New Reputation Management Strategies

Reputation management is the key to maintaining a positive image for your brand. But managing it can seem like an overwhelming, almost undo-able task. This means your best option is to hear out professionals, and look for new strategies.

One of the most experienced leaders in reputation management is Johnathan Hay. And despite what you think, Johnathan doesn’t have businesses as clients. Instead, he works for celebrities. Although Reputation Management sounds different between celebrities and businesses, they actually have very similar concepts. Luckily for you, Johnathan has just released several concepts he uses on a regular basis. You can learn more about these here.

His first suggestion would be staying bold. Boldness is the key to staying relevant whether you are a famous celebrity, or a small business. If you are bold, people will talk about you. But when being bold, the final piece of the puzzle, is to stand behind your decisions. This essentially means, the only way your bold decision will gain respect, is by claiming that decision.

The next piece of advice from Johnathan, and probably the most commonly practiced part of reputation management, is monitoring your brand. This is done by recognizing attacks on your brand long before they blow out of proportion. Monitoring is becoming easier by the day with the creation of management firms, and tools offered from places like Google.

If you end up coming across an attack on your brand, Johnathan suggests you find the origin of the attack. Then, once you have the cause you can settle the dispute. The key to this, is by acting swiftly, and limiting the harm it could potentially cause.

The final piece to Johnathan’s puzzle, is not being afraid to go on the defensive. This means, if you had a reputation crisis, use specific marketing strategies against that attack. This will allow you to mend the wounds to your brand. Another possible defensive strategy, is to divert attention from the crisis. You could create media attention towards a new idea or product. Or even use the tactic, of boldness.

So if you want to maintain a positive brand image, follow these few strategies for reputation management.