Susan McGalla’s Career as an Expert Consultant and a Business Woman

Breaking the glass ceiling has been the motto for most business women who have achieved their goals or are still on the journey to achieving success. For Susan McGalla, a notable businesswoman and an expert consultant, her angle was never to break the glass ceiling. As a successful Pittsburgh, PA-based business woman, McGalla has always bared in mind that her gender never influenced any part of her success. As she once said in an interview, “I never carried a chip on my shoulder of what I should be entitled to as a woman or what prejudices existed.” Her success significantly lies on her personality and how she carries herself in a workplace with either genders or even a male dominated one. Her career history is denoted by hard work, resilience, passion and devotion that have earned her credit and reputation from her peers. Above all, McGalla has never let the persistent underestimation of women in the finance industry deter her from taking a place at the table.

Susan McGalla is an expert consultant on ireport.cnn who holds a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College. Marketing has since been her area of specialization, and she is adept at anything to do with the field. She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm that majors in convolutes of the fashion and retail industries. The firm provides a broad range of brand, supply chain, organizational development and creativity in both and outside the retail industry. She provides an insider’s point of view to matters pertaining marketing, branding, operational efficiencies and talent management to high-profile and prominent personalities in the finance industry. Apart from her consulting firm, McGalla also serves as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers where she has worked hard to foster and expand the iconic brand.

After she had graduated, McGalla started off her career at the Joseph Horne Company in 1986 where she worked fo eight years in different managerial and marketing posts. She later found a home at American Eagle Outfitters, a place that molded her business management, fashion branding, and retail positioning expertise. To her surprise, the company was a male dominated one and even concentrated on men’s sportswear. This concept wasn’t that pleasing to McGalla, and she opted to change the status quo. As a creative leader, she aggressively created the women’s and accessory businesses as well as transforming the company’s corporate culture in a span of 10 years from 2000. She was very versatile; confident in the moves she made as well as passionate about her work. This saw her rise through various managerial positions to being the president and CMO for the company’s flagship American Eagle brand. She later rose to become the president and chief merchandising officer of the entire company.

Susan McGalla then parted ways with American Eagle and served as the chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. in January 2011. She exuded incomparable work ethics to improve the company’s product trends and quality. She later left Wet Seal Inc. and founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC.

Stephen Murray Is Missed By CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is a firm where people feel good about investing their money because they know that it is always doing something good. They know that the firm makes it a point to always have the right people working for it, and the know that the firm is trying to improve with each passing day. A private equity investment firm does not get to be something well known and widely respected for no reason, and Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on linkedin has proved itself as being great time and time again as it does great things with the money that is invested into it.

One man who helped to make Stephen Murray CCMP Capital as great as it is today is Stephen Murray. He served as the president of the firm for a time, and the things that he was able to do for it have left a great impact on it. He was able to share his smarts and make the firm better, and many people have come to trust CCMP Capital because of what he has done. Stephan Murray was a great guy who gave his all to the work that he did, and he is someone who is greatly missed by the firm.

CCMP Capital got to be the way that it is through the hard work and smarts of those who have been running it, and it is great for those who are wanting to invest their money into it to know that that is a wise decision because of all of the changes and improvements that the firm is constantly making. CCMP Capital knows how to do things right, and it knows how to leave those who are investing feeling good about where their money is going. The firm always has the best people working for it, and that is something that is great to know.

Valuable Pet Care Tips

A pet that is well behaved is a joy to be with. When it is left untrained, a dog can be a major cause of trouble. A pet that has been taught the basics significantly improves the relationship between its owner and the Beneful community. A person should start teaching puppies manners as soon as possible. Using a method of giving a little bit of food to lure and reward works wonders. When they have been adequately vaccinated, puppies can be enrolled in obedience courses. A person can contact his local society for more information.

A puppy should always be on a leash when it is in a public place. A disobedient dog that is aggressive should not be allowed to play with others. A person should take his dog or puppy to a veterinarian for a full check-up, heart worm blood test, and shots after every year. It should also be taken to a vet if it is sick or injured. If a dog has a bad breath, a person should pay attention to what it may be implying. Bad breath is often an indication that the dog desperately needs an immediate dental check up. A dental plague that is caused by bacteria causes a foul smell that is eradicated by professional treatment. After professional treatment, regular brushing of the teeth is recommended. Other treatments of the teeth include feeding of dental diet and avoiding of dental scraps.

The canine’s teeth should be cleaned with toothpaste that is specifically meant for dogs. A baking soda and water paste can also be used once in a while to clean the teeth. Various kinds of dogs are prone to various diseases of the teeth, which may include a pocket of an infection that is found between the tooth and the gum. The condition is very painful, which can eventually result in tooth loss, and it can also spread the infection to other parts of the body. Your veterinarian should be able to clean the teeth of your pet once in a while as a regular part of the dog’s health programs.

Sometimes, the bad breath that is caused by bad breath may not be very serious when it has been detected early enough. It is vital to note that most of the causes of the bad breath may be chronic problems. Some diseases like the liver and intestinal diseases are known to cause foul breath. A smell that is sweet and fruity may be an indication that the pet is suffering from diabetes. In case the dog’s breathe smells like urine or ammonia that may be an indication that it is having a kidney problem. Bad breath of a pet is sometimes accompanied by other signs of ill health such as weight loss, vomiting, loss of appetite, depression, excessive urinating, or drinking of a lot of water. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is imperative to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian immediately. Feeding your dog or puppy with a well-balanced diet from Beneful will greatly help in maintaining the good health of your pet.

Puerto Rico’s Default Is A Challenge For Some Investors

Puerto Rico may be a beautiful place to visit, but some investors are thinking about getting as far away from that commonwealth as they can. James Dondero, the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, recently said one out of every three U.S. mini mutual funds have money in Puerto Rico. Those funds have experienced a major drop in value because the U.S. territory recently defaulted on a $58 million payment on Public Finance Corporation bonds. That default could trigger a default on other debts, and that is making investors very nervous, according to Dondero.

Mr. Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 after holding executives positions with American Express and Protective Life. James Dondero is a skilled hedge fund manager and credit specialist, so he knows the consequences that could develop by the Puerto Rico default. If more defaults are on the horizon, investors may jump ship to cut their losses, according to Dondero, but he also thinks there are not a lot of places to jump to in the Latin America economic world. Emerging markets like Brazil are having their own financial issues. Many investors are turning to Mexico for some relief. Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America and that economy is outperforming all the Latin American countries.

Puerto Rico has been dancing with financial disaster for some time, but the island has always found a way to secure enough money to meet loan payment dates. The island’s power utility was the most recent savior, but that was a very short-term fix. Mr. Dondero did say the Public Finance Corporation made a partial payment recently from prior legislated funds, but it wasn’t enough to keep the creditors at bay. The prices of other Puerto Rico bonds have been impacted by the default, so the S&P Municipal Bond Puerto Rico Index is down by more than 18 percent this year. That means the index lost $6.9 billion in total market value.

The Commonwealth’s liquidity is in question, according to Dondero, but he believes investors should not run away from Puerto Rico because of the default. The U.S. government will find a way to fix some of the issues that got Puerto Rico in this situation in the first place. Dondero says funds like the Oppenheimer have no choice but ride this tidal wave of financial dysfunction to the shore of correction because Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina have 25 percent of their assets tied up in Puerto Rican municipal bonds.

Mr. Dondero believes the unequal tax treatment by the U.S. government, and the leadership of the island are to blame for the situation, and those two issues can be fixed if the U.S. Congress passes legislation quickly. Dondero says the government has to fix them in order to protect the U.S. economy in 2016. That’s why Highland Capital’s lead investor, Dondero, says stick with PR. The island will begin to recover in 2016 and by 2017 investors will be thanking themselves for staying with PR bonds and other investments.

Which CEO Refers to Her Customers as Unicorns? Doe Deere, That’s Who

Doe Deere is known for her fabulous Instagram and her makeup company, Lime Crime. The name for Lime Crime was thought up on a whim back on when people had ‘handles’ instead of being brands. Deere says that if she’d known that her brand would skyrocket into something huge the way that it did, she might have rethought the name choice. However, she says that a name like Lime Crime means that every product has to be evaluated with that in mind. If a particular product seems like it won’t fit in with the brand’s name then it isn’t made for it.

Doe Deere has been playing with color since she was a little kid with a makeup bag. When asked about her first makeup memory, she talks about pulling out a makeup bag and getting to work on the faces of herself and two of her friends when they were having a sleepover. The girls were trying to play a game and talk to spirits and while their outfits fit the mood, Deere felt like she needed more to make the experience feel authentic. Once she’d gave them each a face full of, albeit crooked, makeup it made the entire thing more memorable.

She’s since grown that into a hot makeup company with her unicorn followers. Deere says that to her, unicorns are people who are aware of being born different and proud of it. Someone brave who loves color and defies expectations is her vision of the unicorns who love her products.

She hasn’t come about this life without struggle though. She’s had a bit of trouble with haters coming out of left field with their drama. However, she’s knocked them down and kept on running her business and creating one of a kind, authentic looks while maintaining a certain level of class. She’s found out over time that ignoring haters is the best way to make them go away. At the end of the day she has more unicorns than naysayers which feeds her inspiration.

Being named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine is yet another feather in her colorful cap. Deere hopes that she might inspire other ladies looking to start their own businesses. However, that didn’t stop her from being in awe of the distinction and finding it ‘surreal’ to be featured among Suze Orman and her ilk. Doe Deere still feels like she’s cheating in the work world. After all, how many adults get to create color for a living?

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Detailed Information on CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is a New York based firm that specializes in global private equities and other financial services. This firm has also invested billions into the following industries; industrial sector, energy, consumer retail and healthcare. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital existed for over 31 years and it started out as Chemical Venture Partners before merging with Chase and then with JP Morgan before becoming CCMP Capital in 2006. Regarding healthcare partnerships, CCMP Capital has partnered with LHP Hospital Group to provide funding for hospitals across the nation. CCMP’S initiative is an example of a growing trend in which private equity firms are investing in healthcare.

Some Words About Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray is a former CEO of CCMP Capital that passed away this year. He was someone who exhibited mature leadership and who had an eye for the right investments. This led to tremendous success at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital for several years until his recent passing. Murray obtained a bachelors degree in economics from Boston College and he then received a masters degree from Columbia Business School.

CCMP Capital’s Energy Investments

One of CCMP Capital’s several energy investments is their investment in Chaparral Energy. Chaparral Energy was started in 1988 and has spent much of its’ existence acquiring numerous properties and businesses that specialize in energy production and other related industries.

Vitamin Maker Jamieson Sold To CCMP Capital

Recently vitamin maker Jamieson was acquired by CCMP Capital for an undisclosed price. Jamieson is one of Canada’s leading vitamin companies and CCMP’s recent investment could mean increased growth and profits for Jamieson. Jamieson has been in operation for over 90 years and the chairman Eric Margolis stated that it is now time for established investors to move the company forward.

CCMP Capital’s Acquisition of UK Based Pure Gym

CCMP Capital has also acquired UK based fitness chain Pure Gym. This recent investment allows Pure Gym to expand operations throughout the UK and possibly the United States. Here is what CCMP London affiliate Thomas Walker stated concerning the acquisition, “We’re delighted to be partnering with management to accelerate the growth of Pure Gym, an outstanding business with tremendous appeal.”

CCMP And Medpace

In 2011 CCMP paid $600 million for an 80% share of the research organization Medpace. Medpace is a contract research organization that is joining a trend of these types of organizations receiving investments from private equity firms.

In conclusion, CCMP Capital is a private equity firm that is involved in diverse acquisitions and investments in companies worldwide. You can also see the legacy of Stephen Murray at this firm through the continuous desire for expansion and a strong reputation in the business world. CCMP Capital will leave a lasting legacy in the financial services sector.

Mr. Frans Schoeman, A Man Of Much Expertise

Commercial and corporate law is a branch of civil law that deals with the relations, behavior and the rights that are related to the businesses as well as the individuals per taking in them. They deal in areas that associated with merchandising, trade, sales as well as commerce. Phatsima Diamond Corporation deals with this type of issues.
The Phatsima Diamond Corporation is led by the Joubert Schoeman Attorneys who are well set with the best legal skills, knowledge as well as experience, who can give you adequate legal advice and solutions too.
This law firm is associated with quite a number of commercial enterprises that have a good number of clients of all categories, whether national or international and have a client base that is quite strong. So far, the company has managed to partake in several cases that ended up being a success. They were great multi-million rand lawsuits such as an R120million that was due to an arbitration.
This branch of civil law demands a lot of legal skill in order to get ahead of the rival. In this case, the professionals have to go beyond their comfort zones in order to be the best in and to gain sufficient experience. This ensures diverse exposure that helps in ensuring that the company can easily connect with their clients’ issues. To attain the best level of practice, the Joubert Schoeman Attorneys have merged experience in their field. The areas of practice that the Attorneys law firm have expertise in include: insurance law, labor law, estate and trusts, environmental law, administrative law, competition amongst many others.
Apart from being a member of the Frans Schoeman Attorneys, he is also the MD and director at Phatsima Diamond Corporation where he foresees the daily running of the mining activities that are in Angola. He is also a legal director at the TG Minster in consulting. Here, he gets the ability to practice law. In addition, he is a senior partner in the Joubert Schoeman Attorneys and while at Hofmeyr Herbstein & GihwalaInc he can practice law in differing fields.
To make it as far as this law graduate has made it, one must have certain skills that are well nurtured. They must have been cultivated gently but thoroughly. Mr. Schoeman is an expert in numerous fields such as international law, corporate governance, arbitration, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions and to a great extent of conflict resolution. As an individual, Mr. Frans Schoeman on scribd is a greatly self-motivated attorney who has great stamina and skilled knowledge when it comes to corporate law, commercial law as well as business law. In the end, Mr. Schoeman is well skilled in various fields. This includes legal advice, courts, civil litigation, negotiation, legal assistance as well as legal writing.
With all these qualifications, there is no reason to choose an attorney any less than this man. He is amongst the best legal practitioners that one could come across in case they are looking for a well-qualified person that can represent them well in a challenging lawsuit.

How Did James Dondero Form Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is the current president and founder partner of Highland Capital Management Inc. James is a visionary and risk taker. James Dondero is an accomplished entrepreneur with a rich background in financial and management. With over 30 years of experience in different companies serving in various managerial positions, he can be termed as a veteran in the trade.
Upon graduating from the University of Virginia with Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Accounting and Finance, James joined Morgan Guaranty training from where he advanced his financial studies. He a certified Financial Analyst (CFA) and also has accreditation as a certified Management accountant (CMA).

Fresh in to his career, James Dondero worked as a credit analyst. He later joined the American Express in the early 1980s. He served as the credit manager and managing a fund of more than $1 billion in fixed incomes. From there, he moved on and joined protective life assurance where he served as the Chief Investment Officer between 1984 and 1989.

With the protective life company, he was charged with their newly opened subsidiary GIC. In his five years at GIC, he managed to grow the subsidiary from just a concept to a brand. By the time he left in 1989, the subsidiary had a total of over $2 billion in managed assets ranging from bank loans, derivatives, common stock, and preferred stock.

After these two ventures, coupled with his academic excellence and an entrepreneurial mind, James sought to start his own company. He however realized to make it in the financial sector it would require more than determination. He knew for such a venture to be successful he needed huge capital and just his savings weren’t enough. He sought partnership.

He invited his friend John Okada and together they approached Protective Life, the company that he had previously worked for. He used his experience and performance as the investment officer of the company’s subsidiary GIC as leverage to have the company commit itself to a partnership with him and Okada.
Based on his experience and market survey, he was of the opinion that they start a hedge fund, PAMCO in 1993. James and john who formed the leadership of the fund worked tirelessly and in 1997, managed to buy off the Protective life’s stake in the company leaving it under their hands up to date.

Highland capital’s assets currently stand at over $21 billion in slightly over two decades of operation. James being a pioneer in the hedge funds industry understood their significance long before they gained popularity and acceptance. It is only more that can now be expected especially since hedge funds appreciation is on the rise.

Apart from heading Highland capital and its subsidiaries, James has also co-founded other financial and non-financial ventures including the Next Point residential trust. He also sits in other company boards. One such board is Nexbank, where he is the chairman of the Board.

Bernardo Chua Takes Organo Gold to Turkey

Bernardo Chua, the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Organo Gold, announced his company’s expansion to Turkey earlier this year. To date, Chua and his partners have introduced their gourmet products to 39 countries around the world. The opening of the Turkey branch is a significant achievement for Organo Gold as it unites the company’s Asian, African and European operations. It allows Chua and his company to better serve the region’s distributors and customers.

Organo Gold Turkey Branch

Turkey was an obvious choice for Organo Gold expansion, BusinessForHome writes that since the first coffee house opened there in the 1400s. With the beverage already established in Turkish culture, there is a healthy appetite there for quality coffee. The additional, growing interest in nutritional supplements and other health products makes Organo Gold a natural fit.

Organo Gold Health Benefits

The Organo Gold brand is designed for people who want an active, healthy lifestyle. This includes the people of Turkey, according to Holton Boggs who works with international sales and marketing. Boggs is one of Chua’s two business partners.

Organo Gold products derive their health benefits from Ganoderma, a fanciful mushroom with “miracle” health properties. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) calls Ganoderma a high-ranking herb. Shi-Jean Lee, a Ming Dynasty physician, claimed that long-term use of the mushroom improves health and extends life.

Organo Gold Product Line

Chua appointed Paul Jarvis to manage the operations in Turkey. The product line at the Turkey branch includes gourmet black coffee, mocha, latte, hot chocolate and espresso as well as the popular King of Coffee. Customers can find nutraceuticals and personal care products online.

Organo Gold offers their products through independent distributors who operate in 35 countries around the globe. To learn more about the company and its founder, visit The information in this article first appeared on PR Newswire in April 2015.

Lime Crime Puts Out Good, Unique Makeup

When a makeup brand encourages a girl to be bold, there is no reason for her to be anything but that. Lime Crime was formed by a woman who wants every girl to be able to put her makeup on and own it. The founder wants girls to be able to show their personalities through the makeup that they wear, instead of just covering up any flaws that they have, and that is part of the reason that she started this makeup brand.
Lime Crime is all about unique, bold color choices, and glittery makeups, and girls who purchase a few items from this brand will have a lot of fun with their makeup. They’ll be able to let their personalities shine through, and they’ll be able to enjoy themselves as they are putting their makeup on. Normal makeup can get to be pretty boring in time, but when a girl is able to purchase makeup from a brand like Lime Crime, she will never grow tired of her makeup again.
It is a shame for girls to think that they have to wear the same kind of makeup as all of their friends are wearing, when makeup is really all about letting one’s individuality shine through, and that is why girls should start wearing Lime Crime’s makeup. They should start purchasing items from this brand, so that they never have to look similar to their friends, again. With the variety of items that are available from this brand they will be sure to find something that is totally them. Whether that is something bright, glittery, or dark and bold, they will be able to finally let their personality shine through when they pick up an item from this brand.
Lime Crime is a brand that wants girls to be able to feel confident when they are wearing its makeup, as well as feeling like themselves, and that is why the brand puts out the best quality makeup possible. It is good makeup that girls can put on to have a look that is unique to them, making it the best in every way.