Mikhail Blagosklonny Effort in Fighting Cancer

Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of the known modern scientists that have put much effort in the field of research studying age and cancer. He is one of the oncology experts that plays a critical role in the Institute of Roswell. He started his debut in the field of research in the institute from the year 2009. He gains the skills in the sphere of science from the First Pavlov State Medical University where he had MD in Internal Medicine.Mikhail Blagosklonny the furthered his studies as a Ph.D. graduate from the Experimental Medicine and Medical College. This effort has put him at the required niche and placed him as the associate professor at the New York Medical College. He further made an extent in his ardent area of concern as the superior scientist at the research institute called Ordway Research Institute. He has earned the excellent experience from the various areas that he has had a chance to serve in.

Mikhail Blagosklonny great effort in the research matters has placed him among the Cell Death and Differentiation editorial board and decision making of the Institute. This has put him forward in putting his theory relating to the TOR in the association of the age and cancer and suggested the use of Rapamycin as the best to heal the disease. Out of the substantiation of his research, he has become a great supporter of the Rapamycin in the cancers treatment. He campaigns for the use of in the sense that it stabilizes the cancerous cells and maintains the state of the healthy cells at it was as oppose to the other means of treatments such as chemotherapy. The primary achievement of the research Mikhail has made the range that marks the cellular and molecular biology.The interest of Mikhail in the Oncology has grounded the best ground that will level the benefit of the scientist in the field of research.

To him, there is the possibility of curing cancer, and he believes that there is also there is a need to create a society that is free from diseases. He has played a humanitarian role in leading another researcher to carry out different research. This has forced him to put most of the finding in his publications and books to discuss the aging hyper function theory. Additionally, the cell cyclotherapy matters are intensely discussed in the publication and also the procedures on how to use the Rapamycin. In his books and articles, he emphasizes that cancers treatment is possible as any other disease.The commitment to the research about cancer has earned him to be the best researcher in the universe. The interest of Mikhail in factoring in the hope in the community is by putting off cancer. Also, Mikhail is also the PLOS ONE editor, and his dedication has placed him at the required position in the world of research. The in-depth research has further extended the signal on the pathway on utilizing the Rapamycin as cancer treatment medicine in the world.