Todd Lubar Delves into the Science of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, its many processes, and those dominating the occupation has changed considerably over the years. Based on a recent survey made by a statistician, the choice to become an entrepreneur is predicated upon wildly varying principles based on the age of the person involved. While people 50 years or older cite the ability to become their own boss as a motivating factor, people in their twenties see this as less of a factor, citing factors such as social presence and visibility as determining factors. Regardless of a person’s reason to become an entrepreneur, experts believe that there are a few traits present in nearly all successful investors. Among the prime attributes found in successful entrepreneurs, dedication and persistence seem to be at the top. Visit  to see more.

Persistence is important for each and every entrepreneur because of the high rate of failure that one is sure to encounter. Failure is almost synonymous with entrepreneurship, and because of this, it is generally the people who persist regardless of failure that tend to succeed at the highest rates. Failure, because of its inevitability at times, should be used as a tool, instead of a discourager. Failure offers up many opportunities for teachable moments, being that it is the best tool in helping an entrepreneur to assess the quality of the product that they are selling, and areas that need improvement. Dedication is possibly the second most important trait found in entrepreneurs, as entrepreneurs are known for the intimate connection that they have with the products that they are pushing, with many citing that their decision to pursue a career in entrepreneurship is based on factors that have affected them on a personal level.

Todd Lubar is a graduate of Syracuse University, having received his degree in communications in 1995. Since joining the workforce, Mr. Lubar has enjoyed a very fruitful career that has seen him work for several prominent companies in the real estate industry, as well as in the entertainment and construction industries. In 2007, after over twenty years dealing with real estate, Mr. Lubar founded TDL Global Ventures, for which he is the current President.

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Bob Reina Announces New Talk Fusion Offices In India

Talk Fusion is the premier video marketing company with their apps being used by many companies around the world. It uses direct selling to connect its product to customers with independent agents of the company throughout the world. In November 2017 the company, headquartered in South Florida, opened a new office in New Delhi, India. They also created a subsidiary specifically for India called Talk Fusion India Pvt. Ltd.

The new offices were opened in India as it looks to become one of Talk Fusion’s largest markets. They offer a number of video marketing tools to businesses who use them to market their products and services to customers as well as hold internal meetings. The line-up of Talk Fusion products now includes Video Email, Live Meetings, Video Newsletters, Video Chat, and Sign-up Forms. Video Chat, in particular, has won two industry rewards due to its innovation. Talk Fusion’s apps are now available in almost 150 countries across the globe.

The founder and CEO of the company, Bob Reina, said that there are many Associates of his company in India that are raring to go. He said that these Associates are most excited about his company’s compensation system, called Talk Fusion Instant Pay, where people immediately get commissions when they make a sale.

The new Indian offices will be used to coordinate the company’s work in that country. It will also serve as a place to hold in-person meetings and is also a place to train new Associates. The manager of the office is Guru Lal Singh who is very excited about Talk Fusion’s future in India. Since India is the second most populated country in the world there are vast opportunities when it comes to building new businesses. Learn more:

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina when he saw that there was an unaddressed problem, namely that it was impossible to send videos through email. His first product was Video Email which solved this problem. Over time Talk Fusion has added the other apps as Bob Reina and his team identify other problems that his company can address.

Ricardo Tosta Heads the Brazilian Legal Tradition of Civil Law

The constitution and legal system of Brazil are often seen as difficult to understand but is based on the German legal traditions which have been taken around the world under the term, Civil Law. In Brazil, the creation of law is taken up by the national Federal government and individual states which are given the chance to rule themselves within the national framework. The judiciary in the Brazilian capital is in control of the development of national and regional laws under which a state constitution must be created.

Ricardo Tosta de Oliveira Carvalho, of the Leite, Tosta, and Barros law firm has created a new way of conducting legal issues across the nation in terms of mass litigation which has become extremely common in the South American country. The company was one of the first to develop the mass litigation model in Brazil and has been at the forefront of many of the major cases in this area of law in the Brazilian legal system; the infrastructure of the law firm has been developed to allow a range of mass litigation techniques to be developed across many industries where individuals are in need of the help of an experienced and professional law firm headed by Ricardo Tosta de Oliveira Carvalho.

In terms of the success of the law firm, Ricardo Tosta de Oliveira Carvalho has done much to raise his own profile to become the top legal mind at the company who keeps a close eye on banking and financial law. Like many Brazilian legal professionals, Ricardo Tosta de Oliveira Carvalho has proven himself to be an effective legal mind in a range of different areas including criminal law where he has tried a number of cases.

During recent years, a number of clients have contacted Ricardo Tosta de Oliveira Carvalho to look for his assistance in taking a case begun by a different law firm to one of the five courts of appeal in Brazil. Finding reasons for appeal in a nation where other legal professionals have failed their clients is one of the areas in which Ricardo Tosta has found great success.


Desiree Perez: They Key To Celebrity Fame

The industry of music and entertainment has been as massive as it ever was. It is a $17.2 billion industry, and accounts for more than 1/3 of the worldwide revenues for this sector alone. Given this, we all know that the rise to fame is very competitive and you must work hard to be noticed. That is why there ares scouts, producers, and managers that help these icons strive and claim their way to fame such as Desiree Perez.

Behind the Big Names

Desiree Perez or “Des” is a member of the all-exclusive team of the entertainment industry’s best managers. She was one of the key person’s that helped celebrities such as Jay-Z thrive in the music industry for the past 20 years. She has helped him in creating opportunities for expanding his entertainment empire. Additionally, she has also helped celebrities such as Rihanna collaborate with other brands to maximize profits and produce successful campaigns.

The Female Powerhouse

Desiree Perez was able to garner huge profits for her clients. Through her assistance, Samsung was able to collaborate with Rihanna’s Anti tour which closed a $25 million deal. Through this, Rihanna’s standing as a profitable promoter rose, and she was able to open doors for the female singer to acquire more promotion offers. Rihanna has constantly sought her expertise, and she is continuously working with her to provide guidance in the area of business and career decisions.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is one of the entertainment industry’s sought-after talent and brand managers. She has continuously worked with several public icons and famous brands and catapulted them into success.Being a part of the ROC Nation, Des Perez was able to contribute to the entertainment industry in many ways. Together with this company, she manages artists, public icons, collaborates with brands for promotions and publishing engaging content.

Josh Smith- Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Driven and motivated by an ever changing economy, Josh Smith of Reno, Nevada, entrepreneur extraordinaire, has spent the last 17 years crafting a platform of encouraging projects to engage society’s growth and diversity. Referred to as a “serial entrepreneur”, Josh Smith has become a well-known staple of the technology driven community of Reno, Nevada. By empowering organizations with his visionary skills, he has become pivotal in senior management to construct and maintain a healthy business plan. By positively impacting start-up companies, he is offered an advantage unlike many investors. His expertise strategically opens avenues of critical thought and mindful ingenuity. In addition, Josh Smith’s wealth of knowledge in technology, both domestically and internationally, provides a keen sense of how to improve a wide range of sciences.

As a committed revolutionary, Josh Smith is working to increase efficiency, not only in locations like Reno, Nevada, but home and garden communities on a global scale. Barrier driven inefficiencies motivated Mr. Smith towards designing a revolutionary home gardening system. Greenhouse inspired, Smith remains incredibily humbled by his appreciation for humanity and the regeneration of the economy. Although credit is often extended to Smith, his unimaginable success is not gained through monetary prosperity but through engaging opportunities, simplifications, inspiration, adaptability and drive.
Recently, Josh Smith teamed with unbelievably creative minds in an attempt to showcase home gardening with a greenhouse kick-starter. Essentially, growth is automated for indoor, patio and backyard gardening. For people interested in organic food at the palm of their hands, this would be right on target. Designed with a state-of-the-art mobile accessible app, the maintenance and production is visible at any time for analysis. This particular greenhouse system, supported by Josh Smith, is specifically designed for each individual owner to maximize their needs and wants. Being hurricane proof is definitely an appealing perk for southern most states in the United States. Through wi-fi connection, the greenhouse is fully functional using a smartphone or tablet. Offering exclusive discounts for the go-live undoubtedly shows how much Smith believes in this project.

George Soros; the Amazing Philanthropist

George Soros was born in Schwartz in the year 1930.Soros is a Hungarian-American financial, humanitarian, author and a business capitalist. He is one of the most successful investors in the worlds .Born in Budapest got through Nazi Germany, occupied Hungary and then moved to England in 1947.He studied at London School of Economics where he graduated with a degree and masters in philosophy. He started his entrepreneurship profession by taking different jobs at Merchant Banks in the United States and in England. In the year 1969 he started the first hedge fund called the Double Eagle. Profits from Double Eagle donated the money to start Soros Fund Management which is his second hedge fund. Soros Fund Management was started in 1970.

George early studies of philosophy made him to advance and put in to action the Karl General Theory of Reflexivity to the financial markets. George is known for his support of America liberal and America progressive political sponsorship and cause through his foundation named as Open society Foundations. Soros has offered more than 32 billion dollars to Open Society Foundations. He also started the Central European University situated in Budapest. He donated fund to start it and it is the leading university that study social sciences. Under his management the Open Society Foundations have helped people and companies around the world for accountable leadership, freedom of expression and communities the enhance equality and justice. The foundation has also offered university and school fees to thousands of students. Soros has helped groups that stood for Europe’s Roma individuals. For example individuals that were pushed to the end in the society, sex workers, drug users and LGBTI individuals.

Soros started being a humanitarian in the year 1970.He started this by offering scholarships to black South Africans during apartheid. In the 1980s he assisted in enhancing the open trade of ideas in Communist Hungary. He promoted that by supporting academic visits to the west. His support has reached a level that is more of his own foundations, funding independent companies like Institute for New Economic Thinking, Global Witness, International Crisis Group and European Council on Foreign Relations. George was not a bog donor to the United States political cause until the year 2004 presidential election. He was the first sponsor to the Center for American Progress and he progresses to fund the company through the Open Society Foundations. Individuals close to Soros state that he seem to be more engaged in political recently compared to before. In June 2017,George had funded 7 million dollars to a large PAC funding Clinton called the Priorities USA Action.FEC files also demonstrate that George offered 2 million dollars to American Bridge 21st Century.

Securus Technologies- Leader in prison technologies

Securus Technologies is a global firm that deals with providing technologies for the inmates. It is a firm that is located in Dallas., Texas. The company is a global leader in producing products that enhance public safety, monitoring and investigations. Securus is a company that has been approved by the Better Business Bureau as a producer of quality products. They are rated A+ in terms of services delivery. According to the vice president of operations at Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos, they have worked closely with the Better Business Bureau two ensure that it is not just the highest rating they receive but they also accreditation on they say or write about their products. For Securus to be rated by the Better Business Bureau, it had to attain the following standards:

One, they had to build trust by maintaining a good reputation in the market. No business can go far without being trusted by the consumers. This is a standard Securus has been working on relentlessly. They understand that the customer is the king and no one should ever go against the needs of the consumer.

Secondly, they embraced an aggressive advertising strategy. This is a strategy that will enable their products to reach as many people as possible.

Thirdly, Securus Technologies has been very honest with consumers. In the spirit of honesty, they disclose the materials used to create their products. This is intended to have an open relationship with the clients.

Fourth, Securus Technologies have embraced transparency as a mode of attracting customers. They always make sure that the policies that guide their work is outlined clearly for the consumers to know. They have also made sure that they honor the promises that they make to their clients at all times. There is no need to promise customers a product that cannot be delivered.

These are some of the standards that Securus Technologies had to put in place for to be approved by the BBB.

Dr. Mark McKenna Discusses His Career

Recently Dr. Mark McKenna sat down to talk about his business ventures and lifestyle. During the interview, Dr. Mark McKenna talked about his new company OVME and how he named it. According to Mark, he started up this company after working in the healthcare field and with medical aesthetics. He also said that the company was intended to help medical professionals use more effective methods in treating patients. Along with talking about his new company, Mark also talked about his keys to success. He says that when it comes to reaching his goals, he looks to read as well as surround himself with people that are smarter than him. When he starts his day, he gets up early and then works until 6PM. After work, Mark participates in jiujitsu and spends time with his family. He later does some more work later at night and then goes to bed.

Dr. Mark McKenna attended Tulane University where he graduated from medical school. After finishing up medical school, Mark would practice medicine as a surgeon with his father. Within a few years, he would start up a couple of business ventures that would provide him with lots of success. Mark started up a real estate development firm and a mortgage company. These businesses were very successful for a number of years until Hurricane Katrina hit. Once this storm hit New Orleans, Mark lost a number of his business interests. However he would help revitalize the community by developing housing units for many of the residents. He would eventually relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue other business ventures.

Once he relocated to Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna would start up a company in the healthcare industry. Mark started the company OVME which specialized in medical aesthetics. With this company, Mark would be able to help healthcare practitioners use treatments that would help patients overcome a number of health problems. This company has been quite successful and Mark would eventually sell it. Nowadays, Mark spends a lot of his free time with his children, wife and pet Pomeranian dog. The combination of his business success and family life has allowed Mark to live a pleasant and balanced lifestyle on a regular basis.

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Logan Stout’s IDLife and Garmin International takes health wellness to an advanced level

The current technological changes is a challenge to many companies as far as survival in the market is concerned. Gone are the days where everything revolved on manual technology. This made Logan Stout’s IDLife dietary supplements company come up with the IDLife App. With the App, the users can monitor everything between their bodies are IDLife supplements through their mobile devices. Through this way, they can achieve their health and wellness goals easily. To make it easier for the App to communicate with the body, IDLife announced partnership with Garmin International which is a top producer if high-quality GPS enabled wearable fitness tracking devices. These devices will sync with the App, and the collected body information will be used by IDLife representatives in administering the supplements. These Vivo wearable devices can be purchased directly through

Through Garmin’s Index Smart Scale, IDLife app users who will be wearing Vivo tracking devices will be able to measure BMI, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle water percentage and weight simultaneously. Garmin International is known to produce high-quality wearable fitness devices in over a decade and commands a powerful health-focused technology. Also, its products are compatible with different health-based Apps through its Vivo production. The products are also pocket-friendly, water resistance and long battery durability. Apart from size and style, customers are also able to choose devices with additional features like activity detection and notifications, activity profiles and wrist pulse tracking. All these factors made ADLife accept a partnership with Garmin International.

IDLife treats its customers on individual basis contrary to others where anyone can take any supplement. Through its representatives, the customers do assessment tests where the health background and status and the goals of every customer is considered, and the results determine the type of product and combination each will receive. Everyone is unique, and hence the needs and goals are also unique. By providing the customers with the right products for their health, helping the customers achieve their health goals through giving them necessary tools, IDLife believes that its partnership with Garmin is an added advantage to the wellness of its customers. IDLife is based in Texas and was founded by Logan Stout in 2014 who is also its CEO. Stout is also a motivational speaker, former athlete, author, philanthropist and an entrepreneur.

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End Citizens United Looks To 2018 To Make Political Change

Democracy in America is always under assault but typically the largest forces in the country are working together in concert to stave off the attack. For the past two years nothing has been a bigger story in the United States than the potential Russian hacking and collusion in aid of Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential Election. While former FBI Director and Special Counselor Robert Mueller investigates the matter, the rest of America has to be left wondering: What comes next? For a trio of State Senators the next logical act was to put forward plan to make sure it never happens again. John McCain, Mark Warner and Amy Klobuchar put together a bipartisan project called the Honest Ads Act which seeks to stop potential collusion in the future.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has spent the past year working toward raising awareness regarding the attack on voting rights in the United States of America. Their primary focus has been on the 2010 Supreme Court case, Citizens United. Citizens United is a political propaganda group designed by conservative politicians. The goal of the group was to argue before the Supreme Court in order to allow special interests to come into Washington D.C. by way of corporate donors. Since they successfully argued for the influx of corporate money, the United States government has been on the decline. How does this relate to the Honest Ads Act?


End Citizens United recently endorsed the Honest Ads Act because it is a step towards pushing back on the problem that is campaign financing laws. With the Honest Ads Act in place there will be a renewed focus on preventing election engineering from corporate donors, foreign influence and more. Tiffany Muller said, “This is common sense legislation and senators from both parties should support this bill to ensure that our elections are free from foreign interference.” Muller went on to cast a warning to those that would be in opposition to the Honest Ads Act by saying, “ECU will ensure those who oppose this effort and allow foreign governments to continue to exploit our system will be held accountable next November.”

If End Citizens United is going to be successful in their push to make voting rights something fundamental to all American’s, then they are going to need success when 2018 comes around. The 2018 Congressional elections are going to be massively important to the future of the country. End Citizens United has already raised $4 million to support campaign finance reform supporters and they’ll look to raise something close to $35 million ahead of the 2018 elections. End Citizens United will continue to endorse politicians who stick by their campaign promises.

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