JHSF Brings a Change Factor in Real Estate Development under Mogul Jose Auriemo Neto

The multi- million dollar real estate sector is progressively undergoing major changes. Property developers are keener on keeping up with the trend, emergent architectural designs, and tasteful aesthetics among other highly demanded features. JHSF Participações is a Brazilian Real Estate company that deals with the development of residential and commercial properties.

JHSF Participações is slightly over four decades old. It was founded by Fabio Auriemo and his brother in 1972. This is a public limited company with its main offices in Sao Paulo. It operates through the development of high-end real estate properties such as the sumptuous five-star restaurants in Brazil such as the Fasano Hotel & restaurant they recently acquired and redeveloped. Other achievements include construction of a global standard airport, indulgent shopping malls, fashion outlets, awesome landscapes and some popular luxury retail brands.

The company has a dominant presence in Sao Paulo, Miami, Uruguay, and New York among many other areas in and around Brazil. The company is known for envisioning potential opportunities while it’s still concealed. The company continue to grow and has a market value of about R $ 1.20 billion operational capital both in Share holding, equity, and assets. The Leadership has since then been passed on to the next in generation, Jose Auriemo Neto, Fabio Auriemo’s son.

About Jose Auriemo

Ever since being the Chief Executive officer and chairman of the board in 1974, Jose Auriemo has been developing real estate just like his predecessor. Under his effective leadership, the company was recognized in 2007 as the highest Corporate Governance segment of the Bovespa. The JHSF has recently been received the PINI Award both in 2012 and 2014, the Best Aqua Seal Environmental Profile, Best Company in Brazil by the Epoca Negocios 360 yearbook and feature on several media outlets.

Jose Auriemo is credited for the development of the residential Condominium Park City Garden which is a landmark feature. He inaugurated the Catarina Fashion Outlet, Bela Vista Shopping, shopping Ponta Negra, Shopping Metro Santa Cruz and the Cidade Jardim shopping mall. Jose is currently constructing a high-end apartment on the Fifth Avenue opposite the Central Park.