Guilherme Paulus Helped Millions of Brazilians Travel Around the World. Now It Is His Time

Guilherme Paulus is the owner of the prestigious tourism & travel company CVC, headquartered in Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil. CVC started as a solution for the tourism industry of the country, as many Brazilians liked traveling and visiting new places, be it inside the immense territory of their land or to other countries around the world.

The problem with the industry before CVC was that airplane tickets and hotel booking needed to be handled by the people who desired to travel. Many Brazilians didn’t fly because they didn’t have access to hotels and couldn’t combine their flying tickets with the available days in the hotels they wanted. This headache would leave many Brazilians feeling overwhelmed and not wanting to travel anymore.

With CVC’s creation, however, came the popularity of traveling with pre-made packages that were highly customizable by the customer. CVC brought airplane tickets, reservations and booking all together in a simple manner: Where do you want to go? Here are the available days, hotels and places to visit.

Guilherme Paulus created an agency that helped many Brazilians travel by just visiting the agency. There, employees would help customers find the best destinations for their desires. Often, Brazilians would enter the agency with an end-place in mind but would meet new options, places, and adventures there.

Guilherme Paulus shared that one of his lifetime dreams was to retire when he came of age, and just travel around the world, visiting all the countries and different cultures that he could find.

With the success of his creation, CVC, now Guilherme Paulus is able to fulfill his lifetime dream. And, ironically, CVC is there to help him!

Even nowadays, with the popularization of solutions like Airbnb and Trivago, CVC is still the go-to place that Brazilians go when they desire to travel.

CVC became mainstream and a must-have store in any shopping center. CVC is a highly successful company worth billions of R$. Guilherme Paulus created a generation of many agencies like CVC, but neither of them has reached the success and influence of CVC in the tourism industry of Brazil.

In 2018, CVC is still powerful and growing.

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