Dr. Imran Haque: Internal Medicine Specialist at Horizon Internal Medicine

Dr. Imran Haque is a medical professional who specializes in offering treatments to patients in internal medicine. He has been a practicing doctor for the past fifteen years and is currently one of the leading internal medicine doctors in North Carolina. Dr. Haque holds a degree in medicine which he attained from the University of Virginia. Soon after graduating med school, he started working as a doctor in a hospital. It was while working here that he realized that a lot of the necessary treatments that patients need are only available in big hospitals, and not in local medical clinics, making it harder for people to access. With that idea, Dr. Haque decided to open up his clinic to make essential treatments more accessible to people. He chooses Asheboro to be the location for his clinic, and today is the proud owner of a hugely successful internal medicine practice in North Carolina.

The name of the clinic that Dr. Haque runs is Horizon Internal Medicine and has been of a huge service to the community and the people living in Asheboro. Since the clinic first opened its doors to the public, they have received an incredible response from the people living in Asheboro. Dr. Haque has treated thousands of patients through the course of his career, which has given him an edge, contributing to the experienced doctor that he is today. He is considered to be a well-known name, and rightly so, owing to the quality of services that he provides. Dr. Haque tries his best to take care of his patients in the best manner possible and strives to offer the customer service that they would not get at a big hospital.

Being an entrepreneur tapping into the medical field might be hard, but for someone who knew the industry inside out, setting up his own business and practice was a walk in the park. Dr. Haque has always been someone who likes doing multiple things at one time, all while excelling at every one of them. Being an entrepreneur came naturally to Dr. Haque, which is why the clinic is doing so well today.

George Soros: an icon in sociopolitical justice

George Soros is a famous philanthropist distinguished for his advocacy for social and political justice around the world. According to Open Society Foundations, George Soros has given out dollars’ worth more than 32 million. This money came from his personal wealth and is meant to fund the activities of Open Society Foundations. These activities are carried out all over the world. In education, Open Society Foundation reports that he founded and funds Central University which is located in Budapest. The university is a center for social sciences.

His main works include supporting organizations and individuals who fight accountable governments, freedom of expression and promotion of equality and justice. The Open Society Foundations reports that George Soros has through his foundation given scholarships to outstanding students who were likely to be discriminated against due to who they are or where they lived.

He was born in Hungary in the year 1930. He experienced discrimination have lived through the Nazi occupation. This period saw the death of more than half a million Jews of Hungarian origin. Soros’ only survived by hiding their backgrounds. They also helped others in like manner.

New York Times report of 17th October 2017, by David Gelles reveals that the famous philanthropist gave 18 billion dollars to Open Society Foundations. Gelles considers this to be the largest ever wealth transfer to be made to a sole foundation by a private donor. This donation was made over a period of years but was revealed only recently, precisely, October 17, 2017. On account of this revelation, Open Society Foundations is now reported to be the second largest in the United States among the philanthropic organizations.

The organization is known to defend those in the society that are discriminated against. It defends their rights from abuse, especially by the police. For instance, New York times reports that the organization protected people in the United States against a wave of violence that hit the nation after the elections of 2016. George Soros gave out ten million dollars to help prevent violence.

According to Forbes, George Soros donation was made despite the fact that such a huge donation would make him drop in the list of top wealthiest people in the world in terms of net worth according to FORBES. This reveals him a selfless individual whose concern for others overrides his fame and interests. According to Silber Laura who is the Chief Communications Officer, Open Society Foundations, what dictates the activities of the foundation is the opportunities and needs in the world. The aim is to continue to fight for human rights, justice, and democracy.

The kind hand of George Soros goes even towards those who have suffered natural calamities such as disease outbreaks. New York Times reports that the Open Society Foundations sponsored centers treatment of Ebola during the 2014 outbreak. In addition, refugees have also been beneficiaries of the benevolence of George’s organization. Forbes reports that the programs of Open Society do include activities in public health and refugee relief.

Indeed, George Soros is an icon in philanthropic works. He has helped many in the world through his efforts to fight for human rights, justice, and democracy and follow him Twitter.com.

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews: It Helped Our Marriage

There are many factors that can cause one to fall into debt. For Julie and her husband, it all began when her husband was laid off. Julie M., in one of the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews titled “It Helped Our Marriage” say that when her husband was laid off, it placed extra pressure on their finances as a family. “During that time we did not have enough reserve to take care of us when he was looking for work again”. Julie’s financial situation became even difficult when they started using her credit card, for personal expenses. Before this Julie only used the credit card for financing her business. This change placed more pressure on Julie’s business. She started recording poor performance in her business. “My business also took a turn so I was seeing about a quarter down less than what I was used to”.

The challenge of her husband being jobless and her business performing poorly created frustration and uncertainty for Julie and her husband. The uncertainty was scary as they did not know what would happen to their business in the future. Julie knew that she needed to do something to cure the situation but she was not sure what she could do. In one of the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, she says, “I knew we had to do something or things were just going to get worse and worse over time”. That was when Julie and her husband decided to enlist the services of Freedom Debt Relief.

In the Freedom Debt Relief reviews, Julie says that what was nice about contacting the company was that the first contact she talked to was so kind. “I felt like she cared”. The company guided Julie in recovering from her debt. In one of the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, Julie says that her first account settlement was exciting and she got a sense a relief. Julie expresses her satisfaction with the services of Freedom Debt Relief and she highly recommends the company to anyone experiencing debt challenges. She identifies quality and professionalism of the services offered by the company as what sets the company apart from its competitors.

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CP+B to Have New Generation Leaders Courtesy of Lori Senecal

The impact of the resignations of high ranking officials from CP+B is yet to be felt by the Boulder, Colorado, headquartered adverting agency. Some of the crucial employees that have either exited or are planning to exit include Richard Pinder, Dave Buonaguidi, Arjun Singh, and Lori Senecal who is the Global CEO of the agency. When he announced his resignation, Pinder was in charge of CP+B’s UK operations, while Singh was the agency’s director of operations, and Buonaguidi was the chief creative officer.

Of the four, Lori Senecal stands out because of the crucial role she holds at the company: Global CEO. According to the Ad Week, Lori who joined CP+B in 2015, will resign in the last quarter of 2017. Also, the agency affirmed that Lori’s resignation was a well-choreographed plan which she was party to. Immediately she joined CP+B, Lori and Chuck Porter (co-founder and chairman of CP+B) established a plan of how she will serve the creative agency and her ultimate resignation.

Even as she plans to step down from CP+B and the ads business, Lori’s two-year tenure at CP+B is hard to ignore. According to Campaign Live, at the end of the 2016 financial year, CP+B’s revenues rose by over 21 percent courtesy of Lori’s management style and organizational strengths. Porter acknowledges Lori for the firm’s global efficient management structure and communications process. Lori on her part is grateful for having worked with CP+B and most importantly because the company considered her ideas essential and implemented them.

Before she completely relinquishes her role at the agency, Porter and Lori are interested in grooming high-performing staff members such as Danielle Aldrich to take over leadership roles in the company. Aldrich who has worked at CP+B for 14 years has held different positions at the company most recently as the co-managing director in Boulder. However, she is now the president of CP&B West; a role which incorporates both CP+B Boulder and Los Angeles offices. Lori noted that Aldrich was the perfect candidate for the job owing to her results-oriented nature. Both Lori and Aldrich were credited for winning American Airlines from TM Advertising. Read more on crunchbase.com.


Logan Stout: Wellness For Today and the Future

Logan Stout is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs of his generation. He is also a well-known author and philanthropist. He is the creator and founder of the health and wellness company called IDLife. With this company, he has crafted a niche in the market of people trying to live healthy lives. Since IDLife was founded in 2014 it has become a force to reckon with in the health and wellness arena. Now the company has teamed up with technology company Garmin to offer cutting-edge health technology for more people in more places.

The partnership of Garmin and IDLife is a beneficial one for both companies. It is beneficial to Garmin because the company offers the latest in new technology that people can wear on the go. It is beneficial to IDLife in the way it can use the technology in order for a person to keep track of their health. Garmin also helps by providing the patient with detailed information so that a person can take the steps necessary to live a healthy life. It helps IDLife in being able to provide the proper supplements for people to live healthy and productive lives.

One of the most interesting things about this partnership is how two specific things work together to optimize good health for people. The main part for Garmin the Index Smart Scale. It allows users to keep track of such things as body weight, body mass index, fat percentage, and body water percentage. The part from IDLife is an app called IDWellness. The app allows the person using it to keep track of their fitness level and when used with Garmin the health information can go where the person goes. These two things make it much easier to achieve fitness goals.

Logan Stout has always pushed the envelope when it comes to helping people live the best life that they can. With the partnership of IDLife and Garmin Logan Stout is on the cutting edge of health and wellness for today and the future of all people. Logan Stout wouldn’t have it any other way too.

IDLife Social Media: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPqdr4WK-ig

MB2 Dental: a Network of Dentists Committed to Achieve Quality Patient Care

Most dentists balance between clerical work and caring for their patients. Such situations throw them off balance often neglecting their dentistry duties. Dr. Chris Stephen Villanueva had experienced the same, which led him to seek a solution. In 2007, he launched MB2 Dental with the aim of returning dentists to their primary role of attending to patients. He had the vision of bringing dentists together from both group and private practitioners to share experiences. It is the platform where they get to combine their strengths while finding solutions to their challenges. From its headquarters in Carrollton, Texas, MB2 Dental has expanded to Tennessee, Alaska, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico.

Lifting Fellow Dentists

At MB2 Dental, profits come second and patients first. The firm provides office solutions to the affiliated dentists and practices leaving them with enough time to dedicate to the patients. With clerical duties done for them, they can concentrate on the management and strategic planning without giving much thought to making profits. The group of experts at MB2 Dental is knowledgeable enough to offer the much-needed guidance and share their knowledge in the practices. Budding dentists are taken care of with the firm proving them with the knowledge they need to jumpstart their practices. They are then guided on running their practices and winning clients. MB2 Dental is also passionate about supporting associate dentists to reach their career goals. The firm conducts the necessary assessments and reviews, putting into account their qualifications and previous job experiences with the aim of connecting them with the right employers. The associates are guaranteed of mentors, and a supportive network to hold them as they navigate through the field.


Professionals at MB2 Dental are thorough in their work, giving the dentists peace of mind that their practices are in good hands. Some of the services provided by the firm include IT management that ensures that systems and technologies at the practices are kept up to date. There is also maintenance team on standby to ensure that problems are handled on time and do not paralyze operations. Recruiting services ensures that only the right people for the job get to work with the practices. The accounting and finance services ensure that financial reports are reliable in making good financial decisions. Dentists never worry about billing and debt collections since MB2 Dental has that sector covered. The firm also goes the extra mile of ensuring that the practices remain compliant by giving them advice on regulatory requirements



Aloha Construction: A role model in corporate social responsibility

Aloha Construction was founded by CEO Dave Farbaky in 2008 in Zurich, IL. From the company’s first days, giving back to the local community has been a cornerstone of their business culture.

Farbaky believes that businesses large and small should support the communities where the operate. Aloha has worked under the premise that when you give to the community it gives back to you, and enjoyed the team building and camaraderie that employees develop through shared charitable experiences.

When a business gives back, there are tangible and intangible benefits. Any donations made by a business are tax deductible. Working with local charities also provides a public relations opportunity for positive press. Sponsoring local events can get your business more exposure to new customers. All of these things communicate to the community that your business is invested, which builds goodwill.

There are several ways that a business can give back to its local community. Here are Aloha’s top three favorites:

  1. Team up with local non-profit organizations.

Working together with local organizations is an effective and easy first step toward being more involved. When you start looking into the local charitable organizations in your community you will probably be amazed at how many opportunities are available. Consider how you want to give back. Some popular options include:

  • Mentoring
  • Fundraising
  • Construction
  • Activism
  • Volunteering
  • Pro Bono Services

Once you find a couple of organizations that match up how you decide to get involved, you can build long-term relationships that are fruitful for your business and the organization. For example, Aloha works with their local Boys and Girls Club by hosting a night out at a hockey game for disadvantaged kids served by the program. It gave the kids a memorable experience and let Aloha, the BGC and the local hockey team in on the fun!

  1. Establish a Foundation

If your small business wants to ramp up donations, a foundation is a great way to do it. Foundations are a nonprofit structure through which you can organize and be more strategic with charitable giving. The founder of Aloha created the Dave Farbaky Foundation to accomplish this. Through the foundation, the company sponsors local children’s events.

  1. Sponsor an Event or Team

When you sponsor a local team or event, your company name and logo will appear on affiliated materials like programs, jerseys, etc. Aloha opted to sponsor their local high school football team, which provided needed equipment and supplies for them to practice and compete. Sponsorship is like an advertisement that also supports local youth activities and charitable events. Even better is that unlike an ad, the people who see your business know that you supported a cause they care about which builds trust and community.

However you decide to get involved with your community, giving back is a great way to remain connected with the places and people who support your small business.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alohabuilds

Jason Hope Continues to See Big Things for IOT

Over the past decade, the entire world and global economy has changed dramatically a number of different ways. One of the biggest impacts on the overall World in this time period has been the amount of products that have suddenly gained Internet connectivity. While most people have had phones that have had access to the Internet for quite a while, many more products today are being connected to form one enormous Network. One individual that is a huge proponent of this phenomenon, which is called The Internet of Things, is entrepreneur Jason Hope.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur that has continued to invest in technology and companies that are looking to continue to advance The Internet of Things movement. Jason Hope, and other people that are huge proponents of The Internet of Things, believe that the majority of daily household products that are used by consumers will someday soon have the ability to connect to the Internet. This could provide enormous potential for data sharing and overall consumer convenience.

While most people today believe that smart technology and products that utilize it are largely considered luxuries, there are many practical applications that will soon appear to make them look like practical Necessities. One area of the world that will experience a significant Improvement due to internet-connected products is the transportation industry.

Currently, most major cities have a traffic light program that operates on a consistent and stable signal bases. Unfortunately, these systems are not smart enough to react to current traffic patterns, which can lead to big backups. In the near future, these systems will be able to directly and react accordingly. This could drastically cut down on the average commute times and even allow first responders to reach their destination faster, which could ultimately prove to a lot of lives. For more info about us: http://tech.co/author/jasonhope click here.

The smart technology products will also likely be used heavily in the home security field in coming years. Today, more and more people are purchasing smart home automation and security systems that are showing that it is possible to make the average home much safer than before. In the near future, most people will have a range of smart security products including smart locks, security systems, and camera systems. These will help to prevent Intruders and we’ll even be able to directly to the local authorities.

Adam Milstein’s Philanthropic Legacy

Adam Milstein’s name exists in the list of the advocates that are most influential in the entire world. In fact, Last year The Jewish Telegraphic Association included his name among The Twenty-five Most Influential People on Jewish Twitter. Adam Milstein has been identified severally as a hard-working philanthropist. He is also a renowned investor in real estate sector and a community leader as well. During his time in Israel, he served his country in the Israeli Defense Force. He even fought in the Yom Kippur War which took place in 1973. The Israeli native moved to the United States of America in 1981 together with his wife and kids. He was able to establish himself in America and has contributed greatly to many projects over the years.

Adam Milstein received an MBA in 1983 from the University of Southern California. Before that, he had attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics back in 1978 while he was in Israel. After attaining his MBA, he got into the real estate business in the United States where he started as a sales agent. As time passed by, he quickly rose through the ranks and his hard work saw him become a managing partner at a real estate firm called Hager Pacific Properties.

Hager Pacific Properties is a private investment firm that deals with management and ownership of commercial and industrial real estate properties. Adam Milstein is usually responsible for accounting, financing, and positioning at the firm. He peers see him as a business leader and a person who is excellent in entrepreneurship. Adam Milstein began to participate in charity after being inspired by a colleague. The business partner introduced the Jewish practice of giving ten percent of a person’s income to charity to him. This made him open the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and Sifriyat Pijama B’ America for charity purposes.

Despite the busy work schedules that consume most of his time, Adam Milstein still has room for philanthropic activities in various places. He insists that when he is handling the philanthropic works, he doesn’t feel like he is working. He gets motivated by those that he is working with and seeing numerous projects prosper inspires him. His contributions will be remembered even after he is no more and those that he has helped will forever be grateful.

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A Successful Vision Based On Knowledge – Samuel Strauch’s Endeavors

Over the last few years, one could say that Miami, or even Florida in general, have transformed from a vacation location to a large metropolitan area. At least this is what a successful real estate investor Samuel Strauch saw before he created his own company. With previous experience and a good education, he was able to create a thriving organization that connected international investors with this still uncovered market at that a time.

About Samuel Strauch

Strauch holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Hofstra University in New York, as well as some minor studies that he completed at Harvard University, an IVY League school in Massachusetts. However, the roots of his career do not go to the real estate industry as he started working in the banking sector. Nonetheless, fifteen years ago he started his own company called “Metrik Real Estate”.

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The Business Vision

As a part of his team-oriented management, Strauch focuses on the implementation stages of all projects. This facilitates a high-quality service and profitable decision to be made. Metrik Real Estate specializes in so many different things that one could early label it a modest real estate conglomerate. Some of their specialties include:

Brokerage within this industry

Furthermore, the business takes full advantage of the state-of-the-art technology and database sources. This enables the company to stay connected and updated on all the projects that might be taking place. Some innovative platforms that Samuel Strauch mentions are Dropbox and GoToMeeting.

Strauch’s Personal Life

As a successful real estate investor, Samuel Strauch stays extremely busy on an everyday basis. Besides growing his business, he stays connected with his family and friends in order to grow his portfolio of experiences. Before starting his Metrik Real Estate in 2002, he worked for a family-owned company that operates in the same industry. Nowadays, this businessman guides every day of his life with three basic concepts that are:

To be grateful for all things in life
To always have a voracious curiosity and an open mind
To mentally set goals and intentions for a given day

In order to upkeep all of the aforementioned principles, Samuel Strauch also engages in meditation. This helps him focus on the upcoming events, projects, and goals, which helps make successful choices!

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