World Entertainment Hub; Lovaganza Announcement

Occasionally, we have always had a group of individuals who turn out to celebrate the cultures and other norms of a given society. Mainly, the participants have always come from the community, race or religion in context. Changes are today taking over the entertainment industry as more diversities are to be exploited. With a prompted mind to conduct and attract all the populations globally, Lovaganza was formed. This cinema based firm is targeting to involve the whole nations and all their cultures in the cover of a film. The media production will be focusing on the World’s Fairs of a bygone era.

In the cast, they want to include a celebration of the existence of the past, current and future occurrence of events covering all the cultures all over the globe. Lovaganza’s event seems to be the greatest move ever for any production house due to the differences that have always existed before, now and a premonition of the future to come. It has not in any manner set a difficulty to the Lovaganza 2020 as they have already decided to establish an international celebration in a set of about eight nations simultaneously.


Lovaganza celebrations had been earlier scheduled to lay a stand in the year 2015 but has now been postponed to 2020. The move is believed to be targeting the rapid development in the High-tech industry which they hope the utilization of the innovations would help them land one of their best stages. A plan is underway that will involve a traveling show that is set to precede the 2020 celebrations on Vimeo. The displays of the move will be covered on the screens, which apart from bringing the different world serene, they will also be airing the future technological advancements more likely to come.

A website has been created to serve the public who seeks to follow on the events plans and many other activities that the group is planning. Monitoring should be made by individuals to stay updated since this move is one the whole world cannot afford missing. Among the breakthroughs of The Lovaganza the media production industry is poised to enjoy is the release of glasses-free 3D image displays. Among the lucky nations who are already experiencing the shoots are France, United States of America and Spain. The move will then proceed the shooting in Africa, India, and rest of the globe.

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Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.