Never far From Home

Adam Milstein is a self described proud Israeli American and an active philanthropist. He also falls into the pro-Israel activist category. He is a co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

Ultimately, his focus is to strengthen the Jewish nation and the state of Israel. His other top priority is to help improve relations between the United States and Israel. He achieves this goal through a variety of ways. These methods include charitable and consulting services that help to develop new programs. Milstein does all this to raise awareness for the Jewish community, its continuity and Israeli advocacy.He operates on three simple principles. These principles are active philanthropy, life path impact and philanthropic synergy.

Active philanthropy means that Adam and the staff working within his foundation put time and energy, not just money, into the programs and organizations they start and support. Life path impact translates to a commitment from the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation to find and steadily fund organizations that stay in contact with community members.

They like to see relationships hold strong between clients and organizations in childhood, adolescent and the changing stages adulthood. Philanthropic synergy works out to be cooperative support of programs, NPO’s and NGO’s that also focus on maintaining a sociopolitical emphasis geared for Israel and its people.

Adam does all this as a native of Israel who now lives and works in the United States in real estate. He is a long way from his homeland in the flesh but ever present in spirit.


What makes The Hawaiian Waiakea Volcanic Water Unique?

In less than four years since inception, Waiakea water has outgrown most of its established competitors in the industry. The company that started in 2012 is currently valued at approximately $10 million, has its water on more 2,000 retail stores across the United States, and is on the verge of opening up a new manufacturing facility in Hawaii to meet the growing local and international demand. But what is the company’s driving force on this fast expansionary path? The company’s founder Ryan Emmons calls it doing things differently.

Partnering with charitable trusts?

For every liter of Waiakea water the company sells in America, the company donates clean water to disadvantaged communities in rural Africa. The company partnered with Pump Aid, a charitable trust that drills boreholes and erects elephant pumps in Africa with the aim of providing fresh, clean water to these communities for a lifetime.

This philanthropic course has influenced the sales volume of the company’s water as more people seek to join a worthy course while leading a healthy life.

Since the establishment of the partnership deal with Pump Aid, Waiakea water is estimated to have donated 500 million liters of fresh water to underserved African communities.

Its activities are primarily concentrated in rural Malawi where the company has directly sponsored the construction of six new elephant pumps in the last 12 months.

The carbon neutral certification

The Hawaiian company water filters through thousands of feet of porous volcanic rocks that enrich it with delicious and health boosting alkaline and electrolyte minerals.

The company is also considered the first brand in the industry to implement a triple bottom line platform considered a sustainable, ethical, and healthy initiative. Baby Boomster, the Waiakea Water was the first bottled water company to receive the Carbon-Neutral certification for its eco-friendly initiatives.

Engagement in environmental conservation

Organic Authority has it that Waiakea water further endears itself to its consumers and environmentalist with its involvement in environmental preservation. The company’s greatest selling point is the fact that most of their water is packaged entirely from recycled (rPET) bottles.

By using the brand as an example of affordable environmental conscious and ethical manufacturer, the environmentalists and its consumers further popularize the brand across the country. Emmons stresses his dedication to establishing a healthy and sustainable brand that fulfills all the ethical requirements in the industry while satisfying the consumer’s needs at multiple levels.


Bruce Levenson Continues Court Fight After Selling The Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson was always a major part of the NBA community during the decade he headed the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC group that purchased the historic NBA franchise in 2004. Levenson and his consortium eventually sold the franchise in 2015 to billionaire Tony Ressler and agreed to the mutual termination of the $18 million contract of Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry just two days before the sale to the Ressler group was finalized. The mutual termination of Ferry’s contract remains the subject of an insurance claim made by Levenson and his former consortium colleagues that has yet to be completed with the AIG insurance company.

Levenson and his former Hawks consortium initially made contact with AIG to discuss a possible insurance claim over the contract of Ferry long before the sale of the Hawks was agreed; despite feeling they have followed the rules of the insurance company Levenson’s lawyers state the insurance claim remains unpaid, and AIG have so far refused to make contact with Levenson’s group about the claim.

Bruce Levenson has spent much of his recent time since selling the Atlanta Hawks franchise focusing on the philanthropic causes he holds dear to his heart. The founder of the UCG company played a major role in establishing and raising funds for the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland; Levenson also funds annual contests for University of Maryland students to publicize good causes they wish to provide donations for.

In an article by Time Magazine, during his time as the owner of the Atlanta Hawks Bruce Levenson also made sure the franchise became a part of the community along the east coast of the U.S. through various philanthropic choices made by the owner. Levenson himself used his time to play a major role in the I Have A Dream Foundation and the Hoop Dreams charity.


Kabbalah Centers Teach the Way to Receive the Light of God

Thousands of years ago, Kabbalah was passed down first through oral tradition, then written down by a select succession of Rabbis, then published and disseminated to the public through books and Kabbalah Centers of Learning.

The Kabbalah is an interpretation of the Bible, the Zohar, that contains the deepest secrets of Creation. The teachings hold that God is unknowable, but has revealed 10 stages called Sefirot or Tree of Life by which we can make a connection between God and our physical universe. It is through this connection that we are given the pathway for redemption and become Divine Light.

To bring the teachings of Kabbalah from a primarily secret, elite group of scholars to a worldwide movement took hundreds of years. We can point to the key movers in this evolution. Very early, Rav Abba and his son Rav Elagar spent 13 years in a cave and through Divine Inspiration gave us the wisdom of Moses and Elijah.

In the 16th Century Rav Luria brought a deeper understanding of Zohar. He proclaimed that our transformation depends on the healing of self- destructive tendencies and egoism. He further believed that our souls are disconnected from God and we must heal the parts and return them to God.

Building on Rav Luria’s teachings, Rav Yehuda Asklag sought to bring the religion teachings of Kabbalah to a wider audience. In 1885 he established a Kabbalah Center in his native Warsaw Poland. In 1921 he moved to Israel and devoted his life to teaching Kabbalah. In 1922 he established a yeshiva and continued his teaching. He believed that each one of us must take action to repair ourselves and the larger world. He also held that individuals will not be judged by race, religion or nationality. Each person must reach for affinity with God.

Rav Brandwein followed Rav Asklag’s teaching in Israel. He had a small following and limited resources. He published a key work entitled The Ladder in which he gives an individual the pathway from Earth to a heavenly realm.

Moving to the United States Rav Philip Berg, born in Brooklyn, became a passionate follower of Brandwein. He traveled to Israel and studied under his mentor. He and his second wife Karen started publishing a wide range of books on Kabbalah. He returned to the United States and founded several this Spirituality Centres around the world. In 1970 he established the National Institute for Research of Kabbalah. The name was later changed to Kabbalah Centre. These Centres were formed much like a Kibbutz. Students shared housing and meals together and received a stipend to further their studies. Today there are 40 Kabbalah Centres throughout the world.

New Reputation Management Strategies

Reputation management is the key to maintaining a positive image for your brand. But managing it can seem like an overwhelming, almost undo-able task. This means your best option is to hear out professionals, and look for new strategies.

One of the most experienced leaders in reputation management is Johnathan Hay. And despite what you think, Johnathan doesn’t have businesses as clients. Instead, he works for celebrities. Although Reputation Management sounds different between celebrities and businesses, they actually have very similar concepts. Luckily for you, Johnathan has just released several concepts he uses on a regular basis. You can learn more about these here.

His first suggestion would be staying bold. Boldness is the key to staying relevant whether you are a famous celebrity, or a small business. If you are bold, people will talk about you. But when being bold, the final piece of the puzzle, is to stand behind your decisions. This essentially means, the only way your bold decision will gain respect, is by claiming that decision.

The next piece of advice from Johnathan, and probably the most commonly practiced part of reputation management, is monitoring your brand. This is done by recognizing attacks on your brand long before they blow out of proportion. Monitoring is becoming easier by the day with the creation of management firms, and tools offered from places like Google.

If you end up coming across an attack on your brand, Johnathan suggests you find the origin of the attack. Then, once you have the cause you can settle the dispute. The key to this, is by acting swiftly, and limiting the harm it could potentially cause.

The final piece to Johnathan’s puzzle, is not being afraid to go on the defensive. This means, if you had a reputation crisis, use specific marketing strategies against that attack. This will allow you to mend the wounds to your brand. Another possible defensive strategy, is to divert attention from the crisis. You could create media attention towards a new idea or product. Or even use the tactic, of boldness.

So if you want to maintain a positive brand image, follow these few strategies for reputation management.


Kenneth Goodgame-A Sales and Retail Merchandising Expert

Kenneth Goodgame was the Chief Merchandising Officer and Senior Vice President at the True Value Company. During the time when he was there, the company’s career history was good. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

He was able to help the company change its marketing strategies and move forward to a greater future. Also, True Value increased its marketing and advertising plans to a level not seen before in the recent years. Going by Good Game’s successes, then this advertising plan is definitely attractive.

His expertise in sales and retail merchandising

One of Goodgame’s significant achievements in this business was the ability to turn around a low-performance buying team, by laying them back to normal. Good replaced low-performing buyers, about 40%, thereby producing a high-energy and enthusiastic team with comprehensive product expertise.

He also introduced a250 SKU EDLP plan which was very helpful to retailers. This program delivered full margin percentage and lowered all the prices that were sensitive to SKUs.

His strategies for success

As an exceptionally influential Operations Management leader, Kenneth Goodgame specializes in creating million as well as billion-dollar OEM excellence by combining streamlined financial oversight, innovative marketing and merchandise and smart business strategies.

He focuses on balancing corporate alignment, key performance indicators, employee engagement as well as quality assurance systems that ensure improved performance and profitability. Kenneth capitalizes on his ability to promote growth through cost analysis, quality improvements, leadership, productivity enhancement and composed negotiations.

According to ZoomInfo, Kenneth Goodgame’s vast experience gives him a veteran’s eye that enables him to navigate market shifts as well as the ability to avoid terrible mistakes and stalls often missed by others.

With more than 30 years experience in the manufacturing and retail fields, Kenneth Goodgame has his rules of thumb that help him succeed. The first rule is that you should make your product pertinent local or relevant and timely. Always tie into the manufacturer’s national advertising.

You should not always take it negatively. Make it understandable and confidently interactive. Always include the particular tie-in item together with its feature item at full margin. And lastly, avoid having a large run of in-line products on the end cap. He believes that at the end of the day, its common sense that tends to prevail.

Your Wealth is in Good Hands at Investment Banks

If you’re struggling to decide how to grow your wealth, you might be considering a lot of options right now. It can be frustrating not knowing what direction to go in. However, you don’t need to feel that anymore. The answer is clear and it is going with investment banking.

Firstly, investment banking is very secure. You will always have your investment data protected by the IT technology that receives heavy investments. This way when you are transferring you don’t need to worry about identity theft. Smaller banks don’t have the kind of staffing and money for this security. There is also the issue of getting more returns quicker. Investment banks specialize in making you as much money as quickly as possible. They also minimize the risk so you don’t lose your life’s savings. Thirdly, with an investment bank you will have a personal experience. An advisor will be assigned to you who will make sure you have all the information you need.

When it comes to your money, you should only trust the best professionals and companies to manage it for you. They will help you stay secure, enjoy more upside, and customize your plan to fit your needs. That way, you can have peace of mind and go on with all of the other things requiring your attention.

Martin Lustgarten is from Austria originally. Then he held a passport and eventually citizenship in Venezuela. In fact he was able to help Venezuelans access better rates to buy dollars from the U.S. thanks to his unique position in Florida as an investment advisor. He strongly believes in international trade. He spreads his own portfolio among different countries to avoid risk and make the most of potential upside. He believes in being agile in today’s volatile market.

Lustgarten achieves the same results and strategies for his clients. He advises them to place smart financial positions by spotting market trends that are going up or down, to minimize risk and enjoy higher upsides. Because of this, he is well respected in the industry and mimicked by other competitors who use his methods.

Town Residential: Top Real Estate Brokerage Company in NYC

Town Residential is a brokerage company is a real estate company that is found in New York City. Town Residential was founded by Andrew Heiberger years ago, and it has transformed New York City. The company specializes in residential houses. Thor Equities is an institution that operates as the equity partner for the company. Thor Equities was started by Joseph Sitt, and it has partnered with Town Residential to bring changes in the city.


The company has benefited from the current uncertainty that is taking place in the world. The global market has experiencing enormous changes in the recent times, leading to the decrease of treasury rates in the United States. The debt and equity in New York City has decreased too. .


These huge changes have been brought by the decision by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. The decision, known as Brexit, has significantly changed the global market. All investors from different parts of the globe want to know what will happen to their investments. Investors are now worried how the UK will be conducting its different investments, and the effects the businesses will have on their investments. There are is a group of people who are worried about Scotland too.


During the great recession that took place in 2008, investors from all over the world had to learn how they could invest in areas that were safe and secure in capital preservations in times of trouble. During the recession, most of them suffered seriously, and they had to start from scratch when things got better. Some of them were not able to recover completely. The Brexit has left many investors worried, and most of them are look for safe places to invest and preserve their capital. The investors have started moving their capital from the risky investment to safe havens.


During the recession, some investors decided to invest their capital in to the United States, although the financial state of the country was not promising enough. This group of people knew that the country was safe to invest in, and they wouldn’t lose their money. At the end of the day, these investors didn’t lose their money.


History is now repeating itself, and investors from the globe are turning to the US to make their investments. Most of the investments have been shifted to the real estate industry, especially in New York City. The city has experienced a significant growth in its population in the recent past despite the problems in the globe, and more demand for new houses is quite high. This means that more investors will be investing their money in the city to meet the demand, and the capital will be safe.


Town Residential has a team of qualified professionals who have been in the real estate for years. This team believes that they will handle the situation well, and the company will grow significantly. Investors who will choose to invest their capital in the company during the any time of the year can be assured that their capital will be safe.