The Stevie Award Is Awarded To Leading Correctional Calling Providers For Customer Service Excellence

Securus Technologies started out as an amazing regulations provider that was responsible for monitoring, surveillance, and the telecommunications safety of inmate calls. The later became an actual network provider that quickly grew as one of the largest in the industry. They recently were awarded the prestigious Stevie Award from the votes of over seventy five judges. They have made a constant effort to train their 12,000+ IT professionals in the highest level of customer service excellence. They provide services that still provide the highest level of security for the general public against telecommunications crimes.


How To Save More On Inmate Calling With Securus?


You can use technologically advanced features like their remote visitation to talk to your love ones face-to-face over the internet. Remarkable features like these are designed to help you save more money than ever before and eliminate your commute to a correctional facility. They are proud to have partnered with other top inmate providers to also bring their customers saving solutions on inmate calls. JPay is proud to be a member of their strong inmate calling network. They have also obtained an certification 1 certificate that will allow them to expand to a national network.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


An inmate voicemail calling feature will allow you to leave an inmate a voicemail message through their access account. They can purchase a voicemail account through their commissary and get a message from their loved ones, legal counsel, and friends.


Prepaid Calling Features


Go prepaid with Securus Technologies and get prepaid calling minutes to stay connected to your loved ones. You have the benefit of getting minutes in advance with a valid credit or check card.


Become a valuable Securus Technologies customer today.

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