Assessing Securus’ Big Data Analytical Platform

Leading telecoms company, Securus recently made it public through PR Newswire that it is availing THREADS 3.1. This is a powerful and one-of-a-kind investigative tool, which will be of great help to correctional facilities in the US. The fully integrated platform is an improvement of Securus’ famed Investigative Solutions system. It will upgrade the previous user interface and bring it at par with the most advanced Internet-based technology. The powerful analytical tool, which has become synonymous with the firm will however be retained.
Benefits of THREADS 3.1

The remodeling not only makes THREADS easier to use but also improves the performance of the entire system. Streamlining the interface will go a long way in eliminating avoidable system actions. It will similarly augment navigation and loading. The system’s search function will also improve greatly. Improved performance of the entire system will correspondingly improve users’ experience. The new advancement will also see the current software platform, Silverlight upgraded to HTML 5.

HTML 5 allows faster direct integration with other products offered by Securus including the groundbreaking Secure Call Platform (SCP). Investigators will have an opportunity to work with a more tactical tool during their investigations. The attention that was paid to the development of the tool ensured that there will be no glitches once it enters the mainstream market. What makes it proactive is the fact that little training is required in order for one to understand its use. Besides this, it is highly pragmatic and can therefore help investigators sort out their cases.

Inherent THREADS 3.1 features

The system has received critical acclaim because of its trailblazing features. It has an in-built ability to monitor all SCP calls that are made within the application. Furthermore, it offers a real-time and guided analysis, reports and mapping services. This is crucial in the exposure, documentation and ultimate reporting of suspicions inmate telephoning patterns.

Securus Technologies in Brief

It is regarded as the largest inmate communication services provider because its network covers over 3,450 facilities in North America. It mostly serves civic safety, law enforcement and correctional facilities. Securus has been on the forefront in advancing products and services that have eased the flow of communication within and outside prisons. Its Inmate Visitation App has been a game changer as far as the inmate communications industry is concerned. Its latest analytical tool will see the company consolidating its top position in the industry.

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