Chris Burch of Burch Creative Capital

Chris Burch brings nearly forty years of investment experience to his company, Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative Capital was formed after Chris Burch decided to help bring his expertise in business and development to innovative entrepreneurs with creative ideas. Burch seeks new ideas, big or small, that have a potential to fill a role in markets and in people’s lives. He works in many fields, including producing small-scale prefabricated homes and other real estate investments. In 2012 he bought Nihiwatu, a resort on the Indonesian island of Sumba. Renovating the resort, Burch helped make it into Travel & Leisure’s #1 Hotel in the World for 2016.

Chris Burch recently partnered with well-known personality Ellen DeGeneres to help develop her new lifestyle line, ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Burch states his admiration for Ellen for her ability to read and connect with people, making and leaving an impression after brief interactions, useful source on

Interviewed by Ideamensch, Chris Burch talks a bit about what helps him be successful, read ( He says the most important thing he does is to always listen to the people he deals with. By opening himself up to their ideas Chris Burch finds new and innovative ways to invest in and develop new products that can benefit people and the world.

Asked about his past failures and what he would change, Burch wouldn’t change a thing. He has had his fair share of big failures in business, but after mourning and learning from the loss he moves on with greater clarity for his next project.

Burch says it all begins with passionate people, that with passion a good idea can be brought to fruition faster. Having no real set routines to his daily life, Burch travels the country and the world to help stay informed and involved with his carious global investment opportunities, check

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