Jason Hope’s Journey on Rejuvenation Research

The anti-aging industry is big, and growth won’t stop for quite some time. His passion is for anti-aging research and he’s now met his partner in crime if you will. Aubrey de Grey, the founder of the SENS Research Foundation shares his passion for finding a better way to slow down aging or reverse it. The work of SENS Research Foundation is to focus on what the industry calls regenerative medicine. Treating the damage that causes age-related diseases may now have a consistent pattern. What Jason Hope wants to know is whether or not this is the case, and how science can aid in improving upon this age-related string of diseases.

A rather large conference, the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference, is now a meeting of the minds for those who share this same passion. Although aging is the focus for Mr. Jason Hope and Aubrey de Grey, there are many who attend the conference sharing ideas and research for other areas in medicine that can be related to diseases of the aging. The conference has been a great place for attendees to come and share their knowledge with others, making it a collaborative effort all around.

Because Jason Hope is so passionate about this endeavor, he donated more than $500,000 of his own funds to the SENS Research Foundation for this endeavor. He is proud of his donation for the foundation, mainly because he believes that it’s important to find unique ways to combat particular health problems. It’s a notable thing for them to determine how the aging process can be targeted at the source. Additionally, Mr. Hope has mentioned other diseases of aging adults like lung disease and Alzheimer’s. Through his research he knows and understands that these diseases have much to do with the aging process.

Focusing on diseases that cause the body to age quickly are a key interest for Jason Hope and those who are joining in research with him and his partners. Stopping those diseases can in turn help in the process of eliminating other aging concerns as well. At least this is the ultimate outcome desired by Jason Hope and other researchers like Aubrey de Grey who are joining him in the fight against aging. A new labratory was built as a result of the most recent donation, aiding in additional research for aging.

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Jason Hope: The Search for Age-Breakers

The concept of getting older can be both exciting and terrifying. While people enjoy the maturity and stability that come with aging, the bodily decline is certainly a bit of a letdown. Wouldn’t it be something if individuals were able to experience their younger years and middle years for longer amounts of time? There certainly many individuals who would love to have that chance available to them and their companies right now working to fulfill those dreams. One such company is the SENS research foundation. This foundation opened its doors in 2009 as a regenerative medical research institution. The most active and well-known founder of SENS is Aubrey de Grey. Aubrey de Grey has built a substantial friendship with a tech entrepreneur named Jason Hope after Hope donated half $1 million to his institution.

Hope openly admits that he is always been fascinated by the idea of anti-aging medication and restorative medical treatments. An article featured on releasefacts.com, “Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging”, discusses some of the dreams that De Grey and his colleagues have for the sizable donation. It is certainly increased the range of testing and research that the institution can conduct. They have even been able to expand to other locations internationally and recruit more talent. The hope is that they will eventually discover medications that they have dubbed age-breakers. They are hoping that these age-breakers will help them combat some of the processes in the human body that reduce elasticity and flexibility within the skin or muscle tissue. It is an ambitious project, but one that Jason Hope was ready to get on board with.

If there is one thing that Jason hope understands, it is a good investment. He has a finance degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from the WP Carey school of business, making him an expert in this field. One of his most famous reputations is for his excellent investment skills and marked success in the realm of business startups. He sees the work that SENS is doing, and he is looking to get into a project that he really believes in. When he saw an opportunity to partner with the organization, he jumped at it. He did not hesitate to dip into his own personal funding because of how important this project is to all of humanity. Hopefully, in the future, the investment into SENS will show a substantial return in the form of regenerative medicine.

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Jason Hope Looks to Europe for IOT Success

Jason Hope is one of the nation’s leading technology consultants for businesses. He has a complex job that requires him to accurately predict how technology is going to impact the business field within the immediate future. To date, Hope has been right on target with his outlook on the science and systems that are going to change the future of business.

The primary technology that Hope expects to see in the future of business is the Internet of Things or IOT. This is a technology system that allows people to connect to the internet through their personal devices, appliances and technology. IOT has been in use since the late 90s but now it is becoming more prominent.

European business executives are really into this technology. Hope realizes that many European CEOs and managers have implemented this technology within their operations. European business leaders primary use IOT systems for analytical purposes. In other words, they use this technology to check and assess different parts of their organization’s operations.

The Internet of Things allows European companies to monitor employee progress in terms of product generation. It is also being used to provide more feedback about various products and services. European business leaders rely on this technology to figure out how they can better serve customers and even to gather more information about their expectations from their organization.

European business organizations are increasingly pushing for this technology. Many of them know that the IOT can help to make life better for consumers and to improve their sales, profits, brand and profits. Jason Hope knows that American businesses will be benefit just like their European counterparts once they implement this technology in their operations.