Ricardo Tosta Heads the Brazilian Legal Tradition of Civil Law

The constitution and legal system of Brazil are often seen as difficult to understand but is based on the German legal traditions which have been taken around the world under the term, Civil Law. In Brazil, the creation of law is taken up by the national Federal government and individual states which are given the chance to rule themselves within the national framework. The judiciary in the Brazilian capital is in control of the development of national and regional laws under which a state constitution must be created.

Ricardo Tosta de Oliveira Carvalho, of the Leite, Tosta, and Barros law firm has created a new way of conducting legal issues across the nation in terms of mass litigation which has become extremely common in the South American country. The company was one of the first to develop the mass litigation model in Brazil and has been at the forefront of many of the major cases in this area of law in the Brazilian legal system; the infrastructure of the law firm has been developed to allow a range of mass litigation techniques to be developed across many industries where individuals are in need of the help of an experienced and professional law firm headed by Ricardo Tosta de Oliveira Carvalho.

In terms of the success of the law firm, Ricardo Tosta de Oliveira Carvalho has done much to raise his own profile to become the top legal mind at the company who keeps a close eye on banking and financial law. Like many Brazilian legal professionals, Ricardo Tosta de Oliveira Carvalho has proven himself to be an effective legal mind in a range of different areas including criminal law where he has tried a number of cases.

During recent years, a number of clients have contacted Ricardo Tosta de Oliveira Carvalho to look for his assistance in taking a case begun by a different law firm to one of the five courts of appeal in Brazil. Finding reasons for appeal in a nation where other legal professionals have failed their clients is one of the areas in which Ricardo Tosta has found great success.

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