Andrew Rolfe Continues to Impact Lives in Africa through the Ubuntu Education Fund

Andrew Rolfe is the current Chairperson of the Ubuntu Education Fund. He also serves at TowerBrook Capital Partner as the Senior Managing Director. Andrew deals with investment opportunities in Europe and the United States with a focus on acquisitions in the food service, retail, and hospitality industries. Andrew studied at the Harvard Business School and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business Economics. He also trained at the University of Oxford and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts.

The Ubuntu Education Fund is a non-profit organization that provides education, health, and other social services to impoverished children in Africa. Recently, Ubuntu Education raised over £603,000 at a charity gala held in London. The fundraising aimed to get £600,000 for expanding the student capacity at the company’s Port Elizabeth Campus. Some of the money raised will be channelled to improve the pediatric clinic at the campus.

The education fund utilizes its resources as well as the workforce to serve over 400,000 needy people in Africa. It was established in 1999 as a small charity that focused on educational tools and accessibility. After some time, the founders realized that there were other serious problems such as HIV/AIDS and hunger that were hindering children from maximizing their potential through education. They agreed to expand their services to include provisions for home stability, nutrition, and health.

The Ubuntu Organization has a program for disadvantaged children at the Port Elizabeth Campus that ensures their education and healthcare needs are catered for from the time they join to the time they are ready to start their career. Ubuntu takes in children from an early age, provides early childhood support, quality education together with mentorship and after school programs that make the child a better person in future. The children are also educated about HIV. When they become teens, they are offered vocational training that helps them succeed financially.

The Ubuntu Fund has developed to a large organization with the help of generous donors and hardworking individuals. The organization is impressed by its role in reducing HIV transmission in the Port Elizabeth area. In addition, 90 percent of the Ubuntu Fund scholars are admitted in major universities.