Guilherme Paulus Helped Millions of Brazilians Travel Around the World. Now It Is His Time

Guilherme Paulus is the owner of the prestigious tourism & travel company CVC, headquartered in Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil. CVC started as a solution for the tourism industry of the country, as many Brazilians liked traveling and visiting new places, be it inside the immense territory of their land or to other countries around the world.

The problem with the industry before CVC was that airplane tickets and hotel booking needed to be handled by the people who desired to travel. Many Brazilians didn’t fly because they didn’t have access to hotels and couldn’t combine their flying tickets with the available days in the hotels they wanted. This headache would leave many Brazilians feeling overwhelmed and not wanting to travel anymore.

With CVC’s creation, however, came the popularity of traveling with pre-made packages that were highly customizable by the customer. CVC brought airplane tickets, reservations and booking all together in a simple manner: Where do you want to go? Here are the available days, hotels and places to visit.

Guilherme Paulus created an agency that helped many Brazilians travel by just visiting the agency. There, employees would help customers find the best destinations for their desires. Often, Brazilians would enter the agency with an end-place in mind but would meet new options, places, and adventures there.

Guilherme Paulus shared that one of his lifetime dreams was to retire when he came of age, and just travel around the world, visiting all the countries and different cultures that he could find.

With the success of his creation, CVC, now Guilherme Paulus is able to fulfill his lifetime dream. And, ironically, CVC is there to help him!

Even nowadays, with the popularization of solutions like Airbnb and Trivago, CVC is still the go-to place that Brazilians go when they desire to travel.

CVC became mainstream and a must-have store in any shopping center. CVC is a highly successful company worth billions of R$. Guilherme Paulus created a generation of many agencies like CVC, but neither of them has reached the success and influence of CVC in the tourism industry of Brazil.

In 2018, CVC is still powerful and growing.

Ted Bauman Offers A Spread Of Location Suggestions For Investors Looking To Keep Their Liquid Assets Safe

Ted Bauman is an investment expert who specializes in finding low-risk investment opportunities for the people who count on him the most; his readers. Bauman is the editor and writer who serves up The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. He has been working with Banyan Hill Publishing for close to half of a decade and continues to help people protect their assets. Bauman was born in the United States in Washington, D.C. but emigrated to South Africa when he was younger. There, he completed postgraduate degrees in economics and history while attending the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

Ted Bauman has made his way into a spread of different well known journals that are published all over the world and has also worked with the government of South Africa and the United Nations. His gift with words has allowed him to share many different asset protection strategies, which he believes are very important. While the stock market is a great way to invest money, Ted Bauman feels that investors should have some liquid assets on-hand at all times, too. The problem with these is that they can be stolen, damaged, or destroyed.

To prevent any of these from happening, Ted Bauman wants investors to consider investing in a lockbox or home safe. He has commented that these should be waterproof and fireproof and that a custom safe that can be bolted to the ground is a good idea. While many investors want to keep their valuables close to them, Bauman feels that this is a bad idea. He advises that people spread their liquid assets out and suggest that they consider using a safe-deposit box as another holding place. He has suggested that investors consider getting a safe-deposit box at a foreign bank where the contents can’t be confiscated for any reason.

Ted Bauman suggests that an independent vault in the United States or a foreign country is another possible safe place for liquid investments. He likes these because they are not connected with any financial institutions, and if you have one in a foreign country, you don’t need to report what’s in it if is precious metals or cash. In the end, Bauman wants investors to think ahead because that is how they will keep their hard-earned investments.

Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes

This is why Randal Nardone is such a howling success

Fortress Investment Group is associated with some principals, and Randal Nardone is one of the most distinctive and influential individuals. Having co-founded the asset management firm with Wes Edens and Robert Kauffman, his position in the world of finance is best summarized as a catbird seat. For Randal Nardone, his finance career is one coated with success and fortune; one that made him a billionaire and certainly a finance power-house. His shrewd selection of friends and business partners has been a catalyst in his career, from his early days trotting the corridors of justice as a lawyer in a reputable law firm, Thacher Proffitt & Wood, where he was a partner.

When he co-founded Fortress with his partners and friends, Randal did not know that they were breeding what would later turn out to be a multi-billion firm. He was able to lure the top talents in the finance world to join him, and his partners at Fortress ,and Peter Briger was one of them. Well, Randal must have a bubbling charisma, because professionals of Peter Briger ’s caliber don’t just join any other firm. For Randal and Peter Briger, they shared a common goal and vision, and that is why they hit a home run at the most prominent financial platform, making billions of dollars for their investors and also for themselves.

While the genesis of Randal’s pilgrimage did not start in the Wall Street world, it sure did lead him there. He started off as a man of the law after completing his Doctor of Jurisprudence from Boston University of Law. This was in addition to his Bachelor of Arts in English and Biology, which he had attained at the University of Connecticut. This would see Randal work in various institutions at top positions including serving at UBS as the managing director and also worked as a principal at BlackRock Financial Management.

His management, together with Wes Edens and Peter Briger would make Fortress the primary address of the top investment managers. This generated massive interest from investors who wanted a piece of Fortress. Consequently, Soft Bank purchased Fortress at $3.3 billion. Randal Nardone says that the acquisition gives Fortress access to more diverse investment opportunities, given the financial muscles of the Japanese firm. The management of Soft Bank retained Randal Nardone as a principal at the firm, attributing their decision to the solid leadership that Nardone had provided at Fortress.

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Infinity Group Australia: Managing Private Investments

The Infinity Group Australia is a company established by Graeme Holm, aiming to help Australians trapped in debt to pay all of their credits and live a normal life once again. The company was established after its founder saw the need for Australians to manage their finances properly, after reports stating that a huge percentage of the people are in debt and many are still using their credit cards to purchase anything. Graeme Holm ended up successfully with his plans of changing the lives of the people, and many look up to him and his company as a lifesaver because of the number of people that they assisted in the past. Infinity Group Australia provides three basic services – debt reduction, wealth creation, and retirement solutions.


Debt reduction aims to lower the debt of their client, and paying all of it using extreme measures. When a client asked for assistance with their uncontrollable debt, the company requires them to send their income and expenses report. The Infinity Group Australia reviews the report, and through the information provided, they will come up with a plan on how they will help their client. A young man with more than $90,000 debt managed to clear it out after the company stepped up. They spoke with the lending company and ended up with a contract, stating how their client would pay all of the debts within a specific period. The lives of those who are trapped in debt are changed forever after they managed their finances effectively with the help of the company. Learn more:


Wealth creation is another service available at the Infinity Group Australia. Through the company, people who wanted to create more wealth could ask the professionals working with the firm about their views on the best places to invest their money. Most of the time, they would recommend investing it in the stock market or forex market. Those who have cleared out their debts using the company’s debt reduction services have applied for the wealth creation services to continue their life-changing experience.


Lastly, those who wanted to have a concrete pathway to their retirement should avail of the company’s retirement solutions. The Infinity Group Australia will create a flow on how their client’s financial assets should be spent, and they will be using it to fund their needs. People who have availed of this service are being given a chance to enjoy their retirement without thinking too much.

David McDonald Details How He Goes About Managing OSI Group’s Operations

Having been born and raised on a farm in Iowa, being in the food industry as an adult was pretty much a foregone conclusion for David McDonald. He set out on this path after graduating from high school when he chose to attend Iowa State University, an educational institution known for its excellent agricultural and life sciences college. After completing a degree in their animal science program he was hired at OSI Group of Aurora, Illinois, as one of their project managers.

Since 1987 David McDonald has continued on with his career at OSI Group. By working his way up the ladder he became the president of this company as well as its chief operations officer. Additionally, he is on its board of directors. He has been a huge part of OSI Group’s international expansion in the past 30 years. One of his main duties is managing a logistics team which oversees OSI Group’s vast global and complicated supply chain. He says that he and his team need to manage international markets which are always evolving when it comes to what consumers want and what his company’s clients require.

When OSI Group purchases another company in the food industry it is David McDonald that handles financial transaction. In the past few years, OSI Group has made some major acquisitions that he has managed. The first of these was Baho Foods which he managed to get a controlling stake in early 2016. He next acquired Flagship Europe which provides food in several European nations. In early 2017 he managed the acquisition of a German food manufacturer, Hynek Schlachthof GmbH. He was also heavily involved when a merge occurred between OSI Group’s Australian operations and that of Turi Foods Pty Ltd.

When it comes to the partners of OSI Group as well as this company’s own factories around the world David McDonald says that they know the business network and food culture of these areas better than anyone else. He says that when it comes to operations the best management decisions are going to be made by those who are in the closest contact to his company’s customers. He says that he gives a lot of latitude to these partners and managers to make the best business decisions in each market as a top-down approach would be the completely the wrong way to compete effectively on a global basis.

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InnovaCare Health Puts Together the Right Team

Having the right people leading the team is all the difference between succeeding and failing. Regardless of how easy or difficult the task, the right team can accomplish anything. When it came to picking the right people to lead InnovaCare Health Solutions, executives have to think about their patients.

According to, unlike other industry, the healthcare industry depends on patients trusting their healthcare providers. Without that trust, the system doesn’t work and patients suffer. InnovaCare Health is focused on strengthening patient-provider relationships, ensuring that their patients get the exactly medical care they need to live as long and healthily as possible.

It’s not only InnovaCare Health’s mission to help their patients get to a better place of health, InnovaCare also wants to redefine healthcare in general. Even if patients aren’t with InnovaCare Health, they should still be able to easily find the quality medical care they need.

When it came time for InnovaCare Health to start thinking about growing, they needed the right people to lead the company. The most effective member of their leadership team is Dr. Richard Shinto, current CEO and President of InnovaCare Health Solutions and its many subsidiaries. Dr. Shinto has more than 20 years of working directly with patients.

Before joining InnovaCare, he worked at a small number of other medical companies, serving in high-ranking positions at many of them. At the beginning of his career, he worked at his own practice in Southern California; he was an internist and pulmonologist.

Like all physicians, he has many college degrees, all building to his medical degree. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California and a M.B.A. from the University of Redlands. His medical degree came from the State University of New York. After that, he started his career toward InnovaCare Health.

Another brilliant professional InnovaCare Health wanted to be a part of the leadership team was Penelope Kokkinides. For a while, Kokkinides was a good fit until she left to pursue a position at another company. She rejoined InnovaCare Health in 2015 but was no longer COO; now, she was Chief Administrative Officer.

She also has over 20 years of experience, but she’s not a practicing physician. Her expertise is more along the lines of developing and overseeing clinical programs and health care operations. Read more about the duo on


How Bruno Fagali Fights Corruption In Brazil’s Advertising Industry

Growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bruno Fagali wanted to become an attorney. His first step on this path was earning his bachelor’s degree in law which he did in 2009 at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He earned a degree in administrative law at this university in 2012 and his master’s degree in state law there in 2017.

While pursuing his education, Bruno Fagali was working in the legal industry. He worked for a few different Sao Paulo law firms before opening his own law offices, Fagali Advocacy. He also found a job at one of Brazil’s biggest advertising companies, New/sb, where in December 2015 he was named as their corporate integrity manager. Corruption is a huge problem in Brazil and many companies such as New / sb need a formal program in place in order to prevent management and employees from engaging in such conduct. Given Bruno Fagali’s legal specialties, including compliance and anti-corruption, he was the perfect candidate for this company. He had a hand in developing their corporate integrity program and he makes sure everyone at New /sb stays in compliance with it.

Read more: Cuidado com as trocas de presentes de fim de ano entre sua empresa, parceiros e fornecedores, alerta Fagali

Fagali says that the advertising industry was rocked in recent year by a number of huge corruption scandals. He points to three advertising companies in particular that have become synonymous with corruption which are Lava-Jet, Monthly, and Acronym. He said it was scandals at these three companies which resulted in Brazil’s federal government passing the Anti-Corruption Law (Law No. 12,846). This passed in 2013 and every company in the advertising sector began to create formal anti-corruption compliance programs.

He also writes about changes in the law on his law office’s blog. One topic that he covered was how a number of countries around the world, including Brazil, are concerned about how women are portrayed in advertising. Their bodies are very unrealistic and, usually, this is because their image has been Photo-shopped. France was the first country to rule that any Photo-shopped image has to have a warning on it that states “retouched photograph”. He says that Brazil has been debating doing the same since 2010 and he sees recent movement on copying France’s law.

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Chris Burch of Burch Creative Capital

Chris Burch brings nearly forty years of investment experience to his company, Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative Capital was formed after Chris Burch decided to help bring his expertise in business and development to innovative entrepreneurs with creative ideas. Burch seeks new ideas, big or small, that have a potential to fill a role in markets and in people’s lives. He works in many fields, including producing small-scale prefabricated homes and other real estate investments. In 2012 he bought Nihiwatu, a resort on the Indonesian island of Sumba. Renovating the resort, Burch helped make it into Travel & Leisure’s #1 Hotel in the World for 2016.

Chris Burch recently partnered with well-known personality Ellen DeGeneres to help develop her new lifestyle line, ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Burch states his admiration for Ellen for her ability to read and connect with people, making and leaving an impression after brief interactions, useful source on

Interviewed by Ideamensch, Chris Burch talks a bit about what helps him be successful, read ( He says the most important thing he does is to always listen to the people he deals with. By opening himself up to their ideas Chris Burch finds new and innovative ways to invest in and develop new products that can benefit people and the world.

Asked about his past failures and what he would change, Burch wouldn’t change a thing. He has had his fair share of big failures in business, but after mourning and learning from the loss he moves on with greater clarity for his next project.

Burch says it all begins with passionate people, that with passion a good idea can be brought to fruition faster. Having no real set routines to his daily life, Burch travels the country and the world to help stay informed and involved with his carious global investment opportunities, check

Stream Energy, Giving Hope to People in Need

Stream has electricity services in several states, including Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Maryland and Illinois, in addition to Washington D.C. All other solutions can be found nationally Stream Energy utilizes multi-level advertising because its main sales channel.

The business first offered energy solutions in Texas after the deregulation of the Texas energy market. The business expanded to Georgia in 2008, followed by the Northeast at 2010. In 2015, Stream also started offering cellular phone service, Stream Wireless.

Stream transferred its headquarters in the Infomart construction on Stemmons Freeway into the Tollway Center office construction on Dallas Parkway in North Dallas in May 2017.

Despite the influx of independent contractors (termed”supervisors”) signing up using Ignite, the multi-level advertising arm of Stream, the vast majority of the sales force”lost almost all their own investments.

In Stream Energy, we are not only providing customers with cheap electricity and related life services. In addition, we give hope to people in need by encouraging our communities and local charities throughout Stream Cares and the Stream Cares Foundation.

Stream Energy has been associate with Hope Supply Co., a Dallas-based non-profit firm that’s dedicated solely to providing critically needed objects and applications to improve the lives of displaced children in North Texas.

During our yearly occasion, Splash for Hope we host over countless displaced children using a fun-filled day in the water park! We associate with Hawaiian Falls Water Park to provide every child a set of flip-flops a hat and a wonderful picnic dinner.

Stream, (Stream Energy) is among the country’s leading direct advertising and related life services businesses. Stream is a power from the energy market earning more than $8 billion in revenue since its beginning in 2005.

Stream Energy has enlarged to comprise connected life services like global wireless programs, Virtual MD, electronic voice assistance, and much more. All the solutions are made to help keep clients connected whether they’re home, work, or on the street.

As a leading direct marketing firm., Stream’s unique business model has used and enabled Associates in its own markets to do a great deal more than just make a living. Stream Associates are constructing a high quality of life for both themselves and their households. In This business of IA’s,

Stream is constantly working to assist its Associates sharpen their abilities and realize their full capacities. The organization’s Ladies of Power organization gives an chance for female Associates to join, find their special abilities, and successfully expand their companies. Does

Stream enable its workers, the organization is dedicated to giving back to the neighborhood. During Stream Cares, it gives resources and support to local charities such as Hope Supply Co., a nonprofit firm dedicated to addressing the needs of displaced children.

Lori Senecal Works to Make Her Company Better

Trying to be an executive is difficult for some people, but Lori Senecal knows that’s not the case with her business. In fact, she knows the right way to run the company so she can continue with her career. She wants to show other people they have someone who cares about what they’re doing and someone who knows how to make a better experience for all the people she works with. By focusing on how she can help others, Lori Senecal believes she makes the most out of different situations. It’s her goal to help people while she also makes sure things are changing in different situations. The ideas she has go back to her training as an executive leader. She came up with so many different ideas that she could use to help other people. It was her goal to continue helping people understand what they could get on their own.


As long as Lori Senecal knows what people want and how they can make things easier, she feels she has a positive experience to help other people. It’s her goal to keep helping people and keep making things easier for them. She also knows what will help others through the most difficult times of their lives. As long as Lori Senecal can keep doing things the right way, she’ll make a difference for others who are trying to come up with positive experiences. Check out Inspirery to know more.


There were times when things were difficult for Lori Senecal. Lori struggled to get the help she needed and that’s what made her life better as she continued growing the opportunities she had while she was working in different areas of the business. It made her see the positive part of the business and all the positive options people could take into account while they were working on different experiences. As long as Lori Senecal knew what people wanted and wasn’t afraid to make that happen, she’d have a better experience in the leadership role. She continues thriving as the leader. It’s her executive experience that allows her to have the best attitude toward a leadership position.



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