Infinity Group Australia: Managing Private Investments

The Infinity Group Australia is a company established by Graeme Holm, aiming to help Australians trapped in debt to pay all of their credits and live a normal life once again. The company was established after its founder saw the need for Australians to manage their finances properly, after reports stating that a huge percentage of the people are in debt and many are still using their credit cards to purchase anything. Graeme Holm ended up successfully with his plans of changing the lives of the people, and many look up to him and his company as a lifesaver because of the number of people that they assisted in the past. Infinity Group Australia provides three basic services – debt reduction, wealth creation, and retirement solutions.


Debt reduction aims to lower the debt of their client, and paying all of it using extreme measures. When a client asked for assistance with their uncontrollable debt, the company requires them to send their income and expenses report. The Infinity Group Australia reviews the report, and through the information provided, they will come up with a plan on how they will help their client. A young man with more than $90,000 debt managed to clear it out after the company stepped up. They spoke with the lending company and ended up with a contract, stating how their client would pay all of the debts within a specific period. The lives of those who are trapped in debt are changed forever after they managed their finances effectively with the help of the company. Learn more:


Wealth creation is another service available at the Infinity Group Australia. Through the company, people who wanted to create more wealth could ask the professionals working with the firm about their views on the best places to invest their money. Most of the time, they would recommend investing it in the stock market or forex market. Those who have cleared out their debts using the company’s debt reduction services have applied for the wealth creation services to continue their life-changing experience.


Lastly, those who wanted to have a concrete pathway to their retirement should avail of the company’s retirement solutions. The Infinity Group Australia will create a flow on how their client’s financial assets should be spent, and they will be using it to fund their needs. People who have availed of this service are being given a chance to enjoy their retirement without thinking too much.

Michel Terpins is the Best Rally Driver in Brazil

Michel Terpins is a prominent figure in the Brazilian rally car circuit. He is one of the most successful rally drivers in the country, winning most of the races he participates in. Michel has been racing professionally for more than a decade. Rodrigo is a proud native of Sau Paulo. The love of sports runs in his family and no doubt played a major role in him becoming a rally car driver. Michel’s father was a well known basketball player in his day. He often races alongside his older brother Rodrigo Terpins. Many in the circuit consider him as his brother’s equal.


In fact, the two brothers have established a rally team named Bull Sertoes rally, which both are active members of. Each edition of the Bull Sertoes rally serves as an event where qualified drivers can showcase their skills. The 22nd annual iteration of the rally wherein, racers started at Goiania, saw Michel and his navigator securely in the lead themselves in the lead the entire first 62 kilometers. Despite their great start, car trouble really bogged them down and they wound up not finishing the race.  For additional details you can visit


Michel has become a bit of a staple in the rally championships due to his many high finishing ranks in several competitions. Michel and his brother have have been top finishers in many premiere race events like the Rally Rota SC. Many consider Michel Terpins to arguably be the best Brazilian bred rally driver. He is for sure the best rally champion in prototypes T1 division.


Rodrigo Terpins has been attracted by the prospect of racing for as long as he can remember. His first endeavor into the field of racing involved motorcycles before he upgraded to cars. The car he currently drives is a T-Rex machine, a hi-tech modern model car.




David McDonald Details How He Goes About Managing OSI Group’s Operations

Having been born and raised on a farm in Iowa, being in the food industry as an adult was pretty much a foregone conclusion for David McDonald. He set out on this path after graduating from high school when he chose to attend Iowa State University, an educational institution known for its excellent agricultural and life sciences college. After completing a degree in their animal science program he was hired at OSI Group of Aurora, Illinois, as one of their project managers.

Since 1987 David McDonald has continued on with his career at OSI Group. By working his way up the ladder he became the president of this company as well as its chief operations officer. Additionally, he is on its board of directors. He has been a huge part of OSI Group’s international expansion in the past 30 years. One of his main duties is managing a logistics team which oversees OSI Group’s vast global and complicated supply chain. He says that he and his team need to manage international markets which are always evolving when it comes to what consumers want and what his company’s clients require.

When OSI Group purchases another company in the food industry it is David McDonald that handles financial transaction. In the past few years, OSI Group has made some major acquisitions that he has managed. The first of these was Baho Foods which he managed to get a controlling stake in early 2016. He next acquired Flagship Europe which provides food in several European nations. In early 2017 he managed the acquisition of a German food manufacturer, Hynek Schlachthof GmbH. He was also heavily involved when a merge occurred between OSI Group’s Australian operations and that of Turi Foods Pty Ltd.

When it comes to the partners of OSI Group as well as this company’s own factories around the world David McDonald says that they know the business network and food culture of these areas better than anyone else. He says that when it comes to operations the best management decisions are going to be made by those who are in the closest contact to his company’s customers. He says that he gives a lot of latitude to these partners and managers to make the best business decisions in each market as a top-down approach would be the completely the wrong way to compete effectively on a global basis.

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InnovaCare Health Puts Together the Right Team

Having the right people leading the team is all the difference between succeeding and failing. Regardless of how easy or difficult the task, the right team can accomplish anything. When it came to picking the right people to lead InnovaCare Health Solutions, executives have to think about their patients.

According to, unlike other industry, the healthcare industry depends on patients trusting their healthcare providers. Without that trust, the system doesn’t work and patients suffer. InnovaCare Health is focused on strengthening patient-provider relationships, ensuring that their patients get the exactly medical care they need to live as long and healthily as possible.

It’s not only InnovaCare Health’s mission to help their patients get to a better place of health, InnovaCare also wants to redefine healthcare in general. Even if patients aren’t with InnovaCare Health, they should still be able to easily find the quality medical care they need.

When it came time for InnovaCare Health to start thinking about growing, they needed the right people to lead the company. The most effective member of their leadership team is Dr. Richard Shinto, current CEO and President of InnovaCare Health Solutions and its many subsidiaries. Dr. Shinto has more than 20 years of working directly with patients.

Before joining InnovaCare, he worked at a small number of other medical companies, serving in high-ranking positions at many of them. At the beginning of his career, he worked at his own practice in Southern California; he was an internist and pulmonologist.

Like all physicians, he has many college degrees, all building to his medical degree. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California and a M.B.A. from the University of Redlands. His medical degree came from the State University of New York. After that, he started his career toward InnovaCare Health.

Another brilliant professional InnovaCare Health wanted to be a part of the leadership team was Penelope Kokkinides. For a while, Kokkinides was a good fit until she left to pursue a position at another company. She rejoined InnovaCare Health in 2015 but was no longer COO; now, she was Chief Administrative Officer.

She also has over 20 years of experience, but she’s not a practicing physician. Her expertise is more along the lines of developing and overseeing clinical programs and health care operations. Read more about the duo on