Home Selling With The 990 Company

Home selling is increasingly complicated. In today’s world, sellers who are going to successfully sell their homes need to be able to understand many aspects of selling. Once a house is put on the market, the seller needs to be able to be as prepared as possible in order to help them sell for the kind of price they want and expect during the time frame they anticipate they will need to complete the transaction. In many cases, the right help can make all the difference. The right help from the right kind of company can help someone sell their house for the price they with as little stress as possible during the entire process.

This is why so many people who are selling a house look for help from people such as Gregory D. Hague. Hague is one of the nation’s leading real estate professionals. He knows full well what buyers seek when they are looking for a house to buy to meet their specific housing needs. Hague has spent a great deal of time studying the habits of home buyers to learn what they want in a home purchase. He has also sent time studying other area of the real estate market including the mindset of the buyer and seller.

Hague has done much to help sellers and buyers connect well. As a result of his work in this field, he has enjoyed a great of financial success and allowed buyers and sellers to connect more readily. Hague grew up in Ohio where his family was heavily involved in real estate transactions. He learned directly from his parents what he needed to do to serve the needs of his potential real estate clients in this field. He also learned that the best way to help serve the needs of his clients was to get the best education possible in order to be able to provide them with the kind of help he knows they deserve. This also let him to found The 990 Company, a company devoted to bringing buyers and sellers together to help both sell and purchase the right kind of home for their needs.

Since that time, the company has gone on to help assist clients from all walks of like. Company officials have shown sellers how best to work with the market in order to help them get what they want and need from the transaction they are involved with. They have also done their best to show buyers how to save money when they are selling their homes and how to get the highest possible price for the house they have chosen to put on the market and sell to a buyer.

A Good Product For Cloud Protection

The cloud is one of the best places to be able to store information. Many savvy business owners have realized that there is ease and convenience that comes to putting their information on the cloud. When it comes to saving and filing information, saving things to a computer can take up a lot of memory space and also it can be subject to the volatility of the computer. If a computer is attacked by spyware or a virus, then all of the information that is saved on the computer can be completely lost. It can be devastating to lose important information. The worst thing about losing that information is that once a system has crashed; there is no way to recover that information. Many business have lost important client information, and it has cause serious problems with their business and with their client relationships.

To avoid such issues many of the worlds largest companies have chosen to use the cloud to store and save their important data. The cloud, however, is not perfect. There are some subtle ways that invaders can hack into that information as well. In order to protect information that is stored on the cloud, cloud security was created. CipherCloud is one of the most well know companies that deals with cloud security. They have been able to protect the private information for financial companies, telecommunication companies, and healthcare companies in the USA and around the world. In fact, CipherCloud is active and protecting companies in more than 25 countries.

At it inception CipherCloud was able to earn millions of dollars in funding. The founders of the company knew that their cloud protection was going to be one of the best in the world, and the companies history since 2010 has proven that they really are leaders when it comes to cloud security. CipherCloud was also named SC Magazine’s Best Product of the Year, and it was an award that was very deserved, because CipherCloud has been able to surpass expectation when it comes to reliability and dependability. It is a product that has been improved throughout the years, and now CipherCloud is able to give its users a stable product that can protect their most cherished files.

Healthcare Companies’ Top Scoop of the Economy

If you all thought that health care companies are just that, healthcare providers; think again. These companies are really measuring up both health wise and business wise. They provide unmatched services on continents all round but still keep a really sharp eye on the performance scale. They have grazed fortune 500 covers, they are on stock exchange list and are really performing big at that.

Healthcare laws are a strict lot no one wants to mess around. So when one decides to take that route, he or she must be willing to offer quality services and in most cases, at an affordable rate. Therefore, it is super difficult to offer quality health care at a cheap price governed by very strict laws and still make reasonable profits. Worse still, rank up on the Forbes list of rich companies.

However, some genius minds can do that perfectly well. They can run healthcare companies and make them win the race. One such company is the Nobilis Healthcare Company.

The publicly traded company with New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has opened its wings really wide and is currently managing 100 surgical centers worldwide. It too provides medical care at an affordable price and has partnered with various other players in the industry to provide outpatient services. Financially speaking, at the close of the 2014 financial year, the company made total revenue of $84,029 for the last quarter showing an increase of $52,901 from that of 2013.

In December 2014, the company acquired and even renamed Northstar care, a company that had stake in the management of ambulatory and acute healthcare facilities, to Nobilis Healthcare. Northstar owned a total of 5 ambulatory surgery centers with three of them being in Houston, one in Dallas and the other one in Scottsdale. The company had also recorded revenue of $17.2 million by the end of September 2014 for the nine months. This merger had a lot of significance as it expanded Nobilis into the United States health market according to cantechletter.

This company has also maintained a record of high organic growth as in September 2014, it acquired the very first Nobilis hospital for a staggering $7.5million. as if that was not enough, by September 23 the same year, it had 60% stake and management control over Freedom Pain Hospital in Scottsdale. This percentage equaled to $3.2 million net worth.

A tone other companies have also showed good signs of performing big especially when the care act regulations of the United States were made affordable. At the close of 2014, several companies had climbed up the ladder of the top Fortune 500 companies; even misplacing top Bowie of the game.

CVS Health ranked at position 10 of the list with McKesson coming in closely at number 11 and UnitedHealth Group at Number 14. CVS took over Target’s over 1600 pharmacies spread out across all 47 counties. The deal was quite expensive with an estimated figure of $1.9billion. Just recently, it had purchased Omnicare for a cool 12.7 billion.

Despite McKesson being a top medical distributor all over the US, it has developed medical related software and it is scooping big out of it.

Philanthropy Becomes The Main Focus For Bruce Levenson

As Bruce Levenson departs the Atlanta Hawks after a decade as the face of the Atlanta Spirit franchise the main focus of the real time analytics expert now appears to be the pursuit of a better world for all. As the Managing Partner of the Atlanta Hawks Bruce Levenson became known as a tireless worker for the charitable programs operated by the NBA and the Hawks. The businessperson who spent his early career as a journalist before embarking on a business career that includes an impressive provider of real time analytics.

One of the most impressive areas of charitable work the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers has established is his work with wife Karen to help establish the U.S. Holocaust Museum. The Museum became a labor of love for the Levenson family as the grandmother of the family had been part of the Holocaust during World War II and the family wished to keep the experiences she underwent in the minds of the people of the U.S. Not only did the Levenson family spend a large amount of time and expense on the construction of the museum, which was visited by the Atlanta Hawks during its opening in 2014. Bruce Levenson explained why he had spent a large amount of time and effort bringing the Hawks the the Washington D.C. based museum as it being a great way of bringing younger people to both the subject of the Holocaust and the museum.

In the NBA itself Levenson has played a major role in the development of the Make A Wish Foundation’s partnership with the basketball association. For a long period of time the executive for TechTarget and developer of the GasBuddy app was also a board member of the Make A Wish Foundation in Washington D.C. Levenson has spent a large amount of time trying to assist the people of Washington D.C. and Maryland to live better lives in the area he has always called home. Not only does UCG remain headquartered in Maryland, but Bruce Levenson has spent a large amount of time looking to create a new generation of philanthropists and not for profit leaders in the state and around the world. The Center for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland has been the subject of much by a number of members of the Levenson family. This center provides programs and internships for students wanting to assist others with the most modern and important techniques and developments in the area for those in need to enjoy.

The Method and Madness of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital (CCMP) is a private equity investment firm that focuses on leveraged buyouts and capital growth transactions. The company was once known as JP Morgan Partners, but separated from JP Morgan Chase in 2006 and became a private company. The company is based in New York City and maintains offices in Texas, Tokyo, Hong Kong and London. CCMP prefers to invest in companies valued between $500 million and $3 billion. The typical investment value is between $100 and $500 million.

Upon completing the spinout from JP Morgan Chase, CCMP took on a fundraising campaign and took on $3.4 billion in institutional investor commitments. CCMP still manages JP Morgan Partners Global Fund and CCMP Capital Investors II. The CCMP portfolio is extensive and includes companies such as Aramark, Berry Plastics, Guitar Center, Inc., Renovo and Infogroup. Working globally, CCMP has invested over $16 billion in growth equity transactions and buyout opportunities. CCMP utilizes its strength and industry expertise and invests in four primary areas: Energy, healthcare, industrial and consumer/retail and media and telecommunications. Within the industrial sector, the company focuses manufacturing and distribution, chemicals and automotive industries. In the consumer and retail sectors CCMP focuses on specialty retail, direct marketing, consumer goods and services. Within the media and telecommunications industries, CCMP focuses on trade and consumer publications, broadcasting, content and programming, cable and wireless and wireline communication.

Within the energy sector CCMP focuses on production, renewable energy and services. In the healthcare industry CCMP focuses on services, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

One of the movers and shakers behind the success of CCMP was Stephen Murray of wikipedia. With a 1984 degree in economics from Boston College and a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School he captained the ship that resulted in the JP Morgan Chase spinout and was named the CEO of CCMP in 2007. His strategies moved the company along a very successful and profitable track. He assembled a team of high energy and very talented financial experts that helped the company stay on the forefront of investing.
Mr. Murray left his position at CCM due to health related issues. Unfortunately, Mr. Murray passed away in the spring of 2015.

CCMP also undertakes the equitization of overlevered capital structures, help business in the developing stages grow in a positive direction, take public companies private, assist in management buyouts and corporate carve-outs and provide estate diversification solutions to founder-owned businesses.

The industry experience of CCMP is from the significant transaction experience in four areas of specialization. The investments made over long periods of time and include working through multiple industry cycles and market conditions has given the CCMP team the necessary background to read the future and prepare clients for the market to come.

Susan McGalla’s Hard Work Has Taken Her Far

Most business people cannot say that they have had the honor of working for not one, but two big clothing companies, but Susan McGalla can. She has been highly successful in her career because of how hard she has worked to make herself into something great. She has pushed herself to become a good businesswoman, even though she knew that not many woman are able to succeed in business, and she has been able to have the career of her dreams because of how hard she worked for it. And that is something that every woman, and every man, should keep in mind.
Hard work is something that everyone who wants to see success should be doing, and it is what has helped Susan McGalla to do so well in her career. She worked hard to become a huge success, and now she can say that she was able to make her dreams come true. When a young woman is feeling down on herself, and is feeling that she will not be able to accomplish all of the things that she would like to in her life, she should consider what Susan McGalla has done. She should think about how Susan McGalla has made herself into a success despite the odds against her, and she should draw some courage from that. Susan McGalla has been an ambitious woman who has always had a passion for the things that she has been doing in her career. She has been able to work for two different clothing companies because of that passion, and she should be looked up to for all of her ambition.
Not too many people are able to say that they have had the kind of success in their career as Susan McGalla has had in hers, and it is all thanks to her talents and hard work that she has had it. Everyone who wants to do half as well as she has done should take every bit of energy that they have and put it toward their career. They should realize that it doesn’t matter whether they are a man or a woman. They should realize that they can do anything that they want to do with their career as long as they are to give it everything that they’ve got. That is what Susan McGalla has done, and her hard work has taken her very far.

Business Leaders In Chicago Help Make Chicago A Better Place To Live

Chicago is one of the nation’s most populous cities. This city of industry and commerce has long been situated on the site of one of the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes have long allowed business leaders to be able to send goods more easily from this area to other parts of the nation via shipping routes. Even today when goods are also shipped via other means, business leaders in this area still rely on the city’s proximity to such waterways to allow them to be able to send out goods and stay in business both locally and to customers in other parts of the United States and the world.

Those who work in this area rely on the leadership of many business leaders such as Majeed Ekbal who know what area consumers want when they go shopping. Ekbal has focused his enormous energy and his understanding of many fields of business on multiple area of Chicago commerce in order to serve the needs of those living here better. His work has been widely hailed by those who look for investment opportunity as well as those who live in this area and have found that his endeavors help make their own lives easier.

Ekbal has chosen to focus his current attention on the needs of local area consumers to have better access to groceries that are of high quality when they are busy with other things. His work in this area helps make it possible for someone who wants to have groceries at their door delivered quickly and easily. In doing so, he has also helped regional customers get what they need from the region’s stores. They can do from their home, an office space or while they are on the go to their child’s latest soccer game.

Many other business leaders in Chicago also know that they must also work hard to meet the needs of consumers in this region. They also know that they need to be on top of the latest technological innovations in order to help them provide for their customers well. In doing so, the average business owners is aware of the way they can help make this part of the world a better place both for those living there and for people want to move to this part of the world and do business of any kind. The result is a highly welcoming business climate that is often a place where people are welcomed. Many business leaders here do their best to be able to consider the many ways in which they can also attract highly qualified businesses owners who want the chance to be able to work in great part of the world.

Madison Street Capital Executive Earns Top Recognition


The co founder and chief operating officer Anthony Marsala has earned recognition as a top professional in the sector of corporate finance. With this recognition he has established himself as one of the top contributors in the world of corporate finance. He earned this recognition from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. Marsala was able to stand out among over 100 professionals to earn this award which further demonstrates his level of achievement as a financial executive. With this recognition Marsala has proven himself to be a standout finance professional that is a high achiever in disciplines such as business valuation, financial forensics and mergers and acquisitions.

When the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts evaluates candidates for recognition, they look for individuals who demonstrate professional excellence, superior accomplishment, and being a leader who shows a very forward visionary approach to accounting and financial consulting. This association honors professionals in its 40 under 40 category to recognize young professionals who have shown themselves to be top achievers in finance.

Anthony Marsala is a top executive in corporate finance at the firm Madison Street Capital LLC. At this firm he is the co founder and chief operating officer who participates in the daily activities of the company. Under his leadership, he has helped the firm gain a considerable reputation in the entire world. Marsala has helped make deals with a variety of companies in Europe, Asia and Africa. This has enabled him and his firm to prosper while assisting a number of companies reach their potential in terms financial success.

Before Marsala became the co founder and chief operating officer of Madison Street Capital, he studied finance and got a degree in this field. He would then go on to business school to obtain more education. This helped give him the foundation he needed in order to start his company and help his clients.

Madison Street Capital LLC is an investment banking firm that offers a wide range of services to businesses of various sizes. It also helps businesses in a number of different industries. The firm specializes in providing services to companies in industries such as manufacturing, wholesale distributing, staffing, biotech, technology, food and agriculture, energy and medical devices. With Madison Street Capital, small, medium sized and large companies can get services such as mergers and acquisitions, business valuation and consulting to increase their capital and better manage it.

This information was found from the Chicago Tribune

Omar Boraie’s dream of New Brunswick coming to life


The vision of New Brunswick that Omar Boraie saw forty years ago is taking its shape as his New Brunswick project, a luxurious residential area on Somerset Street in The Aspire, is now near the last stages. This seventy- three year- old president of Boraie Development LLC. now remembers with laugh all the people who doubted him ever since he decided that his life- long dream was to aid the rebuilding of New Brunswick in the same way and style he first saw in Europe when he was a chemistry student from Egypt travelling there.
He remembers the year 1972 when it all started – it had been awful as no one was able to walk the street after four in the afternoon so everyone left that area. But he saw the potential in it. New Brunswick then did not look anything like what can be seen today from the panoramic view, in fact, there was not any view at all. There were twenty- one dilapidated and vacant buildings on that block, so he started buying them and then introduced his plan to the city. What no one realized then was that Boraie was ahead of time.
Albany Street Plaza Tower One was the building that has brought to the city a fist class office space that was much needed, in the period between 1980 to 1990s. Tower Two, located right next to the Tower One, was finished in the year 2003, adding yet more office space to the city.
Omar realized that in order for the city to continue growing, it needed some highest level residential units, and that was when he envisioned the One Spring Street Condominium building. By creating this high class residential unit, employees could now live close to their work and would not have to spend hours commuting every day. With these buildings the new generation of work community is created and there is an opportunity for New Brunswick to get a new generation of employees who would live downtown, which is something this area did not have. That option would help New Brunswick’s future growth into a lively community for both old and young, students and business people.
Omar’s dream does not stop there as he already has a next project in mind – building the Albany Street Tower Three — which would be a building of mixed use with office space of 150000 square feet .

Bruce Levenson: Businessman, Journalist and Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is many things, including a leading American businessman, and the former co-owner of the NBA team the Atlanta Hawks LLC.
Levenson grew up in the north east and attended college at Washington University in St. Louis, he graduated from law school at American University. During his law school education he also began his journalism career at the Washington Star.
In 1977 Levenson co-founded the United Communications Group with Ed Peskowitz, and was eventually inducted into the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame in 1997 for his work with this group. The company got its start in Levensons’s apartment publishing a small newsletter called Oil Express which focused on developments and news in the oil industry. Eventually they were able to purchase other small newsletters and were able to create multiple databases including Oil Price Information Service. They also owned and ran GasBuddy which is an app that helps drivers find the lowest gas prices in their area.
In 2004 Levenson became a majority partner in a group called Atlanta Spirit LLC, what is now known as Atlanta Hawks LLC, which is a group of businessmen who came together to purchase the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. Levenson became the teams managing partner. In 2014 Levenson announced that he would be selling the Atlanta Hawks and in April 2015 he completed the sale to Tony Ressler for 730 million dollars.
From 1999 until 2012 Levenson also was a founding board member and sat on the Board of Directors of TechTarget, a technical company that provided information for technical consumers who were researching and making technology decisions.
Levenson also served as an adviser for BIA Digital Partners and sat on the Board of Directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association.
Levenson has been active in many different Philanthropic Organizations as well. He previously acted as President of the Washington chapter of the I Have A Dream Foundation which is a group that helps low-income children achieve higher education.
To honor his Jewish heritage he also became a founding donor for the U.S. Holocaust Museum and he also funds the Museum’s Bringing the Lessons Home program which helps to educate inner city students about he Holocaust and it teaches them to become tour guides for the museum. He has also made generous donations to the Seeds of Peace and the SEED Foundation and is active in other causes including Birthrigh Israel, the Jewish Federation and the Jewish youth Philanthropy Institute to name a few.
Though he has achieved great success in the business world, Bruce Levenson has managed to make sure he has given back to his community and heritage. He is accomplished in all aspects of his life.