Coca-Cola Ceasing in Venezuela

No More Coca-Cola to be Produced in Venezuela
Count Coca-Cola as another one of the victims of Venezuela’s strife and struggles now.

Coca-Cola has released a statement on saying that the company will be ceasing production of its name-sake products in Venezuela, at least for the time being, due to a sugar shortage. However, there would be no change to any of its sugar free products on the market. This comes only a month after Empresas Polar, Venezuela’s largest food and drink company, shut down production of beer due to a shortage of its own.

All of this has happened only a week after violent clashes between opposition party members and security forces in the country, on top of president Nicolas Maduro successfully declaring a state of emergency. The state of emergency allows the president and security forces extra powers in order to try and maintain a sense of stability in the country.

The famous soft drink company is only the latest victim in the crisis in Venezuela, which according to analyst David Osio¬† is currently undergoing turmoil and political and economic issues. This also includes having to put up with electricity shortages and water rationing, due to a drought causing a record water level reduction in the country’s main dam.