The Creation And Impact Of Evolution Of Smooth

The Founding Of The Evolution Of Smooth Brand

Evolution of Smooth or EOS lip balm is a new comer to the beauty aisle of supermarkets, discount stores, health food stores and pharmacies. The lip balm industry was dominated by a few big players who had the lion’s share of the market. Now this upstart, Evolution of Smooth, has broken into the lip balm market and surpassed many of its competitors.

Just how much has EOS surpassed its competitors? The company went from being obscure to the number two selling lip balm in the United States over a span of only a few years. Its competition included such recognizable and popular brands such as Chapstix and Blistex that had the backing of major ownership corporations like Clorox. Evolution of Smooth is right behind number one best selling lip balm brand, Burts Bees, and is rapidly gaining ground on its rival.

According to the brand was created with a purpose to disrupt the current market and bring innovation to the lip balm industry. Its founders include employees from startup incubators and marketing directors. They knew that to be successful in a field like lip balm they had to come up with something new that would wow prospective buyers.

The wow factors from Evolution of Smooth’s founders was a new spherical ball shaped packaging. Lip balm no longer had to come in a stick format. Many people were tired of flavorless or unpleasant tasting lip balm. The owners of Evolution of Smooth did research into what consumers wanted or were looking when they were buying lip balms.

The result of careful research and studying demographics led Evolution of Smooth to roll out dozens of different flavors such as strawberry sherbet and blackberry nectar what would please the senses of even the most discriminating buyer. EOS would also be made with 99% all natural ingredients. This would ensure that it would fulfill the growing trend towards all natural and sustainable products.

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