Ricardo Tosta Heads the Brazilian Legal Tradition of Civil Law

The constitution and legal system of Brazil are often seen as difficult to understand but is based on the German legal traditions which have been taken around the world under the term, Civil Law. In Brazil, the creation of law is taken up by the national Federal government and individual states which are given the chance to rule themselves within the national framework. The judiciary in the Brazilian capital is in control of the development of national and regional laws under which a state constitution must be created.

Ricardo Tosta de Oliveira Carvalho, of the Leite, Tosta, and Barros law firm has created a new way of conducting legal issues across the nation in terms of mass litigation which has become extremely common in the South American country. The company was one of the first to develop the mass litigation model in Brazil and has been at the forefront of many of the major cases in this area of law in the Brazilian legal system; the infrastructure of the law firm has been developed to allow a range of mass litigation techniques to be developed across many industries where individuals are in need of the help of an experienced and professional law firm headed by Ricardo Tosta de Oliveira Carvalho.

In terms of the success of the law firm, Ricardo Tosta de Oliveira Carvalho has done much to raise his own profile to become the top legal mind at the company who keeps a close eye on banking and financial law. Like many Brazilian legal professionals, Ricardo Tosta de Oliveira Carvalho has proven himself to be an effective legal mind in a range of different areas including criminal law where he has tried a number of cases.

During recent years, a number of clients have contacted Ricardo Tosta de Oliveira Carvalho to look for his assistance in taking a case begun by a different law firm to one of the five courts of appeal in Brazil. Finding reasons for appeal in a nation where other legal professionals have failed their clients is one of the areas in which Ricardo Tosta has found great success.

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Desiree Perez: They Key To Celebrity Fame

The industry of music and entertainment has been as massive as it ever was. It is a $17.2 billion industry, and accounts for more than 1/3 of the worldwide revenues for this sector alone. Given this, we all know that the rise to fame is very competitive and you must work hard to be noticed. That is why there ares scouts, producers, and managers that help these icons strive and claim their way to fame such as Desiree Perez.

Behind the Big Names

Desiree Perez or “Des” is a member of the all-exclusive team of the entertainment industry’s best managers. She was one of the key person’s that helped celebrities such as Jay-Z thrive in the music industry for the past 20 years. She has helped him in creating opportunities for expanding his entertainment empire. Additionally, she has also helped celebrities such as Rihanna collaborate with other brands to maximize profits and produce successful campaigns.

The Female Powerhouse

Desiree Perez was able to garner huge profits for her clients. Through her assistance, Samsung was able to collaborate with Rihanna’s Anti tour which closed a $25 million deal. Through this, Rihanna’s standing as a profitable promoter rose, and she was able to open doors for the female singer to acquire more promotion offers. Rihanna has constantly sought her expertise, and she is continuously working with her to provide guidance in the area of business and career decisions.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is one of the entertainment industry’s sought-after talent and brand managers. She has continuously worked with several public icons and famous brands and catapulted them into success.Being a part of the ROC Nation, Des Perez was able to contribute to the entertainment industry in many ways. Together with this company, she manages artists, public icons, collaborates with brands for promotions and publishing engaging content.

Josh Smith- Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Driven and motivated by an ever changing economy, Josh Smith of Reno, Nevada, entrepreneur extraordinaire, has spent the last 17 years crafting a platform of encouraging projects to engage society’s growth and diversity. Referred to as a “serial entrepreneur”, Josh Smith has become a well-known staple of the technology driven community of Reno, Nevada. By empowering organizations with his visionary skills, he has become pivotal in senior management to construct and maintain a healthy business plan. By positively impacting start-up companies, he is offered an advantage unlike many investors. His expertise strategically opens avenues of critical thought and mindful ingenuity. In addition, Josh Smith’s wealth of knowledge in technology, both domestically and internationally, provides a keen sense of how to improve a wide range of sciences.

As a committed revolutionary, Josh Smith is working to increase efficiency, not only in locations like Reno, Nevada, but home and garden communities on a global scale. Barrier driven inefficiencies motivated Mr. Smith towards designing a revolutionary home gardening system. Greenhouse inspired, Smith remains incredibily humbled by his appreciation for humanity and the regeneration of the economy. Although credit is often extended to Smith, his unimaginable success is not gained through monetary prosperity but through engaging opportunities, simplifications, inspiration, adaptability and drive.
Recently, Josh Smith teamed with unbelievably creative minds in an attempt to showcase home gardening with a greenhouse kick-starter. Essentially, growth is automated for indoor, patio and backyard gardening. For people interested in organic food at the palm of their hands, this would be right on target. Designed with a state-of-the-art mobile accessible app, the maintenance and production is visible at any time for analysis. This particular greenhouse system, supported by Josh Smith, is specifically designed for each individual owner to maximize their needs and wants. Being hurricane proof is definitely an appealing perk for southern most states in the United States. Through wi-fi connection, the greenhouse is fully functional using a smartphone or tablet. Offering exclusive discounts for the go-live undoubtedly shows how much Smith believes in this project.