The End Justifies The Means; End Citizens United

Over the years, the American Political scene has taken a new direction. In the past, the power to elect American leaders was primarily the responsibility of its citizens. However, in 2010 a motion was passed to allow private philanthropists and investors to donate money so as to support political parties and members. As a result, more wealthy people came into politics, and from then on they have been able to influence the running if the American government.
Rich billionaires in America have compelled leaders who they might have supported financially at one point in time to do their bidding, thus alleviating problems that everyday citizens go through on a daily basis. Since a majority of the American citizens are a worried lot, they have chosen to come up with End Citizens United, a political action committee (PAC) that seeks to reverse the constitutional adjustments made in 2010.
To a large extent, PAC has been able to shake the political scene, especially in the recently concluded general elections. With the End Citizens United being run by a five-member committee, it has been able to rally support from members of the public together with other wealthy and influential politicians who believe that the PACs course is just.
Since the Association relies on donations from philanthropists, it was able to raise more than two million dollars in the past one year, with the aim of reaching its target of ten million dollars come to the 2016 general elections. Other avenues that End Citizens United has relied on for revenue generation include but are not limited to direct mailers, polling and by way of television advertisements.
PAC will use this money to finance the campaigns of leaders who they believe are capable of selling their agenda. At the moment, End Citizens United is interested in leaders hailing from the Democratic Party, since it believes that the leaders from this particular political affiliation have the interests of the American people at heart.
By bringing its leaders to power, they will be able to facilitate End Citizens United deal with the underlying issue of individuals offering money to political parties. In so doing, billionaires will be discouraged from having their way in American politics, and as a result, public projects meant for the American population will be able to benefit its citizens. As a result, the power to elect and appoint leaders will be brought back to where it once belonged, and that is in the hands of the American people.
Thus, End Citizens United has significant plans for completely transforming the United States of America politics so that elected leaders help alleviate the living conditions of its citizens, rather than oppress them.