Dr. Mark McKenna Discusses His Career

Recently Dr. Mark McKenna sat down to talk about his business ventures and lifestyle. During the interview, Dr. Mark McKenna talked about his new company OVME and how he named it. According to Mark, he started up this company after working in the healthcare field and with medical aesthetics. He also said that the company was intended to help medical professionals use more effective methods in treating patients. Along with talking about his new company, Mark also talked about his keys to success. He says that when it comes to reaching his goals, he looks to read as well as surround himself with people that are smarter than him. When he starts his day, he gets up early and then works until 6PM. After work, Mark participates in jiujitsu and spends time with his family. He later does some more work later at night and then goes to bed.

Dr. Mark McKenna attended Tulane University where he graduated from medical school. After finishing up medical school, Mark would practice medicine as a surgeon with his father. Within a few years, he would start up a couple of business ventures that would provide him with lots of success. Mark started up a real estate development firm and a mortgage company. These businesses were very successful for a number of years until Hurricane Katrina hit. Once this storm hit New Orleans, Mark lost a number of his business interests. However he would help revitalize the community by developing housing units for many of the residents. He would eventually relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue other business ventures.

Once he relocated to Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna would start up a company in the healthcare industry. Mark started the company OVME which specialized in medical aesthetics. With this company, Mark would be able to help healthcare practitioners use treatments that would help patients overcome a number of health problems. This company has been quite successful and Mark would eventually sell it. Nowadays, Mark spends a lot of his free time with his children, wife and pet Pomeranian dog. The combination of his business success and family life has allowed Mark to live a pleasant and balanced lifestyle on a regular basis.

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