George Soros: an icon in sociopolitical justice

George Soros is a famous philanthropist distinguished for his advocacy for social and political justice around the world. According to Open Society Foundations, George Soros has given out dollars’ worth more than 32 million. This money came from his personal wealth and is meant to fund the activities of Open Society Foundations. These activities are carried out all over the world. In education, Open Society Foundation reports that he founded and funds Central University which is located in Budapest. The university is a center for social sciences.

His main works include supporting organizations and individuals who fight accountable governments, freedom of expression and promotion of equality and justice. The Open Society Foundations reports that George Soros has through his foundation given scholarships to outstanding students who were likely to be discriminated against due to who they are or where they lived.

He was born in Hungary in the year 1930. He experienced discrimination have lived through the Nazi occupation. This period saw the death of more than half a million Jews of Hungarian origin. Soros’ only survived by hiding their backgrounds. They also helped others in like manner.

New York Times report of 17th October 2017, by David Gelles reveals that the famous philanthropist gave 18 billion dollars to Open Society Foundations. Gelles considers this to be the largest ever wealth transfer to be made to a sole foundation by a private donor. This donation was made over a period of years but was revealed only recently, precisely, October 17, 2017. On account of this revelation, Open Society Foundations is now reported to be the second largest in the United States among the philanthropic organizations.

The organization is known to defend those in the society that are discriminated against. It defends their rights from abuse, especially by the police. For instance, New York times reports that the organization protected people in the United States against a wave of violence that hit the nation after the elections of 2016. George Soros gave out ten million dollars to help prevent violence.

According to Forbes, George Soros donation was made despite the fact that such a huge donation would make him drop in the list of top wealthiest people in the world in terms of net worth according to FORBES. This reveals him a selfless individual whose concern for others overrides his fame and interests. According to Silber Laura who is the Chief Communications Officer, Open Society Foundations, what dictates the activities of the foundation is the opportunities and needs in the world. The aim is to continue to fight for human rights, justice, and democracy.

The kind hand of George Soros goes even towards those who have suffered natural calamities such as disease outbreaks. New York Times reports that the Open Society Foundations sponsored centers treatment of Ebola during the 2014 outbreak. In addition, refugees have also been beneficiaries of the benevolence of George’s organization. Forbes reports that the programs of Open Society do include activities in public health and refugee relief.

Indeed, George Soros is an icon in philanthropic works. He has helped many in the world through his efforts to fight for human rights, justice, and democracy and follow him

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