Jason Hope: The Search for Age-Breakers

The concept of getting older can be both exciting and terrifying. While people enjoy the maturity and stability that come with aging, the bodily decline is certainly a bit of a letdown. Wouldn’t it be something if individuals were able to experience their younger years and middle years for longer amounts of time? There certainly many individuals who would love to have that chance available to them and their companies right now working to fulfill those dreams. One such company is the SENS research foundation. This foundation opened its doors in 2009 as a regenerative medical research institution. The most active and well-known founder of SENS is Aubrey de Grey. Aubrey de Grey has built a substantial friendship with a tech entrepreneur named Jason Hope after Hope donated half $1 million to his institution.

Hope openly admits that he is always been fascinated by the idea of anti-aging medication and restorative medical treatments. An article featured on releasefacts.com, “Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging”, discusses some of the dreams that De Grey and his colleagues have for the sizable donation. It is certainly increased the range of testing and research that the institution can conduct. They have even been able to expand to other locations internationally and recruit more talent. The hope is that they will eventually discover medications that they have dubbed age-breakers. They are hoping that these age-breakers will help them combat some of the processes in the human body that reduce elasticity and flexibility within the skin or muscle tissue. It is an ambitious project, but one that Jason Hope was ready to get on board with.

If there is one thing that Jason hope understands, it is a good investment. He has a finance degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from the WP Carey school of business, making him an expert in this field. One of his most famous reputations is for his excellent investment skills and marked success in the realm of business startups. He sees the work that SENS is doing, and he is looking to get into a project that he really believes in. When he saw an opportunity to partner with the organization, he jumped at it. He did not hesitate to dip into his own personal funding because of how important this project is to all of humanity. Hopefully, in the future, the investment into SENS will show a substantial return in the form of regenerative medicine.

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OSI Group: Expanding Into The Future

OSI Group is looking to expand its services through a variety of ways. This company literally has well-over 100 years of experience under its belt. What separates this company from the competition is that it’s very efficient. In addition to that, the company is very progressive in OSI Group’s actions. OSI Group has many goals, which allows it to see a bigger overall picture. The company covers every aspect of the business, including development, distribution, management and processing. Over $17 million was spent to add a high-capacity production line for processing chicken at its plant in Toledo, Spain. This specific addition came into existence last year, and it has boosted the plant’s efficiency from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons.

It’s kind of hard to imagine that this one-time meat locker has grown into a global enterprise. OSI Group was known as Otto & Sons back in the day as it was strictly into selling the freshest of meats. As word began to spread, business began to increase. OSI Group has worked hand-to-hand with many popular brands, including McDonald’s, Yum, KFC, Burger King, Subway, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Starbucks. This only scratches the surface, but you should have a much better perspective of how influential OSI truly is. Though the company has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, it provides services all over the globe thanks to its total of 65 factories and facilities. In China alone, the company has at least 10 state-of-the-art facilities, and OSI has become the largest processor of chicken in China.

What other countries does the company have facilities? Well, OSI Group has facilities in Poland, in Germany, in Austria, in Australia, in Japan, in Canada, in Ukraine and in Brazil. In the US, the company has facilities in Wisconsin, in California, in Iowa, in Illinois and in Utah. The future of the foodservice industry is in great hands and OSI Group is looking to be a long-term player.

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The Rally and Rodrigo Terpins

2014’s 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally race included 2,600 kilometers of roadway, seven stages, and passed through two Brazilian states. This was much shorter than usual, but it was still very challenging and enjoyable for the competitors. It was characterized by that’s of obstacles, stony areas, locks, breakers, and really high stretches. As always, the duo’s from the Bull Sertoes Rally Team had a big representation among the final winners, with two of these duos in the top five overall. In third place was Rodrigo Terpins and Fabricio Bianchini, closely followed by Michel Terpins and Sven von Borries in fourth place. You can visit terra.com for more info.


It is surprising that Terpins and Borries were able to achieve that standing after experiencing car difficulties late at one stage. Borries was an especially experienced racer, having started partnering with his dad in 1995 when he was only 14. For their part, Rodrigo Terpins attributed much of their success to the excellence of Bianchini’s navigation. This was Bianchini’s first time competing in the car category. He had previously only competed in the motorcycle category during the 11 previous editions of the rally. He says he had always had to pilot and navigate simultaneously so that it greatly honed his skill.


According to mundoraiam, this was in a lineup of 38 competitors that finished (45 that started) altogether. The entire time of competition lasted for eight days. The Terpins have been driving for many years, but the 22nd edition also marked the first time both of them drove a T-Rex. The rally also holds races for motorcycles, quadricycles, UTVs and trucks. The Bull Sertões Rally Team is sponsored by Bull Sertões, 100% Events, Terpins & Cintra Advogados, Motul, Ohlins and Xarla. It was first founded early last decade by the Terpins brothers.


For more information about the Bull Sertoes team or the Terpins brothers visit @bullsertoesrallyteam, www.terpins.com.br, www.michelterpins.com.br, or www.rodrigoterpins.com.br. While the Sertoes Rally is the primary racing venue of the Terpins brothers, it is not the only one. The also compete every year in the Brazilian Cross-Country Rally Championship and in the Mitsubishi Cup.



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