Tips To Repair A Damaged Online Reputation

A good online reputation is one of the most precious assets that any company can own. So, many companies are investing in online reputation management services. However, sometimes accidents do happen. A faulty product is released or an employee has a bad day and gives services which are not standard. If this happen to be spotted by a cranky client who loves to create a crisis for you, then it will become hell for you. The only thing you can do in this instance is to ensure that you have a repair plan in place. Here are some things you can do to repair your already tarnished online reputation.

Routine Monitoring

Routine monitoring, of what people have to say about your brand, is one of the most effective strategies to prevent and repair damage done on your online reputation management. It is the only way that you will discover bad reviews as soon as they pop up. As such, you can respond professionally before severe damage on your brand is done.


Create a blog for your business. Then you have to start writing articles that influence your clients positively. These articles will help bury down bad article once your brand is searched over search engines. But to achieve this, you must update your blog regularly and ensure that the content posted is factual and will offer some type of help to your audience.

Social Media

Social media is the greatest tool that you can use to rebuild the trust that clients had in your brand. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and every other social media platform that you can place your hands on. Social media is one of the best places to get enthusiasts for your brand. This will have some positive impact on how people view your brand, after a crisis.

Bottom Line

When you find an attack on your brand, online, that does not mean that it is the end your business. How you handle thing will determine whether you will get through a crisis. So, strive to use the most basic resources including social media and blogs, to repair your damaged online reputation.