End Citizens United Looks To 2018 To Make Political Change

Democracy in America is always under assault but typically the largest forces in the country are working together in concert to stave off the attack. For the past two years nothing has been a bigger story in the United States than the potential Russian hacking and collusion in aid of Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential Election. While former FBI Director and Special Counselor Robert Mueller investigates the matter, the rest of America has to be left wondering: What comes next? For a trio of State Senators the next logical act was to put forward plan to make sure it never happens again. John McCain, Mark Warner and Amy Klobuchar put together a bipartisan project called the Honest Ads Act which seeks to stop potential collusion in the future.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has spent the past year working toward raising awareness regarding the attack on voting rights in the United States of America. Their primary focus has been on the 2010 Supreme Court case, Citizens United. Citizens United is a political propaganda group designed by conservative politicians. The goal of the group was to argue before the Supreme Court in order to allow special interests to come into Washington D.C. by way of corporate donors. Since they successfully argued for the influx of corporate money, the United States government has been on the decline. How does this relate to the Honest Ads Act?

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End Citizens United recently endorsed the Honest Ads Act because it is a step towards pushing back on the problem that is campaign financing laws. With the Honest Ads Act in place there will be a renewed focus on preventing election engineering from corporate donors, foreign influence and more. Tiffany Muller said, “This is common sense legislation and senators from both parties should support this bill to ensure that our elections are free from foreign interference.” Muller went on to cast a warning to those that would be in opposition to the Honest Ads Act by saying, “ECU will ensure those who oppose this effort and allow foreign governments to continue to exploit our system will be held accountable next November.”

If End Citizens United is going to be successful in their push to make voting rights something fundamental to all American’s, then they are going to need success when 2018 comes around. The 2018 Congressional elections are going to be massively important to the future of the country. End Citizens United has already raised $4 million to support campaign finance reform supporters and they’ll look to raise something close to $35 million ahead of the 2018 elections. End Citizens United will continue to endorse politicians who stick by their campaign promises.

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