Dr. Imran Haque: Internal Medicine Specialist at Horizon Internal Medicine

Dr. Imran Haque is a medical professional who specializes in offering treatments to patients in internal medicine. He has been a practicing doctor for the past fifteen years and is currently one of the leading internal medicine doctors in North Carolina. Dr. Haque holds a degree in medicine which he attained from the University of Virginia. Soon after graduating med school, he started working as a doctor in a hospital. It was while working here that he realized that a lot of the necessary treatments that patients need are only available in big hospitals, and not in local medical clinics, making it harder for people to access. With that idea, Dr. Haque decided to open up his clinic to make essential treatments more accessible to people. He chooses Asheboro to be the location for his clinic, and today is the proud owner of a hugely successful internal medicine practice in North Carolina.

The name of the clinic that Dr. Haque runs is Horizon Internal Medicine and has been of a huge service to the community and the people living in Asheboro. Since the clinic first opened its doors to the public, they have received an incredible response from the people living in Asheboro. Dr. Haque has treated thousands of patients through the course of his career, which has given him an edge, contributing to the experienced doctor that he is today. He is considered to be a well-known name, and rightly so, owing to the quality of services that he provides. Dr. Haque tries his best to take care of his patients in the best manner possible and strives to offer the customer service that they would not get at a big hospital.

Being an entrepreneur tapping into the medical field might be hard, but for someone who knew the industry inside out, setting up his own business and practice was a walk in the park. Dr. Haque has always been someone who likes doing multiple things at one time, all while excelling at every one of them. Being an entrepreneur came naturally to Dr. Haque, which is why the clinic is doing so well today.

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