Magnises Lifestyle Pass with a Difference

A new lifestyle startup is revolutionizing the way people socialize and go about their daily lives. According to, the firm offers a host of experiential and benefits that gives members the opportunity to unlock their cities and live life to the fullest on Crunchbase. The benefits include all access passes to sporting events, live shows, concerts and the hottest clubs in town. Members also enjoy special ticket pricing, dedicated concierge services, hotspots, community experiential offerings and complimentary upgrades when traveling the world. For concierge services, a personable Magnises on-demand app called Magnises NOW offers members access to various tailored services from hotel suggestions and reservations to dining experience and top places to visit in the city. The app is available for download on both App Store and Google Play.

The information on the hotspots includes a selection of the best places to meet, network and relax with other members. The highly resourceful community at Magnises includes a diverse group of experience seekers, entrepreneurs, influencers, tastemakers. The thrills offered to experience seekers include insider information on the latest gallery openings, live pop shows and unforgettable networking nights. To become a Magnises member, you simply need to visit the company website and select “Join Now” to submit your application. Once your submission is received, the office will get in touch will you through an email alert informing you about your application status and submission review. Every registered member is issued a personalized black card that works like a payment tool that will open door to amazing opportunities.

The card is linked to a members debit or credit card. Club members pay a renewable yearly fee of $257. According to Business Insider magazine, Magnises was founded by a young guy called Billy McFarland in 2014 to create a vibrant lifestyle network made up of young professionals. During its formative years, Magnises started by issuing a bank card before rolling out more lucrative plans such as VIP Club access, virtual service assistant app, secrete restaurant menus and hotel discounts among other enticements. Billy told the magazine that his company aims to fully connect outgoing millennials with new businesses in and outside the net. Most club members are professionals aged 21 to 35 years, who work in various sectors of the economy including technology, finance and fashion industries on

The membership at the prestigious club has quickly swelled to 12000; thanks to continued efforts by the company add new benefits and lifestyle accouterments. Three new premier features called the ClubPass, WorkPass and HotelPass have already unveiled towards this end. Through ClubPass, Magnises members are granted access to exclusive clubs in New York City for $65 a month. The HotelPass, on the other hand, gives members a night accommodation at the prestigious Dream Hotels for a discounted price of $79 down from starting price of $245. The hotel has already unveiled an ambitious plan to open new hotels around the world. Magnises members enrolled in the WorkPass program get access to premier co-working spaces at Alley and other prime locations.