Construction and Improvement through Criticism, White Shark Media

White Shark Media has published an entry on their blog overviewing, highlighting and detailing an array of “typical complaints” that they receive from clients of their services.

White Shark Media establishes that through noting and addressing the catalysts of each individual complaint that they receive, the company is able to utilize its own shortcomings as learning experiences and platforms for improvement and guaranteeing that prior issues never resurface and cause dismay amongst future clients and patrons. Learn more:

The article opens with White Shark Media explaining that the company has been the target of various compliments from customers throughout its course of operation; however, the company is honest and direct in claiming that said compliments have not come at no cost.

Throughout the company’s history, mistakes have been made–according to White Shark Media. Many mistakes have been brought to light by unsatisfied customers. Rather than demoralized, White Shark Media has been motivated and invigorated by complaints regarding their services and has used each and every one as a means to improve themselves and grow.

In the beginning of their operation, White Shark Media experienced the realistic complaint that small business owners utilizing White Shark Media “AdWord” campaigns were “losing touch” so-to-speak with their campaigns, including: the procedures underway, the results of said procedures, and overall what exactly was “happening”.

White Shark Media immediately empathized with this nature of complaint and tailored their campaigns and the explanation of such to small business owners in different, more specific manners that allow such individuals to grasp a clearer understanding of White Shark Media’s campaigning efforts.

White Shark Media, in this blog entry, proves their honesty by illustrating that in their industry: consultation; it is vital that they, as a company, establish thorough, streamlined communications between themselves and their consumers.

Since the company’s “early days” when such complaints as these were received, White Shark Media has implemented a variety of features to their communication process with the intent to streamline the process. Their efforts have been greatly successful, as complaints such as these have subsided –

White Shark Media imposed direct extensions to the phone system as to allow clients to directly contact the party responsible for their campaigns and services. Clients are also now subject to monthly updates and reviews of the progress of their campaigns and the results of them.