Securus: Not Sitting on Their Hands

When it comes to Securus, they are the kind of company that knows what is right and what is wrong. After all, they are in charge of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, and in a recent statement posted on PR Newswire they had the courage and conviction to call out GTL, the inmate communications provider, which also is known as Global Tel Link. Securus believes they have acted in a way that is not becoming of a company and they have done many wrongdoings and integrity breaches. They believe the best way to get to them is to point these out, talk about them, release statements and get them to act the right way.
How many companies would do this? Not many. They would be worried or too scared to do anything. When we stand silent and we allow wrongdoings and injustices to occur. In order for things to change, improve, and get better, we must hold not only ourselves accountable but other companies as well.

This has put Securus America in a whole new light for me, a positive one at that, as they are not afraid to put themselves out there and state what is on their mind and demand that GTL act with more integrity and honesty. They hold themselves to this standard, so it is only natural that they would expect it from other companies as well. If they don’t say something, no one will, and they will keep pulling tricks. The public deserves to know the truth and not have important information hidden from them or kept under the rug.

Full story on GTL-Securus conflict fully documented by PR Newswire.
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  1. If we see something that looks fishy or is acting fishy, it is our civic duty to say something. That is when the world falls apart, however, in my mind, when we don’t do anything. I do have a full assurance that have something important to say concerning what will happen to these folks.

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