his mathematics niche and his experience working with major investment groups has given him the edge in his decision making.

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