The Wonderful World of Skout

Skout is a revolutionary social app that enables one to find new friends online. It is an iOS app which means that it is compatible with Apple gadgets. To use the app, all you have to do is fill in your information stating interests so as to enable one to view only those who meet their interests. From there the experience is incredible as you can see those who are online and then you can even chat with them.

Last year, Skout carried out a survey to find out the friendliest college towns in the USA. Being an app that helps people to meet, it was surely not difficult for Skout to gather information. They went through several months of data for people aged between eighteen and twenty-four so as to come to a conclusion.It was possible for them to find out the cities where many college age people frequent using the data.

The top ten for the friendliest college towns was as follows: Madison, Wisconsin; Los Angeles, California; NYC; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; San Francisco, California; Boulder, Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and finally Dallas, Texas with order from the first to the tenth. Several other findings came out from that research. Madison, Wisconsin turned out to have the warmest college girls while Boulder, Colorado had the best men. College students from L.A were the most giving since they had shared more virtual gifts on Skout than several states combined.

While reading out the findings, Skout CEO Christian Wiklund congratulated all the Madison Skouters for topping the list as the friendliest. Skout had also conducted research for 2500 Skouters in the USA. Findings were kind of interesting to say the least. Many college students found it simpler to make friends in college than in high school. Many of the students also claimed to find a good friend in the first week of college. There was, however, a large percentage who were concerned about finding friends in the first year.

The best place to find a friend turned out to be in the classroom. Over 75% of the students found friends in the class. Other good places to make new friends was; online, at parties, sports, cafeteria, and also the dorm. Many of them also claimed to have become good friends with their roommates.

Available in more than 180 countries in the world and many various languages, Skout is an excellent experience and is currently available for Android gadgets through Skout for Android. To experience more about Skout, one needs just to join.

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