Clay Hutson: Successful Tour Manager

Clay Hutson is a known sound engineer, tour manager, and production specialist who has a great expertise in his field. He currently caters to famous celebrities and other special events to ensure great audio and stage production.


At present, Mr. Hutson owns a business where his team takes care of production design, production management, logistics, stage, show producer and rigging. One of his most recent events includes being a tour manager and rigging specialist for Halsey and One Republic.


In his previous events, he was able to help the other celebrities such as Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Guns n’ Roses. His rise in the entertainment scene allowed him to carve a name for himself in the industry.


Mr. Hutson believes in passion with work. “Without passion, I don’t believe you can succeed in any field that you’d like to be successful in,” he mentions. Clay Hutson is very attentive to details and ensures that every part of his event production is on point. This is especially true when it comes to his rigging experiences and stage management. He makes sure that every technical operation is going as it should be an experience of the viewers are of utmost importance.


In the recently concluded DiGiCo’s Inaugural SD11, he was responsible for making sure that all the elements of each show were according to plan. Aside from this, he was also taking care of the event’s tour schedule being the manager of the whole event. He is fond of wearing multiple hats and being able to deliver in a fast-paced, high-demand environment.


Clay Hutson has a go-getter personality and he prides himself on only giving the best service that he can offer. The previous SD Inauguration was also a success, that is why they exist to have another year for the event. “Every year, it gets bigger and better,” he mentioned. “I am given more opportunities to improve my craft and help entertainers give a wonderful experience to their fans,” Mr. Hutson added. Learn more:


Mr. Hutson also believed in being a servant-leader in his field. “In order to make a good team, you must set an example. That’s why I like doing multiple roles on the job. This is to model to my team how a work should be done, and it also gives them an idea of how much dedication you can pour into your work,” he added. Clay Hutson is a self-made success, and his passion for his work just reflects his achievements over the years.