The Wonderful World of Skout

Skout is a revolutionary social app that enables one to find new friends online. It is an iOS app which means that it is compatible with Apple gadgets. To use the app, all you have to do is fill in your information stating interests so as to enable one to view only those who meet their interests. From there the experience is incredible as you can see those who are online and then you can even chat with them.

Last year, Skout carried out a survey to find out the friendliest college towns in the USA. Being an app that helps people to meet, it was surely not difficult for Skout to gather information. They went through several months of data for people aged between eighteen and twenty-four so as to come to a conclusion.It was possible for them to find out the cities where many college age people frequent using the data.

The top ten for the friendliest college towns was as follows: Madison, Wisconsin; Los Angeles, California; NYC; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; San Francisco, California; Boulder, Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and finally Dallas, Texas with order from the first to the tenth. Several other findings came out from that research. Madison, Wisconsin turned out to have the warmest college girls while Boulder, Colorado had the best men. College students from L.A were the most giving since they had shared more virtual gifts on Skout than several states combined.

While reading out the findings, Skout CEO Christian Wiklund congratulated all the Madison Skouters for topping the list as the friendliest. Skout had also conducted research for 2500 Skouters in the USA. Findings were kind of interesting to say the least. Many college students found it simpler to make friends in college than in high school. Many of the students also claimed to find a good friend in the first week of college. There was, however, a large percentage who were concerned about finding friends in the first year.

The best place to find a friend turned out to be in the classroom. Over 75% of the students found friends in the class. Other good places to make new friends was; online, at parties, sports, cafeteria, and also the dorm. Many of them also claimed to have become good friends with their roommates.

Available in more than 180 countries in the world and many various languages, Skout is an excellent experience and is currently available for Android gadgets through Skout for Android. To experience more about Skout, one needs just to join.

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Construction and Improvement through Criticism, White Shark Media

White Shark Media has published an entry on their blog overviewing, highlighting and detailing an array of “typical complaints” that they receive from clients of their services.

White Shark Media establishes that through noting and addressing the catalysts of each individual complaint that they receive, the company is able to utilize its own shortcomings as learning experiences and platforms for improvement and guaranteeing that prior issues never resurface and cause dismay amongst future clients and patrons. Learn more:

The article opens with White Shark Media explaining that the company has been the target of various compliments from customers throughout its course of operation; however, the company is honest and direct in claiming that said compliments have not come at no cost.

Throughout the company’s history, mistakes have been made–according to White Shark Media. Many mistakes have been brought to light by unsatisfied customers. Rather than demoralized, White Shark Media has been motivated and invigorated by complaints regarding their services and has used each and every one as a means to improve themselves and grow.

In the beginning of their operation, White Shark Media experienced the realistic complaint that small business owners utilizing White Shark Media “AdWord” campaigns were “losing touch” so-to-speak with their campaigns, including: the procedures underway, the results of said procedures, and overall what exactly was “happening”.

White Shark Media immediately empathized with this nature of complaint and tailored their campaigns and the explanation of such to small business owners in different, more specific manners that allow such individuals to grasp a clearer understanding of White Shark Media’s campaigning efforts.

White Shark Media, in this blog entry, proves their honesty by illustrating that in their industry: consultation; it is vital that they, as a company, establish thorough, streamlined communications between themselves and their consumers.

Since the company’s “early days” when such complaints as these were received, White Shark Media has implemented a variety of features to their communication process with the intent to streamline the process. Their efforts have been greatly successful, as complaints such as these have subsided –

White Shark Media imposed direct extensions to the phone system as to allow clients to directly contact the party responsible for their campaigns and services. Clients are also now subject to monthly updates and reviews of the progress of their campaigns and the results of them.

Assessing Securus’ Big Data Analytical Platform

Leading telecoms company, Securus recently made it public through PR Newswire that it is availing THREADS 3.1. This is a powerful and one-of-a-kind investigative tool, which will be of great help to correctional facilities in the US. The fully integrated platform is an improvement of Securus’ famed Investigative Solutions system. It will upgrade the previous user interface and bring it at par with the most advanced Internet-based technology. The powerful analytical tool, which has become synonymous with the firm will however be retained.
Benefits of THREADS 3.1

The remodeling not only makes THREADS easier to use but also improves the performance of the entire system. Streamlining the interface will go a long way in eliminating avoidable system actions. It will similarly augment navigation and loading. The system’s search function will also improve greatly. Improved performance of the entire system will correspondingly improve users’ experience. The new advancement will also see the current software platform, Silverlight upgraded to HTML 5.

HTML 5 allows faster direct integration with other products offered by Securus including the groundbreaking Secure Call Platform (SCP). Investigators will have an opportunity to work with a more tactical tool during their investigations. The attention that was paid to the development of the tool ensured that there will be no glitches once it enters the mainstream market. What makes it proactive is the fact that little training is required in order for one to understand its use. Besides this, it is highly pragmatic and can therefore help investigators sort out their cases.

Inherent THREADS 3.1 features

The system has received critical acclaim because of its trailblazing features. It has an in-built ability to monitor all SCP calls that are made within the application. Furthermore, it offers a real-time and guided analysis, reports and mapping services. This is crucial in the exposure, documentation and ultimate reporting of suspicions inmate telephoning patterns.

Securus Technologies in Brief

It is regarded as the largest inmate communication services provider because its network covers over 3,450 facilities in North America. It mostly serves civic safety, law enforcement and correctional facilities. Securus has been on the forefront in advancing products and services that have eased the flow of communication within and outside prisons. Its Inmate Visitation App has been a game changer as far as the inmate communications industry is concerned. Its latest analytical tool will see the company consolidating its top position in the industry.

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Labaton Sucharow Starts Firm To Help SEC Whistleblowers

Whistleblowers have been in danger for a long time because they did not have much protection from anyone. They knew that they could be in grave danger from lawsuits if they blew the whistle on someone, and then there was legislation that helped keep Wall Street in check. New legislation brought about new protections for whistleblowers, and then Labaton Sucharow started the first law firm that was focused only on people who are whistleblowers.

The focus of the law firm is something that is very important for people who know that they are watching something wrong going on around them. Everyone who is blowing the whistle or thinking about it is wondering how they will deal with the fallout. They know that someone will find out what they did, or they will end up in court testifying against the people that they have reported on. These whistleblowers need to be sure that they contact Labaton Sucharow for help, and they can get assistance that will help them make sure they are safe during the process.

Whistleblowers are able to receive up to 30% of money that is found as a result of the information that is given. However, the government cannot always move at a speed that is helpful for the whistleblower. The law firm at Labaton Sucharow will help every client get their claim paid as soon as possible, and then the firm will help the client get the protection that they need. It is much easier for people to protect themselves with the money they receive, and they can keep the law firm at Labaton Sucharow on retainer if they ever need more assistance.

The Dodd-Frank rules that have been made up for people who blow the whistle on their employees or other companies will protect the private citizens who are in danger after they report something that was wrong in their eyes. These whistleblowers need help from a law firm like Labaton Sucharow to get the claims paid that they are owed, and these clients need legal representation if they are sued in the future.  Major wrongdoing in the financial sector needs to be reported, and the only way to be sure that people can make a safe report is to work with Labaton Sucharow.

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Are Non-Investors Being Overly Worried?

Is it possible that those who are not putting their money to work in the stock market are simply being overly fearful? Yes, that could well be the case according to Brad Reifler, the founder of the Forefront Capital fund. He notes that while this fear may have been well founded and made sense during the financial crisis in 2008-2009, that time has long sense passed, and there are better emotions to have about the market now.

Reifler worries that many people who require the growth of their money from the stock market the most are not taking the proper steps to get themselves well invested and have that money growing. It is a legitimate fear considering the fact that so many are still on the sidelines. However, who could blame them considering the high barriers to entry that are often in place when it comes to investing?

Forefront Capital seeks to help out those who have been left behind by the Wall Street machine. The current financial advising and investing world has done a masterful job of making a lot of people feel as though they are not worth the time or trouble of the big Wall Street types. They may easily begin to believe that it is not worth their efforts to get noticed either. Forefront seeks to reverse that.

The fund accepts those who do not have accredited status or even a very long history of investing in the first place. It is there for those who have a knowledge of how the market works, but who do not necessarily have enough funding to present to most traditional funds in order to get a seat at the table.

Brad Reifler has created a whole new method for new money from less wealthy individuals to come flooding in. It will actually make a difference in their lives, and it is a good part of the reason why Forefront Capital is so popular.

Working at White Shark Media

What is it like to work for a company like White Shark Media? The truth of the matter is that many people find it rather interesting to work at these type of companies, as White Shark Media is a company that specializes in helping small businesses get the type of advertising that they need in order to ensure that their business is a success.

Without companies like this, it would be much more difficult for small business owners to experience an appreciable level of success, as many individuals simply don’t have the time or the knowledge that is required to ensure that marketing is done properly.

In addition, White Shark Media is one of the most innovative companies when it comes to thinking outside the box. In other words, they are capable of successfully marketing someone else’s business in new and unique ways that many other companies have not even begun to think about.
With all of that being said, it is important to know what it is like to actually work there.

Of course, there are always a few stories that circulate within the media that paint a different picture, as is the case with almost every company. In this particular case, it seems as though this is really nothing more than the typical banter that goes on about most companies, and really only serves as proof that White Shark Media has definitely made its mark in the business.

Men and women alike have enjoyed working at the company and for the most part, it seems as though there are actually more opportunities there than there are in many other companies of this type.

Overall, employees seem to have a good shot at advancing throughout the company and even at getting fair wages for doing so as long as they have the skills and the drive that are required to advance through the upper echelons of the company over a period of time.

One thing is certain, White Shark Media is a company that values its customers and its employees alike. Without it, most people would not really be able to enjoy running their business the way they choose because they would be too busy trying to figure out a new marketing strategy.

By the same token, anyone that already has this type of marketing expertise and really wants to put it to work just might be able to find a good home at White Shark Media so that they can further their own skills and help someone else along the way.

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Coca-Cola Ceasing in Venezuela

No More Coca-Cola to be Produced in Venezuela
Count Coca-Cola as another one of the victims of Venezuela’s strife and struggles now.

Coca-Cola has released a statement on saying that the company will be ceasing production of its name-sake products in Venezuela, at least for the time being, due to a sugar shortage. However, there would be no change to any of its sugar free products on the market. This comes only a month after Empresas Polar, Venezuela’s largest food and drink company, shut down production of beer due to a shortage of its own.

All of this has happened only a week after violent clashes between opposition party members and security forces in the country, on top of president Nicolas Maduro successfully declaring a state of emergency. The state of emergency allows the president and security forces extra powers in order to try and maintain a sense of stability in the country.

The famous soft drink company is only the latest victim in the crisis in Venezuela, which according to analyst David Osio  is currently undergoing turmoil and political and economic issues. This also includes having to put up with electricity shortages and water rationing, due to a drought causing a record water level reduction in the country’s main dam.