CP+B to Have New Generation Leaders Courtesy of Lori Senecal

The impact of the resignations of high ranking officials from CP+B is yet to be felt by the Boulder, Colorado, headquartered adverting agency. Some of the crucial employees that have either exited or are planning to exit include Richard Pinder, Dave Buonaguidi, Arjun Singh, and Lori Senecal who is the Global CEO of the agency. When he announced his resignation, Pinder was in charge of CP+B’s UK operations, while Singh was the agency’s director of operations, and Buonaguidi was the chief creative officer.

Of the four, Lori Senecal stands out because of the crucial role she holds at the company: Global CEO. According to the Ad Week, Lori who joined CP+B in 2015, will resign in the last quarter of 2017. Also, the agency affirmed that Lori’s resignation was a well-choreographed plan which she was party to. Immediately she joined CP+B, Lori and Chuck Porter (co-founder and chairman of CP+B) established a plan of how she will serve the creative agency and her ultimate resignation.

Even as she plans to step down from CP+B and the ads business, Lori’s two-year tenure at CP+B is hard to ignore. According to Campaign Live, at the end of the 2016 financial year, CP+B’s revenues rose by over 21 percent courtesy of Lori’s management style and organizational strengths. Porter acknowledges Lori for the firm’s global efficient management structure and communications process. Lori on her part is grateful for having worked with CP+B and most importantly because the company considered her ideas essential and implemented them.

Before she completely relinquishes her role at the agency, Porter and Lori are interested in grooming high-performing staff members such as Danielle Aldrich to take over leadership roles in the company. Aldrich who has worked at CP+B for 14 years has held different positions at the company most recently as the co-managing director in Boulder. However, she is now the president of CP&B West; a role which incorporates both CP+B Boulder and Los Angeles offices. Lori noted that Aldrich was the perfect candidate for the job owing to her results-oriented nature. Both Lori and Aldrich were credited for winning American Airlines from TM Advertising. Read more on crunchbase.com.


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