Sussex HealthCare: The Best Support Service Facility In Sussex Region

Sussex Health Care is a private limited company that provides support services and care homes with specialized care for old people, people with learning difficulties, neurological disabilities, as well as those with physical challenges. The Facility has about 20 homes, spread across the vast Sussex area, in London, United Kingdom. Sussex Health Care was founded in March 1998 and today it has over 500 employees.

Sussex Health Care has doctors and nurses, who are specialties in the treatment of various conditions which include Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, and other neurological diseases. The facility’s highly trained professionals are available to attend to the patients 24/7. They are known for offering respite care, specialist adult care, palliative care, and education and recreational services, not to mention occupational and physiotherapy.

Sussex Benefits for staffs
They use the state-of-the-art technologies in offering therapies in their different homes which have a serene environment and a homely setting. Sussex Health Care has its attention focused on the quality of life and to achieve that the management has employed quality strategies such as training meant to empower their already great team. On joining Sussex, the staff is enrolled in their in-house Training Academy which is in the Head office at Tylden House, Near Horsham at West Sussex. In addition to that, other training opportunities are available for individuals who would like to advance on areas of management, nursing among others.

The staff in Sussex are also entitled to quite a number of benefits which include; pension, free transportation, subsidiary meals, referral bonuses, uniform, mentoring schemes, paid breaks and many more.


Sussex always ensure that they provide fresh and healthy meals, prepared using local ingredients while putting into consideration the nutritional needs of each of their patient. Those receiving services from Sussex have access to the several activities educational programs which are not only available for the on-site facilities but also to the neighboring community.

While attending every patient, the facility’s professionals meet with the family members of the patient and together share important information and knowledge meant for the well-being of the patient. The patient’s emotional and social and spiritual needs are attended to while enabling them to have a full life as possible.

For those with chronic and terminal illnesses, they are provided with palliative care, through which a compassionate and specialized approach is used to control the pain.

Sussex Health Care Careers
The facility often has career opportunities in different categories for their different homes. Currently, there are several healthcare positions available, a position in IT and one in Automotive. Most of these positions offer full-time employment, with a few for part-time and seasonal employment.

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