20 Years Later the Fortress Investment Group Still Stands Strong

When Wesley R. Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman joined hands in 1998 to start an alternative asset management firm, they may have hoped to achieve a certain level of success, but may never have visualized what the Fortress Investment Group would grow into and the same time propel them to the top of the food chain. The three all had a level of understanding of what made a good asset management company with two Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman having come from UBS where they were managing directors and Wesley R. Edens, having worked at BlackRock financial management.

They all had over 40 years’ worth of combined experience and we’re determined to replicate the success they had achieved in their respective careers working for other organizations in their own Fortress Investment Group. The group would begin with about four hundred million dollars assets under management. The three were each assigned an area to focus on and soon the group had diversified into the hedge fund industry, debt security, and real estate. This was all happening rapidly, and the three partners realized a need to bring in more talent to help sustain this growth. Fortress Investment Group being as daring as ever went all out and brought in Peter Briger and Michael Novogratz from Goldman Sachs.

The two would be tasked with establishing the Credit business for the Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger having specialized in this line of work for almost his entire career took on the challenge with zest, and by 2006 the division was up and running and was contributing significantly to the group’s bottom line. The Growth of Fortress from this point on would be nothing short of epic as it listed on the NYSE the following year and soon its shares rose an incredible 76 percent with the first few months. This would propel the founders to billionaire status and give their initial idea credibility. In 2017 the Fortress were acquired by Softbank in a deal estimated to be worth 3.3 Billion dollars this would return the company to its earlier private status despite it managing a number of publicly listed companies that help contribute to a large part of its revenue.

Bruno Fagali Report on Adopting an Anti-Corruption Mechanism

Companies in Brazil are more focused to raise the levels of risk monitoring and management in the recent times compared to the recent past. This is attributed to corruption scandals, which have taken root in the country’s economy hence undermining the credibility and growth of firms. This has been revealed by a recent audit, which covered more than 100 companies operating in various sectors. Mr. Bruno Fagali who is a lawyer and a member of the Fagali advocates has helped to provide comprehensive details from this audit to aid in the stabilization of the commercial operations in Brazil.

His analysis on the effectiveness of the anti-corruption measure

According to this audit, Mr. Bruno Fagali highlighted that the number of firms, which have incorporated the anti-corruption measures had risen significantly to reach a 73 % mark when compared to 59% figure obtained in 2015 analysis. Similarly, the administration of the unethical fraud and conduct rose to 81% against 60% mark acquired two years ago. This analysis also took into account vital data like monitoring of various donations channeled towards political parties and electoral campaigns.

His Take on the Cigarettes Advertising

For so long, issues related to cigarettes have made frequent appearances in the judicial trials all over the world. Today, for instance, particularly in the case of Brazil, the issues of additives are receiving considerable attention from the legal entities and the public. On the other hand, this debate is expected to take a different course in the United States based on the judicial determinations.

Additives in Brazil

Following a series of consultations and various public hearings, Brazil was the first country in the world to do away with the use of additives. Different laws in the land, which prohibits the importation, manufacture, storage, marketing and distribution of products, which violate the law, also backed this move. In contrast, when it comes to issues related to additives in the United States, problems of the additives is not addressed not to emotion the competence of the managerial public. However, a statutory rule that is aimed at persuading the four most renowned cigarettes produces, to carry out anti-smoking advertisement might be the most significant milestone in the eradication of additives in united states.

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Fortress Investment Group Snags Up SuperValu

SuperValu distribution center in Pompano Beach was purchased by Fortress Investment Group in an outstanding $483 million portfolio deal. The breakdown of the agreement to purchase shows Fortress’ affiliate CF Grocery Distribution PropCo paying $66.4 million for the facility that stretches to 769,000 square feet. Royal Bank of Canada was the great financier that laid down the mortgage worth $68.41 million. Associated Grocers of Florida decided to sell to SuperValu last October for $180 million. In 2006, record reveal that the facility traded for $51 million.

They 51.5 acre site was built back in 1973. The grocery distribution business publicly announced it would sell eight of its facilities. All locations include Green Bay, Wisconsin, Commerce and Stockton, California, to name a few. As for Fortress Investment Group, it remains strong in the financial markets ever since its initial IPO. The founding executives are Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Robert Kauffman. The company blossomed after a rough up and down period before 2006. Now the company has a net value of $32.6 million and there are no signs of it slowing down. One founder of Fortress Investment Group, Kauffman, could act on a dream of getting into the car racing business.

First her bought at least 50 percent ownership in a NASCAR racing company called Michael Waltrip Racing. Next, Kauffman was behind the wheel driving in popular races like the 24 Hours of Daytona. His other venture was to restore vintage muscle cars with his own venture called RK Motors Charlotte. It’s been something Kauffman wanted to do for over 15 years.Fortress Investment Group has grown leaps and bounds. They stand by their concept of using what the founders call an “alternative asset strategy.” The three men all have background experience from the well-known corporations of Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, UBS and BlackRock Financial Management. The focus of the company is in a few areas:

  • sector-specific knowledge of companies and institutions
  • operations management
  • corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • asset-based investing
  • capital markets

Adam Milstein and The Necessity to Provide The Young Jews The Support They Need To Be Leaders


It is said that towns like to do business, but states want to engage in war. There’s more dispute and dissent when groups or societies get bigger, and that’s the reason why we should de-escalate, decentralize and detach ourselves from an ominous scale of a society. This is one of the things that Adam Milstein seem to advocate for as the writer for Times of Israel and as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and activist for the American Jewish Committee ,as well as the Christian United For Israel.

In his latest article from The Times of Israel, we can read a lot of the insight from Adam Milstein that can educate us of how Israel is getting all the attacks from those who don’t believe in their legitimacy as a state as a result of non decentralized society. In an article dated April 5, 2018, Adam Milstein described the Jewish history as full of instances where the Jews have been on the marginalized and abused side. However, he also described that despite such challenges, the Jews had overcome them with pride and integrity, and the major challenges that would come later to them would also be met with the same kind of dedication and courage.

Adam Milstein believes that no challenge or difficulty a nation will face would be insurmountable to an effective and powerful leader. This has been evident in the Jewish nation ever since World War II, and it’s good to know that this kind of courage would soon also be observed in the coming years. The young Jews are rising up. They will be the next leaders. They will defend the Jewish state and its people. They will carry the mission of their land.

It is also explained in the article how Mr. Milstein saw the need for the Jewish American to stay united, to keep at their fight against anti-semitism and to stay level headed with the rationality of their arguments and advocacies. To do this, Adam Milstein believes that the Jews have to provide the youth with the tools, the platform, support and powerful psychological strength to make them believe in the necessity of their cause.


The One Stop Financial Solution Center for Australians

The best way for Australians to get their financial fitness plans together is by getting connected to a financial coach. This makes more sense if you have ever had issues with debt. Lots of people that are finding it difficult to make sense of their finances will benefit greatly from what these financial planners can do for wealth creation and retirement solutions.


Infinity Group Australia reviews have been good. People that have been interested in trying to find out if there are better ways to pay off home loans in shorter time frames will consider these specialists from Infinity. This is the group that has helped people realize tremendous savings by cutting interest rates on loans in half. Others have seen more wealth creation because they have better solutions to how they can plan based on their long-term goals.


Infinity has a financial health test that gives more clients a better indication of how they can go about buying property and improving their financial status. This is a 5-minute checkup that can provide clients with better information on how they can pay off their mortgages.


There are a ton of people that are reaching for the small savings, but they never get around to reaching the bigger savings from loans on homes or personal loans. In so many cases Australians will just accept what they initially get for the interest on home loans. They may never realize that the shift in the economy may lead to easier ways to save money. When people that are looking for a change in their economic conditions they can look at the other areas that provide more savings so they can contribute more to financial plans.


The experts at Infinity are able to pinpoint these things because they have worked with a number of clients. They know exactly how to change a client’s outlook by giving them a different perspective. There may be money that you could be saving that you are just not aware of. When Australians have less debt they have the ability to borrow less and save more. The growth of these type of financial planning institutions ins Australia is a sign that more people are interested in getting out of the rut that they are in. This is the goal that lots of people have when they are trying to more beyond their day to day struggles.


As most families expand people that are trying to raise children see the need for better income management. They make every attempt that they can lower expenses and increase their savings for their golden years. With the right financial planner in place it is going to be easier to recognize your goals in financial planning much sooner. Learn more: https://www.yourmortgage.com.au/mortgage-brokers/best-mortgage-brokers/mpaaustralia-top-100-brokers-2017/13-graeme-holm-infinity-group-finance/243102/


Jason Hope’s Journey on Rejuvenation Research

The anti-aging industry is big, and growth won’t stop for quite some time. His passion is for anti-aging research and he’s now met his partner in crime if you will. Aubrey de Grey, the founder of the SENS Research Foundation shares his passion for finding a better way to slow down aging or reverse it. The work of SENS Research Foundation is to focus on what the industry calls regenerative medicine. Treating the damage that causes age-related diseases may now have a consistent pattern. What Jason Hope wants to know is whether or not this is the case, and how science can aid in improving upon this age-related string of diseases.

A rather large conference, the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference, is now a meeting of the minds for those who share this same passion. Although aging is the focus for Mr. Jason Hope and Aubrey de Grey, there are many who attend the conference sharing ideas and research for other areas in medicine that can be related to diseases of the aging. The conference has been a great place for attendees to come and share their knowledge with others, making it a collaborative effort all around.

Because Jason Hope is so passionate about this endeavor, he donated more than $500,000 of his own funds to the SENS Research Foundation for this endeavor. He is proud of his donation for the foundation, mainly because he believes that it’s important to find unique ways to combat particular health problems. It’s a notable thing for them to determine how the aging process can be targeted at the source. Additionally, Mr. Hope has mentioned other diseases of aging adults like lung disease and Alzheimer’s. Through his research he knows and understands that these diseases have much to do with the aging process.

Focusing on diseases that cause the body to age quickly are a key interest for Jason Hope and those who are joining in research with him and his partners. Stopping those diseases can in turn help in the process of eliminating other aging concerns as well. At least this is the ultimate outcome desired by Jason Hope and other researchers like Aubrey de Grey who are joining him in the fight against aging. A new labratory was built as a result of the most recent donation, aiding in additional research for aging.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope

Heal And Soothe – Not Just Another Gimmick

Heal And Soothe offers a solution rather than just a band-aid for your pain and inflammation. Many customers who have used it have also found it to take care of their other issues such as eczema and fungus in the toe.


Heal And Soothe contains all-natural ingredients that work together to make the body well and since it is an all-natural product it doesn’t have the unwanted side effects that come with many painkillers. It is a safe and natural way to combat pain and inflammation.


Heal And Soothe that is intended to make the body will again even after years of pain and swelling. It is never too late to fix the damage caused by the wear and tear of everyday life. All you need to do to get the benefits of this product is to take the supplements daily, and it’s easy to adjust the dosage to suit your specific needs and pain level.


Heal And Soothe utilizes Systemic Enzyme Therapy by combining systemic enzymes with 12 of the most powerful natural pain fighters found in mother nature. Heal N Soothe is a combination of natural ingredients that have been proven to have many different healing properties and have been used for centuries to treat symptoms such as nausea, inflammation, and pain. Many of the ingredients are anti-inflammatory and are derived from roots and plants such as ginger root and Mojave yucca root.


Heal And Soothe also comes with no risk as new members can try it for free for the first month with a money back guarantee. Livingwell Pharmaceuticals is so confident in their product that they know it will work. They also care about their customers and have created a product that works and is not just another gimmick.


By the time many people try Heal And Soothe for the very first time they have already tried many other methods and have gone to many doctors, and some have had injections to try to help with the pain. It’s no wonder that they are skeptical, but there are many testimonies of real people that swear by this product and have gotten their lives back because of it. Heal N Soothe works, is affordable, and is an all-natural product-not a gimmick. See This Page for additional information on Heal And Soothe.


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The Journey To Succeeding Like Paul Herdsman


A lot of entrepreneurs start out wanting to be successful like Paul Herdsman and others. There is nothing wrong with having these types of goals. The only thing is that they have to go through a procedure in order to get to that level of success. The road to success is paved with a lot of trials and setbacks. The only way to speed this journey up is to read about some of the other entrepreneurs who have attempted this journey and succeeded. They must also read about the market in general. As a matter of fact, the first step in this journey is reading and learning.


The next step in the journey to becoming successful like Paul Herdsman is coming up with a plan and getting organized. One of the reasons this is important is because the plan is like a map that is going to help people get to their destination. There are plenty of ways to make a plan. One plan that works is to write everything down. Afterwards, the best thing to do is figure out a way to make the goals smaller and attainable. For instance, one person may have big goals. However, he is better off breaking them into smaller goals and working towards the larger goals. See This Article for additional information.


Then the most crucial part of succeeding like Paul Herdsman is executing the plan. For one thing, the execution is how things are going to pan out. People can sit down and plan all day. However, if they do not get started towards their goals, then they might not get started. They may become lazy. One thing that is often said is that the hardest part about something is getting started. Once they get this part out of the way, then they will be able to accomplish a lot.


Paul Herdsman is the Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global. NICE Global is part of an all-star team dedicated to ensuring that its clients are monetizing their online traffic and getting the highest return on their marketing spend. He also Co-Founded ATS Digital in February 2014 and used to be its Chief Operating Officer.


NICE Global, led by Paul Herdsman focus on employee satisfaction, skills, and professional growth. Paul Herdsman is also a co-founder of Inbound Call Experts LLC that has headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. His primary areas of interest are entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.


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Lori Senecal: A Woman of the Ages!

Lori Senecal is one of the leading people in the advertising business. She has topped the list for creativity and business innovation for the last 5 years. She has been one to watch with her international entrepreneurial spirit and inventive leadership. While playing the role as Global CEO with CP+B, Lori Senecal has overseen the growth expansion of the company, along with focusing on their global development. As a woman, she has manage to push through boundaries that has been set by men for so long but she has been recognized in every area from the hard work she puts in, regardless of her gender.


Ms. Senecal describes herself as a blue-eyed, shy introvert from Canada who had to fight for attention from birth by growing up in a competitive environment and being the fourth daughter to school teacher and shop owner. Lori excelled in athletics, chose business as her major in college and soon became interested in marketing. Is forced her to come out of her comfort zone and approach people in a way she never done before growing up. Her role as an innovator to change corporations started early in her career. Lori has been making strides ever since.




The way Lori Senecal goes about her ideas for marketing is unmatched for anyone else in the business because she saw the need for change in the advertising industry. She has been CEO for two major agencies in North America, but she does not allow the stereotype of a big personality, like most people in her field, to keep her from helping others. Lori elevated 4 women at Crispin, one of the hottest agencies around, to be just as successful as herself. Her colleagues even described her as a cool temperament and focused individual who looks to profit the industry for the sake of humanity. (https://www.campaignlive.com/article/curious-case-lori-senecal/1413504) Running a global company is not easy for anyone to do! Lori Senecal seems to do it with ease and grace regardless of what may appear to go on behind closed doors. Her drive is to be admired for future generations to come. You can check out their Twitter page.


Read more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=24442630&privcapId=379819



Click here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/lori-senecal

OSI Group: Expansion, Consolidation & Diversification

OSI Group, formally known as Otto & Sons, has gone through many changes throughout the decades. The world has grown in more ways than one and staying relevant means that a business must evolve with the times. OSI Group has certainly practiced what it has been preaching as this food service provider has reinvented itself to meet the demands of a growing society. The company has branched outward into new territories. By branching in an outward motion, the company has been able to reach untapped markets that were once off-limits. The foodservice giant has factories and facilities in Germany, in Poland, in Austria, in Canada, in Brazil, in the Netherlands, in Ukraine, in India and in numerous other countries.

This phenomenal company started as a corner meat market, but it is now an international wholesaler for a variety of food products. Thanks to the brilliance of CEO Sheldon Lavin, the company has been able to successfully acquire many of OSI’s competitors. Flagship Europe was one of its biggest acquisitions as this food provider offers a wide range of marinades, dips, sauces and frozen goods. Thanks to this proficient business move, the company has been able to broaden its presence in Europe. This acquisition took place in 2016, and by 2017, OSI had rebranded Flagship Europe into Creative Foods Europe. As the old saying goes, “you’ll have to spend money to make money.” This notion rings true on many levels and OSI Group has personified this notion to the fullest.

In 2013, OSI made a joint-venture deal with Japanese company JC Comsa. In 2012, OSI launched two state-of-the-art facilities in India. Rapid growth has been happening much faster than the company could ever have dreamed. To expand on its capacity for growth, the company purchased Tyson foods’ Chicago-based plant for $7.4 million. All in all, OSI Group is reshaping the foodservice industry, and it’s changing the status quo.