Get Started as a Wine Guide and Live Your Travelling Dream

Ever daydreamed about having a career that surrounds the things you love most? Traveling, wine, and being surrounded constantly by friends and family – what more could you ask for? This may seem like nothing short of a pipe dream, but the truth is that this type of life is nothing short of possible. In fact, that’s the basis of what it’s like to work for Traveling Vineyard!

How does it work? You can work from home or from any location that you prefer working as a contracted wine guide with Traveling Vineyard. The company offers you in depth training and guidance until you are comfortable enough to set out on your own. It’s important for you to keep in mind while working as a wine guide that you are not alone. You’ll always have the company to turn to for advice or on those days that you feel less than successful journey historical place, in order to receive the boost you need to keep going! Once you get into the swing of things, the possibilities for how much money you can earn are endless.

You get plenty of benefits from working with Traveling Vineyard. Once you’ve turned in your application and are approve to become a wine guide, you’ll be paired with an expert in the field located in your area. This is the person you will learn the ropes from and who you can turn to with all your questions. It’ll feel just like having a reliable partner while you set out on your quest to be the best wine guide you can be! You will have access to detailed online training, as well, complete with topic specific modules and tests to complete at the end. It will feel just like you’re gaining a college education in performing quality wine tasting parties! Traveling Vineyard  company that teaches you how to become and work as an active and knowledgeable wine guide.

It was started back in 2001 from a single wine tasting party in someone’s backyard and it’s grown immensely since into a successful wine tasting business for hopeful guides and wine enthusiasts across the country.