Clay Siegall’s Contribution to Cancer Research and Treatment

In his blog, Clay Siegall asserts that John Harbaugh is confident that Flacco is set to return to avid practice regardless of the setbacks that Flacco has experienced. As a quarter back, the consistent practice would prove vital when the season begins. Despite his minimal field preparations, he had assured his coach that it was indeed an ideal time that he could engage his services especially when the side meets the Bengals in the coming week. His display of confidence is a testament that the Ravens will still be a better team in their future engagements in the league.

Clay Siegall’s Take on Ezekiel Elliot’s Suspension

On Clay’s assertion about Ezekiel Elliot, he attests that the Dallas Cowboys playmaker could never escape the suspension. As the management of the league had considered all the policies in place when passing judgment to errant players, his admission back to the team was questionable. In a quick turn of events, he was still allowed to play for Cowboys against their rivals the New York Giants as he waited for the verdict from NFL discipline committee. The truth of the matter is that the NFL has exuded the highest level of impunity with the fact that Ezekiel Elliot could be allowed to play in the league, regardless of the fact that he was suspended.

Clay Siegall: the Chairman of Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall is chairman of Seattle Genetics, a research company that specializes in biotechnological ventures that end up helping patients with diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Before venturing on his own, Dr. Clay worked in various health institutes which recognized his passion for biotechnological research in the many quarters he featured. One such achievement was in 2012 when he was awarded the Ernest and Young Prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Years of Dedicated Research in Cancer Cases

Even after this award, his commitment to research persisted as he led various initiatives that sought to alleviate the lives of different cancer patients. For instance, after receiving the FDA license in 2011, his Seattle Genetics outfit advanced their cancer campaigns by establishing cancer antibodies that became a vital diagnostic tool for cancer cases. Additionally, the antibodies also helped in the treatment of cancer.