Securus Technologies – Investing in its Future

There are many corporations that work in the industry of security solutions as well as the industry of inmate communication. One of the companies that are on the forefront of both of those industries is called Securus Technologies. A lot has been said about that company, and it has mainly been the positive reviews that clients have been leaving on company’s website and other related forums.

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a Texan company. It has its main building set up in Dallas. The serving area of Securus Technologies is the state of Texas, most of the United States of America as well as some parts of Canada. The company offers security solutions to units of the law, businesses, and large homes. The Corporation has also developed a few pieces of software that they provide to their clients together with the technological solutions.

In terms of the inmate communication industry, Securus Technology is one of the leaders. The company joined the industry of inmate communication as a secondary line of work. The expansion, however, led to incredible success. Securus Technology provides all the basics and has also developed a few services of their own which are available to all states.

Securus Technology currently has as a leader the chief executive officer Mr. Richard Smith. He has been CEO of the corporation for almost ten years. CEO Rick Smith has been working diligently towards the expansion of Securus Technologies, Inc. Two years ago in 2015, he announced that the company had been able to reach a new milestone. In fact, the company was well on its way to achieving another one as well. The objective had been to focus and achieve their goals in acquisitions and product development. For that to happen, the company had invested over half a million and had planned to direct another half a million.

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