New Kosher Snacks From Livio Bisterzo And Hippeas

Livio Bisterzo's Hippeas

Those who keep kosher do so for many reasons. Some people choose to keep kosher for religious reasons. They know that their own religious texts mandate that they adhere to certain Jewish laws and only consume foods that adhere to such laws. Still others choose to keep kosher because they know that such foods are often carefully supervised during every single step of the process. All people who keep kosher can now turn to new snack sensation.

Thanks to Livio Bisterzo’s efforts, snacking and keeping kosher at the same time is now even easier than ever. Bisterzo grew up in Italy where devotion to the land keeping products pure is an age old tradition. Here, he learned firsthand how to use the land properly. When he moved to London, the memories of this place stayed with him. He realized he could harness his own background and use it to create food products he knew people would love.

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Kosher Snacking Options

People who have chosen to keep kosher can now count on new items from Hippeas that are portable and full of flavor. Each new snack is made from chickpeas, a substance that Jews everywhere have happily embraced as they know it to be kosher and delicious. Today’s Hippeas snacks are made from organic chickpeas along with other ingredients that are also totally organic and full of flavor at the same time.

All the new products also have three grams of fiber, meaning that snackers will find something that can help fill in the long gap between lunch and dinner. Fiber helps keep the digestion system in good shape. Hippeas can also be carried everywhere easily, making it easy for those who keep kosher to always have something to eat that is kosher no matter where they go.

Always Around

With his new chickpea snack, Bisterzo hopes to help make it easy for people to find a great snack no matter where they are or what they are doing at the time. The new snacks will keep fresh for a long time, meaning they can be stored and then taken on long car trips or flights when kosher options might be hard to find. Bisterzo’s vision is one that he hopes will continue to develop new concepts that people who keep kosher can rely on for great nutrition while still adhering to their own personal and religious belief system.

Magnises Lifestyle Pass with a Difference

A new lifestyle startup is revolutionizing the way people socialize and go about their daily lives. According to, the firm offers a host of experiential and benefits that gives members the opportunity to unlock their cities and live life to the fullest on Crunchbase. The benefits include all access passes to sporting events, live shows, concerts and the hottest clubs in town. Members also enjoy special ticket pricing, dedicated concierge services, hotspots, community experiential offerings and complimentary upgrades when traveling the world. For concierge services, a personable Magnises on-demand app called Magnises NOW offers members access to various tailored services from hotel suggestions and reservations to dining experience and top places to visit in the city. The app is available for download on both App Store and Google Play.

The information on the hotspots includes a selection of the best places to meet, network and relax with other members. The highly resourceful community at Magnises includes a diverse group of experience seekers, entrepreneurs, influencers, tastemakers. The thrills offered to experience seekers include insider information on the latest gallery openings, live pop shows and unforgettable networking nights. To become a Magnises member, you simply need to visit the company website and select “Join Now” to submit your application. Once your submission is received, the office will get in touch will you through an email alert informing you about your application status and submission review. Every registered member is issued a personalized black card that works like a payment tool that will open door to amazing opportunities.

The card is linked to a members debit or credit card. Club members pay a renewable yearly fee of $257. According to Business Insider magazine, Magnises was founded by a young guy called Billy McFarland in 2014 to create a vibrant lifestyle network made up of young professionals. During its formative years, Magnises started by issuing a bank card before rolling out more lucrative plans such as VIP Club access, virtual service assistant app, secrete restaurant menus and hotel discounts among other enticements. Billy told the magazine that his company aims to fully connect outgoing millennials with new businesses in and outside the net. Most club members are professionals aged 21 to 35 years, who work in various sectors of the economy including technology, finance and fashion industries on

The membership at the prestigious club has quickly swelled to 12000; thanks to continued efforts by the company add new benefits and lifestyle accouterments. Three new premier features called the ClubPass, WorkPass and HotelPass have already unveiled towards this end. Through ClubPass, Magnises members are granted access to exclusive clubs in New York City for $65 a month. The HotelPass, on the other hand, gives members a night accommodation at the prestigious Dream Hotels for a discounted price of $79 down from starting price of $245. The hotel has already unveiled an ambitious plan to open new hotels around the world. Magnises members enrolled in the WorkPass program get access to premier co-working spaces at Alley and other prime locations.

Wen By Chaz Is Hot

Hair is something that women feel very self-conscious about. They need to look nice for all types of reasons and events. It can cost a lot of money to try a bunch of different products just to see if they will work well on your hair.

Using Wen By Chaz Is Easy

WEN hair is so easy to use. It is a product that covers shampooing and conditioning all at once. You will be amazed at how simple it is to use. Each day, you will see an improvement in your hair. There are a lot of women using Wen By Chaz with great success, and now it is your turn too.

Wen By Chaz Makes Sense

When you use Wen By Chaz, you will save time and money on hair care products. It just makes sense to use Wen By Chaz because it works so well. When you use Wen By Chaz Dean, you will want to tell all your friends about it, and you should.

Wen By Chaz is the solution for women like you. Be sure to try Wen By Chaz to see how great your hair looks. It will allow you to save time and money, and you will feel great with your pretty hair. Get Wen hair products on Guthy-Renker today!

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Raj Fernando is Successful

Raj Fernando started his career at a young age while he was still in college. Upon graduating with a bachelor’s in economic studies, he was able to make a career for himself in the same business that he worked in while he was still in college. This gave him a near-perfect opportunity to better himself and to make his career more successful.

He has worked in Chicago since the time that he has started his career. This is where he currently resides and somewhere that he feels comfortable. He knows many of the traders who are in the location and he has made many connections with the the people who are a part of the trading community in Chicago. The connections that he has made have been instrumental in the way that his career has played out throughout his time since he graduated from college in Chicago and has allowed him to be better at his career.

There are many ins and outs of running a business in the economic world but Fernando has been able to do them and be successful at them. While he was working for various companies in the economics sector of his career, he was also learning very valuable things that would later allow him to advance his career even further. He was always gathering information on how to successfully run a business and how to handle his money, no matter how much, the right way that would lead him to be even more successful in life.

This has been instrumental in his success. Since he has learned so much about being in business, he was actually able to start his own business. The business is something that he had always dreamed of doing and gave him the freedom that he desired. Fernando was so successful that he was able to actually sell the business and cash in on the profits. He used those profits to start yet another business and grow it to the point of being even more successful. This gave him a great opportunity to be better at life and gave him a chance to become more influential in the business world.

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The Success Story behind Keith Mann

Keith Man is a New York-based entrepreneur and the current Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners. Keith Mann is one of the company’s founders. The business was founded in the year 2001, and its primary focus is to provide hedge funds and alternative investments to its customers. The company also deals with major equity firms by providing them with search services and alternative staffing needs. The Dynamic Search Partners has been growing daily to a point it has served over 2000 clients mandates since its inception in 2001.

The growth of Keith’s company has led to its expansion, and it has started offering more services other than just providing staffing investments positions. Dynamic Search Services has grown to become one of the biggest database service provider of in the country. Under the leadership of Keith Mann, the company’s performance has been rising every day.

Keith Mann was born and brought up in Rochdale in the Greater Manchester area. Keith has been in the field of activism and protection of animals rights since 1982. In one of his books, ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ Keith explains his love for animals and how he first saved a rabbit from a hatch he passed by daily. He freed the rabbit after warning its owner its situation and he failed to act. Keith has been involved in several campaigns on animal rights.

Keith has also worked in the executive search industry for the last 15 years, and he has a great experience in the field. For the 15 years, Keith has been in the executive search industry; he has been able to launch Alternative Investment Practice in the year 2002. This made him discover that the hedge fund was one of the most rapidly growing markets, which were underserved by the search community.

In 2006, Keith extended offering the Alternative Investment practice to private equity firms, and it was a success. In 2009, Keith launched Dynamic Search Partners where he serves as the CEO of the company till date. Keith has been a successful entrepreneur who works on assisting people to hire investment and marketing strategies for their businesses.

Lip Balm Is Essential For People Who Work Outside

Lip balm is an essential part of any job where people work outside because their lips get battered by the weather the entire time that they are outside. The weather can be pretty bad in the winter months, and people who are in windy conditions will see their lips dry out really fast. That can be a major problem for them, and it can make it hard for them to do their work for the rest of the day. There are a lot of people who skip over the Evolution of Smooth lip balm ( because they think they can do without, but they do not realize how much harder their life is getting.
Someone who is trying to be sure that they have moist lips should bring EOS to work, and they should refer to it as much as they think they should. They will walk outside where it is cold, or they will walk outside where it is windy and hard on their lips. Their lips will never get any better without some kind of treatment, and that is why they need to bring Evolution of Smooth with them. The lip balm goes on in seconds, and the worker gets back to their job.

Someone who has their lips start cracking and bleeding on the job cannot do their job very well, and they have to be sure that they are using Evolution of Smooth as much as they can. They have to take as many steps as they can to take care of their lips, and they need to do this so they can stay on the job. Staying on the job is much easier when someone is not picking at their lips or wondering why they are so dry. Evolution of Smooth solve that problem on the spot. Try Evolution of Smooth lip balm products! Get them on eBay and Ulta today!


Securus Technologies Offers Free Calls To Inmates

In the recent past, Securus Technologies provided each inmate at LA DOC facility a free call each day. I believe that this move helped the inmates to stay connected with their family members and friends that had been affected by the recent floods in Louisiana. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, said that the flooding in Louisiana was severe, thus the need to take extraordinary measures to maintain communications between inmates and their loved ones. It is my hope that this strategy helped in reducing stress and anxiety of inmates and their families. Richard went on to state that the value of free calls that Securus would be connecting for free would be approximately $300,000. I contend that the cash contribution of $50,000 donated by Securus to the inmate welfare fund assisted inmates at the Louisiana Department of Corrections. This information was originally mentioned on PRNewswire article: Securus Announces Free Calls to Those Incarcerated in the Louisiana State Prison System Due to Recent Floods

Over the years, Securus has received formal accreditation and the highest rating of A+. The senior vice president of operations at Securus, Danny de Hoyos, posited that accreditation is voluntary and that the company has worked together with the BBB to meet various standards. These standards are building trust, honoring promises, being transparent, telling the truth, advertising honestly and safeguarding privacy. The others are embodying integrity and being responsive. He went on to contend that by virtue of having accreditation, the BBB had verified, agreed and confirmed that Securus was the biggest facility provider. I believe that that it has the largest team of more than 1,300 associations nationwide.
Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company that serves over 3,450 public safety officers, 1.2 million inmates as well as corrections and law enforcement agencies across North America. The company offers a wide range of services that includes incident management, investigation, public information, communication and emergency response. The others are communication, monitoring of products and services, biometric analysis and information management.

Coworking Space: An Alternative For Those Seeking Manhattan Offices For Rent

When people think of work, they often think of the dull and sometimes miserable day of sitting in a small office, trying to do work while a co-worker is being a distraction, the boss is breathing down your throat and there is a lot of gossip going around about co-workers. There is also a lot of restrictions in the office. For one thing, people could only interact when they are at the water cooler. This is the typical work day for people who plug away eight hours a day. However, there is an alternative to the traditional workplace which is actually much better for some people. These are called co-working spaces.

Co-working spaces are quite possibly the next phase of business for people because it is a bit easier to get work done in these types of environments as opposed to working in a regular office. There is also a lot more room for interaction in these types of spaces. The rules are a lot more relaxed and people are more willing to do the work needed to succeed. One thing that is noticeable about co-working spaces is that there are a ton of them being built around the world. They are also becoming very popular among people that are trying to start a business.

One example of a popular co-working space is Workville New York offices for rent. People are not only able to work in harmony, but they are also more willing to interact. Co-working spaces allow people to connect with each other and feel like they are part of the community. This allows for a greater sense of connection that is missing from the traditional workplace and society in general.

Even though people tend to be stand offish, they do miss human interaction. Co-working spaces allow people to interact and connect with each other. Also, the interaction is not a distraction. People are more willing to help each other reach their goals. At that point, people will be more likely to get the work done that they need so that they don’t have to feel like they are losing out on their job.

World Entertainment Hub; Lovaganza Announcement

Occasionally, we have always had a group of individuals who turn out to celebrate the cultures and other norms of a given society. Mainly, the participants have always come from the community, race or religion in context. Changes are today taking over the entertainment industry as more diversities are to be exploited. With a prompted mind to conduct and attract all the populations globally, Lovaganza was formed. This cinema based firm is targeting to involve the whole nations and all their cultures in the cover of a film. The media production will be focusing on the World’s Fairs of a bygone era.

In the cast, they want to include a celebration of the existence of the past, current and future occurrence of events covering all the cultures all over the globe. Lovaganza’s event seems to be the greatest move ever for any production house due to the differences that have always existed before, now and a premonition of the future to come. It has not in any manner set a difficulty to the Lovaganza 2020 as they have already decided to establish an international celebration in a set of about eight nations simultaneously.


Lovaganza celebrations had been earlier scheduled to lay a stand in the year 2015 but has now been postponed to 2020. The move is believed to be targeting the rapid development in the High-tech industry which they hope the utilization of the innovations would help them land one of their best stages. A plan is underway that will involve a traveling show that is set to precede the 2020 celebrations on Vimeo. The displays of the move will be covered on the screens, which apart from bringing the different world serene, they will also be airing the future technological advancements more likely to come.

A website has been created to serve the public who seeks to follow on the events plans and many other activities that the group is planning. Monitoring should be made by individuals to stay updated since this move is one the whole world cannot afford missing. Among the breakthroughs of The Lovaganza the media production industry is poised to enjoy is the release of glasses-free 3D image displays. Among the lucky nations who are already experiencing the shoots are France, United States of America and Spain. The move will then proceed the shooting in Africa, India, and rest of the globe.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Reasons New Yorkers Thrive In A Coworking Space


Co-working spaces can be very beneficial for working individuals. People that work in co-working spaces score higher on thriving tests. This is a lot higher than people in regular office buildings.

So what is a co-working space you might wonder? This is a work space where people buy memberships to be a part of a group or team. These people are workers that don’t always work in the area, freelancers, and others. Here are some reasons why people thrive better in co-working spaces.

One reason they thrive more is they see their work as more meaningful. This is because there isn’t a lot of direct competition since workers are from different companies. People do not have to worry about fitting in with their coworkers. It is also common to help others to allow individuals to use their unique set of skills.

Another reason people thrive better in co-working spaces is because they have control over their job. These spaces are available to work at all hours of the day so it’s easy for people to set their own hours. People can also work from home without punishment.

Lastly, people thrive better in co-working spaces because they feel like they are part of the community. Since there are many different companies working under the same roof it’s easier to feel like part of the community. They also have the opportunity to interact with employees from all companies.

Companies looking for New York offices for rent can check out Workville. Workville is a co-working space located close to Times Square. In fact it is just steps away from this location. It is also close to Bryant Park. Workville as many different environments to choose from. These include shared offices, open desks, and ready to move in offices. This co-working space is located on the 21st floor at 1412 Broadway.

There are so many reasons why it’s great to work in a co-working space. People feel like they thrive better because they are part of community. They can interact with the people they want and the ones they don’t. People in co-working spaces also feel like their work is more meaningful because they are able to help people using skills they have acquired. Companies that are looking to increase the morale of their workers should try out co-working spaces to see if it works. A lot of companies have seen great success come from these spaces.