Dr. Mark McKenna Discusses His Career

Recently Dr. Mark McKenna sat down to talk about his business ventures and lifestyle. During the interview, Dr. Mark McKenna talked about his new company OVME and how he named it. According to Mark, he started up this company after working in the healthcare field and with medical aesthetics. He also said that the company was intended to help medical professionals use more effective methods in treating patients. Along with talking about his new company, Mark also talked about his keys to success. He says that when it comes to reaching his goals, he looks to read as well as surround himself with people that are smarter than him. When he starts his day, he gets up early and then works until 6PM. After work, Mark participates in jiujitsu and spends time with his family. He later does some more work later at night and then goes to bed.

Dr. Mark McKenna attended Tulane University where he graduated from medical school. After finishing up medical school, Mark would practice medicine as a surgeon with his father. Within a few years, he would start up a couple of business ventures that would provide him with lots of success. Mark started up a real estate development firm and a mortgage company. These businesses were very successful for a number of years until Hurricane Katrina hit. Once this storm hit New Orleans, Mark lost a number of his business interests. However he would help revitalize the community by developing housing units for many of the residents. He would eventually relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue other business ventures.

Once he relocated to Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna would start up a company in the healthcare industry. Mark started the company OVME which specialized in medical aesthetics. With this company, Mark would be able to help healthcare practitioners use treatments that would help patients overcome a number of health problems. This company has been quite successful and Mark would eventually sell it. Nowadays, Mark spends a lot of his free time with his children, wife and pet Pomeranian dog. The combination of his business success and family life has allowed Mark to live a pleasant and balanced lifestyle on a regular basis.

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George Soros: an icon in sociopolitical justice

George Soros is a famous philanthropist distinguished for his advocacy for social and political justice around the world. According to Open Society Foundations, George Soros has given out dollars’ worth more than 32 million. This money came from his personal wealth and is meant to fund the activities of Open Society Foundations. These activities are carried out all over the world. In education, Open Society Foundation reports that he founded and funds Central University which is located in Budapest. The university is a center for social sciences.

His main works include supporting organizations and individuals who fight accountable governments, freedom of expression and promotion of equality and justice. The Open Society Foundations reports that George Soros has through his foundation given scholarships to outstanding students who were likely to be discriminated against due to who they are or where they lived.

He was born in Hungary in the year 1930. He experienced discrimination have lived through the Nazi occupation. This period saw the death of more than half a million Jews of Hungarian origin. Soros’ only survived by hiding their backgrounds. They also helped others in like manner.

New York Times report of 17th October 2017, by David Gelles reveals that the famous philanthropist gave 18 billion dollars to Open Society Foundations. Gelles considers this to be the largest ever wealth transfer to be made to a sole foundation by a private donor. This donation was made over a period of years but was revealed only recently, precisely, October 17, 2017. On account of this revelation, Open Society Foundations is now reported to be the second largest in the United States among the philanthropic organizations.

The organization is known to defend those in the society that are discriminated against. It defends their rights from abuse, especially by the police. For instance, New York times reports that the organization protected people in the United States against a wave of violence that hit the nation after the elections of 2016. George Soros gave out ten million dollars to help prevent violence.

According to Forbes, George Soros donation was made despite the fact that such a huge donation would make him drop in the list of top wealthiest people in the world in terms of net worth according to FORBES. This reveals him a selfless individual whose concern for others overrides his fame and interests. According to Silber Laura who is the Chief Communications Officer, Open Society Foundations, what dictates the activities of the foundation is the opportunities and needs in the world. The aim is to continue to fight for human rights, justice, and democracy.

The kind hand of George Soros goes even towards those who have suffered natural calamities such as disease outbreaks. New York Times reports that the Open Society Foundations sponsored centers treatment of Ebola during the 2014 outbreak. In addition, refugees have also been beneficiaries of the benevolence of George’s organization. Forbes reports that the programs of Open Society do include activities in public health and refugee relief.

Indeed, George Soros is an icon in philanthropic works. He has helped many in the world through his efforts to fight for human rights, justice, and democracy and follow him Twitter.com.

Life Line Screening: Do’s and Don’ts Before Your Screening

All of Life Screening ‘s ultrasound screenings are painless and non-invasive, as is their EKG (electrocardiogram) for atrial fibrillation (AFib), also known as an irregular heartbeat. Even their blood screenings just need finger-prick plus a few drops of blood.

Also, their screenings need little or even no preparation. Some screening requires several fasting hours; others just require short sleeves or loose clothing. Life Screening tries to make it easier for their clients to manage their health. Here are the do’s and don’ts before your screening.

Atrial fibrillation (stroke)
• You should put on a two-piece outfit that’s comfortable and made up of loose clothing.
• You should not wear oil or lotion
• Make sure you switch off your phone
• You shouldn’t wear a watch
• You should not wear pantyhose

Carotid artery disease (Stroke)
• You should put on a shirt that’s open at the collar as well as short-sleeved. Don’t wear a turtleneck.

AAA (Abdominal aortic aneurysm)
• You should wear a two-piece outfit that’s comfortable and made up of loose clothing.
• You should fast for four hours before your screening. Also, make sure that the meal you take four hours before screening, is half of what you usually eat of non gassy food. If you feel thirsty during the fasting period, you can take a half cup of tea or coffee plus a reasonable amount of water.
• If you have diabetes and you aren’t comfortable with fasting for four hours, strictly take a diabetic meal.
• If you should take medication, then take it as prescribed.

6 for Life Package
• You should put on a shirt with short sleeves or one with sleeves easily rolled up because of blood pressure cuffs.
• You should fast for eight hours before your screening to get accurate results.

Bone mineral density or BMD (osteoporosis risk)
• You should not wear pantyhose

For Elevated liver enzymes (ALT/AST)
• For this screening, you don’t need to do anything in advance

For Glucose (Diabetes mellitus type 2)
• You should fast for eight hours before your screening.

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Oncotarget; The Relation Between Nutrition and Cell Rejuvenation

Numerous techniques have come up to reduce the effects that aging has on the body. One of the prominent ways has been through the process of increasing cellular rejuvenation. There are various ways that have been proven to boost cellular rejuvenation including using nutrition. The process basically entails the regulation of dieting and nutrition. Oncotarget was able to prove the relationship between these two complex components in reducing the effects of aging. They pointed out that dietary energy regulation coupled with nutrition is able to even extend the lifespan of any particular person.

Dietary energy regulation is implemented through diet or calorie restrictions which mean the same thing with minimal differences. Calorie Restriction is achieved through the reduction of energy concentration. This can only be done by changing up the overall composition of the diet. However, Dietary Restrictions seeks to reduce the amount of food per serving. Since the use of Dietary Restriction is not as involving as Calorie Restriction, it is normally recommended for the purpose of increasing the lifespan.

When broaching the subject of dietary restrictions, mTOR functioning cannot fail to come up. This is due to the fact that DR treatments are majorly responsible for the elimination of the anabolic pathways that nutrients normally use. This results in the intensified cell rejuvenation and extension of life which are optimized through the restriction of mTOR Functioning. This activity has been known to hinder the cell rejuvenation process thereby exuding the body from the benefits that come from dietary restrictions. mTOR extensive activities also cause cell deprivation and rapid aging owing to the continual distribution of nutrients.

A Closer Glance at Oncotarget

Oncotarget is your conventional American journal that is optimized for authors who want to boost the impression and reach of their publications. The journal basically focuses on the publication of case studies, books, research papers, reviews, and editorials. These materials highlight on issues about pathology, oncology, endocrinology, and diseases related to age.Through the editors, Andrei V Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny, the main objective of this journal is to make the conclusive findings from these research avenues available.

One more Partner for the Team at Foresite Capital

Foresite Capital is a health care and growth equity firm that has chosen to announce the entry of another partner, Molly He. Molly is a former senior director at Illumina and she brings with her more than a decade and a half experience in the Pharmaceutical industry with a special focus on genomic research and development.

According to Jim Tananbaum, Dr. He is one of the most respectable and reputable science researchers in the next generation sequencing field. Because of this, Jim, who is the CEO and MD of Foresite Capital is thrilled and excited to welcome her on board. It is believed that her remarkable leadership record of accomplishment and excellent result delivery in the genomic and drug development industry will be an invaluable resource to the company. She will serve as the much-needed resources for the expansion and diversification of the company’s portfolio, which is necessary for its growth and transformation.Sourced Info: Drewaltizer.com

As one of the senior directors at Illumina, Dr. He was the company’s global protein reagent innovation and improvements. Before then she was the head of protein sciences at the Pacific Biosciences where her responsibility was developing protein reagents for the company’s single molecule real time chemistry sequencing. She had spent ten years early in her career in the pharmaceutical industry focusing on structural based designed antibodies as well as small-molecule drugs that targeted immune diseases as well as cancer. Click here: https://ideamensch.com/jim-tananbaum/

Dr. He is a Biochemistry degree holder from Nankai University and also has a PhD in Biophysics from the university of California, Los Angeles. She has authored more than 20 published papers and is a patent holder of more than 20 patent applications. She has been issued patents in the field of next generation sequencing as well as personalized medicine.

About Jim Tannanbaum

Jim Tannanbaum was named the CEO and managing director of Foresite capital early this year. Jim has been named in three consecutive years as the best tech investor in the Forbes Midas list.

Dr. Jim is a leader in this industry with two and a half decades of offering innovative solutions for the health care. He graduated from Yale with BS/BSEE degrees and an MBA and MD from Harvard. He also has an M.S from MIT. He has everything it takes to excel in this industry. More details can be found on LinkedIn.com.

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