Can Stem Cells Change The Way We Treat Lung Disease?

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are essentially the basic building blocks of the body. The body can turn the stem cells found in the body into just about anything the body needs. If you are injured, your body can use stem cells to help you recover from your loss. In fact, your body can even turn your stem cells into multiple stem cells if it needs to. These regenerative power has peaked the interest of medical researchers for its potential use to treat challenging diseases.

The Mission Of The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is devoted to the treatment of various lung diseases. Fro asthma to chronic obstructive pulmonary lung disease, there isn’t anything the Lung Institute isn’t researching. Currently, the Lung Institute is researching the potential uses of sgtem cells for treatment procedures. Apparently, the Lung Institute has succeeded in its efforts to treat chronic lung disease. The institute has announced the successful use of stem cell therapy in treatment options given to its patients. After decades of hype, some of the first practical uses of stem cells in medicine are here.

How The Lung Institute Uses Stem Cells

The Lung Institute uses stem cells to encourage the body to heal itself naturally. First, stem cells are drawn from either the blood or bone marrow of the patient. These stem cells are then injected into the lungs of the patient in affected areas. After the stem cells are injected, the next step for the physician is to simply observe the progress of the treatment over time. Although it takes time for the body to heal itself, the results of stem cell therapy are staggering. Patients are living fuller and more active lives than ever thought possible. More information can be found on

The Possibilities Ahead

The results of the Lung Institute’s work is inspiring other medical researchers to consider the potential of stem cells. Doctors have long desired for the creation of regenerative medicine, and this gives them the first steps necessary in order to achieve that dream. Although stem cell therapy isn’t the ultimate panacea, it is taking us in the right direction.

For more information, visit the Lung Institute’s website, and Facebook page.



Dynamic Search Partners Earns a Top Spot in the Executive Search Sector Under Keith Mann’s Thoughtful Leadership

Keith Mann is a financial consultant and founder of Dynamics Search Partners. Over the course of his career, Mann has earned a reputation as a talented executive search professional. His area of specialty ranges from talent acquisition, executive search and research.

Keith Mann: Dynamics Search Partners’ CEO

Keith Mann began his career approximately two decades ago as the managing director of Dynamics Executive Search. Mann’s role was to recruit talented employees for global financial service firms. In 2002, he established Alternative Investment Practice, an organization within Dynamics Executive Search that served the hedge funds industry. Four years later, Mann ventured into the private equity markets through his Alternative Investment Practice. In 2009, he renamed the organization into Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). This new organization expanded its mandate by venturing into alternative investments.

Mann serves as the DSP’s chief executive officer and assists in running its day-to-day activities. DSP is made up of a network of skilled individuals in all areas of expertise. Mann and his staff are responsible for hiring marketing experts and developing investment platforms for their clients. DSP’s clients include private equity firms and hedge funds. DSP has increased its global presence by establishing a strong customer base in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Additionally, DSP handle over 200 clients mandates on a yearly basis.

Keith Mann and the Uncommon Schools

Since 2013, Dynamics Search Partners has been working with the Uncommon Schools Program to provide quality high school education to needy children living in New York. Dynamics Search Partners assisted the Uncommon Schools Program in raising $22,000 to help high school graduates to register for their first year in college. Uncommon Schools is an organization that manages schools in low-income areas of Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. Additionally, this program also prepares and encourages students to pass their high school exams to secure positions at leading colleges.

According to Mann, Uncommon Schools Program serves to assist the needy students. Mann and his company set up a scholarship fund for needy students graduating from Uncommon Schools-sponsored high schools. The scholarship caters for college education for students who excel in their high school finals. Additionally, the scholarship offers up to $5,000 to cater for the tuition fees.

The Creation And Impact Of Evolution Of Smooth

The Founding Of The Evolution Of Smooth Brand

Evolution of Smooth or EOS lip balm is a new comer to the beauty aisle of supermarkets, discount stores, health food stores and pharmacies. The lip balm industry was dominated by a few big players who had the lion’s share of the market. Now this upstart, Evolution of Smooth, has broken into the lip balm market and surpassed many of its competitors.

Just how much has EOS surpassed its competitors? The company went from being obscure to the number two selling lip balm in the United States over a span of only a few years. Its competition included such recognizable and popular brands such as Chapstix and Blistex that had the backing of major ownership corporations like Clorox. Evolution of Smooth is right behind number one best selling lip balm brand, Burts Bees, and is rapidly gaining ground on its rival.

According to the brand was created with a purpose to disrupt the current market and bring innovation to the lip balm industry. Its founders include employees from startup incubators and marketing directors. They knew that to be successful in a field like lip balm they had to come up with something new that would wow prospective buyers.

The wow factors from Evolution of Smooth’s founders was a new spherical ball shaped packaging. Lip balm no longer had to come in a stick format. Many people were tired of flavorless or unpleasant tasting lip balm. The owners of Evolution of Smooth did research into what consumers wanted or were looking when they were buying lip balms.

The result of careful research and studying demographics led Evolution of Smooth to roll out dozens of different flavors such as strawberry sherbet and blackberry nectar what would please the senses of even the most discriminating buyer. EOS would also be made with 99% all natural ingredients. This would ensure that it would fulfill the growing trend towards all natural and sustainable products.

For more information, visit the EOS Facebook page and