Guilherme Paulus Helped Millions of Brazilians Travel Around the World. Now It Is His Time

Guilherme Paulus is the owner of the prestigious tourism & travel company CVC, headquartered in Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil. CVC started as a solution for the tourism industry of the country, as many Brazilians liked traveling and visiting new places, be it inside the immense territory of their land or to other countries around the world.

The problem with the industry before CVC was that airplane tickets and hotel booking needed to be handled by the people who desired to travel. Many Brazilians didn’t fly because they didn’t have access to hotels and couldn’t combine their flying tickets with the available days in the hotels they wanted. This headache would leave many Brazilians feeling overwhelmed and not wanting to travel anymore.

With CVC’s creation, however, came the popularity of traveling with pre-made packages that were highly customizable by the customer. CVC brought airplane tickets, reservations and booking all together in a simple manner: Where do you want to go? Here are the available days, hotels and places to visit.

Guilherme Paulus created an agency that helped many Brazilians travel by just visiting the agency. There, employees would help customers find the best destinations for their desires. Often, Brazilians would enter the agency with an end-place in mind but would meet new options, places, and adventures there.

Guilherme Paulus shared that one of his lifetime dreams was to retire when he came of age, and just travel around the world, visiting all the countries and different cultures that he could find.

With the success of his creation, CVC, now Guilherme Paulus is able to fulfill his lifetime dream. And, ironically, CVC is there to help him!

Even nowadays, with the popularization of solutions like Airbnb and Trivago, CVC is still the go-to place that Brazilians go when they desire to travel.

CVC became mainstream and a must-have store in any shopping center. CVC is a highly successful company worth billions of R$. Guilherme Paulus created a generation of many agencies like CVC, but neither of them has reached the success and influence of CVC in the tourism industry of Brazil.

In 2018, CVC is still powerful and growing.

Fortress Investment Group Snags Up SuperValu

SuperValu distribution center in Pompano Beach was purchased by Fortress Investment Group in an outstanding $483 million portfolio deal. The breakdown of the agreement to purchase shows Fortress’ affiliate CF Grocery Distribution PropCo paying $66.4 million for the facility that stretches to 769,000 square feet. Royal Bank of Canada was the great financier that laid down the mortgage worth $68.41 million. Associated Grocers of Florida decided to sell to SuperValu last October for $180 million. In 2006, record reveal that the facility traded for $51 million.

They 51.5 acre site was built back in 1973. The grocery distribution business publicly announced it would sell eight of its facilities. All locations include Green Bay, Wisconsin, Commerce and Stockton, California, to name a few. As for Fortress Investment Group, it remains strong in the financial markets ever since its initial IPO. The founding executives are Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Robert Kauffman. The company blossomed after a rough up and down period before 2006. Now the company has a net value of $32.6 million and there are no signs of it slowing down. One founder of Fortress Investment Group, Kauffman, could act on a dream of getting into the car racing business.

First her bought at least 50 percent ownership in a NASCAR racing company called Michael Waltrip Racing. Next, Kauffman was behind the wheel driving in popular races like the 24 Hours of Daytona. His other venture was to restore vintage muscle cars with his own venture called RK Motors Charlotte. It’s been something Kauffman wanted to do for over 15 years.Fortress Investment Group has grown leaps and bounds. They stand by their concept of using what the founders call an “alternative asset strategy.” The three men all have background experience from the well-known corporations of Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, UBS and BlackRock Financial Management. The focus of the company is in a few areas:

  • sector-specific knowledge of companies and institutions
  • operations management
  • corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • asset-based investing
  • capital markets

Meet Wes Edens With His Amazing History Of Success In The Financial Sector

Wes Edens is a business entrepreneur who was born in 1961 in the New York City. He is amongst the five co-founders of the Fortress Investment Group and as well as the company’s chairperson in the board of directors. The company was established in 1998 with aims of making investments using their investor’s assets. It mainly deals with the management of assets worth $ 54.6 billion which are owned by a total of 1750 clients. These investments tend to make huge returns for the company since most of the investor’s assets comprise of real estate properties. For years now the company has developed long-term relationships with their clients, and this has impacted on the fast growth of the company. Wes Edens has a remarkable history of continuous success in his career as a financial specialist. His first job as a financial expert was at Lehman Brothers whereby he was promoted up to the position of a managing director for his incredible performances in the company. He has also operated as a partner for the investment company.

However, in 1993, Wes Edens left his job and decided to join Blackrock Financial Management Inc. a famously known financial company in the country. He also played a directorial role just like in his former company until his resignation in 1997. In 1998, he accompanied the other four founders of the Fortress Investment Group in its establishment. These other founders are Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, Robert Kaufmann, and Mike Novogratz. Wes Edens has proved the possibility of success in the financial sector to many through his significant achievements in Fortress Investment Group. Mr Edens believes in teamwork and therefore embraces coordination of all parties in their duty performances in the company.

This has positively contributed to the growth of the corporation and hence expanding its operations among its clients.In the recent billionaire’s list compiled by Forbes, Wes Edens is reported to be in ownership of assets and properties worth $ 54.4 million. He also earns enormous amounts as dividends from his 63.3 million shares in the Fortress Investment Group.Sometimes it could be unbelievable how some individuals try to stand out and work out things correctly that seem to be impossible among others. This is also the case with Wes’ incredible efforts and successful accomplishments in the financial sector, an industry that happens to bear uncountable challenges according to other experts. Other businesspersons should thus get encouraged and act differently in living their business dreams.

Chris Burch Releases A New Hotel

His Latest Hotel Is A Smashing Success

The latest offering from fashion guru Chris Burch is his hotel Niwihatu. Located in Indonesia, it’s offering patrons a taste of what the country is all about and hospitality you would expect from someone who has spent so much time catering to different demographics around the world. This isn’t the first time he’s offered the world something more amazing than we expect. It’s practically the norm for Chris Burch to always improve on previous offerings.  Additional article here.

The Passion For Fashion

Chris Burch has made most of his wealth through his work in the fashion industry. From a young age, he decided he wanted to do just about everything he could to make name for himself in fashion and to create his own business. This is where he came up with the idea of starting his own business after graduating college. His business quickly evolved into investing various fashion firms across the world and eventually got him to the point where he is today with billions in his bank account and international recognition for his wise investing decisions.  Interesting articles on

A Jack Of All Trades

The most amazing thing about Chris Burch is that he has managed to expand well beyond the work he traditionally does in fashion. He has also made films, worked in finance, and done other things in the name of trying to make his name one of the most prominent around. There are other billionaires out there who have made larger fortunes, but there are hardly any who have managed to make investments as diverse as those that Burch seems to be holding. He’s truly made a name for himself and he continues to work hard to do everything they can to change the way we think.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur and investor known for his interest in a wide array of potential markets. He has made serious investments in making everything he possibly can including fashion, hotels, and cinema. He has recently focused much of his work on trying to predict the future merging of fashion and tech that he sees in recent trends. While there are many out there who wish to emulate his success, he remains one of the most respected entrepreneurs out there with billions to his name and scores of followers who listen to his advice on investments.  More of this on

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