Can Stem Cells Change The Way We Treat Lung Disease?

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are essentially the basic building blocks of the body. The body can turn the stem cells found in the body into just about anything the body needs. If you are injured, your body can use stem cells to help you recover from your loss. In fact, your body can even turn your stem cells into multiple stem cells if it needs to. These regenerative power has peaked the interest of medical researchers for its potential use to treat challenging diseases.

The Mission Of The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is devoted to the treatment of various lung diseases. Fro asthma to chronic obstructive pulmonary lung disease, there isn’t anything the Lung Institute isn’t researching. Currently, the Lung Institute is researching the potential uses of sgtem cells for treatment procedures. Apparently, the Lung Institute has succeeded in its efforts to treat chronic lung disease. The institute has announced the successful use of stem cell therapy in treatment options given to its patients. After decades of hype, some of the first practical uses of stem cells in medicine are here.

How The Lung Institute Uses Stem Cells

The Lung Institute uses stem cells to encourage the body to heal itself naturally. First, stem cells are drawn from either the blood or bone marrow of the patient. These stem cells are then injected into the lungs of the patient in affected areas. After the stem cells are injected, the next step for the physician is to simply observe the progress of the treatment over time. Although it takes time for the body to heal itself, the results of stem cell therapy are staggering. Patients are living fuller and more active lives than ever thought possible. More information can be found on

The Possibilities Ahead

The results of the Lung Institute’s work is inspiring other medical researchers to consider the potential of stem cells. Doctors have long desired for the creation of regenerative medicine, and this gives them the first steps necessary in order to achieve that dream. Although stem cell therapy isn’t the ultimate panacea, it is taking us in the right direction.

For more information, visit the Lung Institute’s website, and Facebook page.



Dynamic Search Partners Earns a Top Spot in the Executive Search Sector Under Keith Mann’s Thoughtful Leadership

Keith Mann is a financial consultant and founder of Dynamics Search Partners. Over the course of his career, Mann has earned a reputation as a talented executive search professional. His area of specialty ranges from talent acquisition, executive search and research.

Keith Mann: Dynamics Search Partners’ CEO

Keith Mann began his career approximately two decades ago as the managing director of Dynamics Executive Search. Mann’s role was to recruit talented employees for global financial service firms. In 2002, he established Alternative Investment Practice, an organization within Dynamics Executive Search that served the hedge funds industry. Four years later, Mann ventured into the private equity markets through his Alternative Investment Practice. In 2009, he renamed the organization into Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). This new organization expanded its mandate by venturing into alternative investments.

Mann serves as the DSP’s chief executive officer and assists in running its day-to-day activities. DSP is made up of a network of skilled individuals in all areas of expertise. Mann and his staff are responsible for hiring marketing experts and developing investment platforms for their clients. DSP’s clients include private equity firms and hedge funds. DSP has increased its global presence by establishing a strong customer base in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Additionally, DSP handle over 200 clients mandates on a yearly basis.

Keith Mann and the Uncommon Schools

Since 2013, Dynamics Search Partners has been working with the Uncommon Schools Program to provide quality high school education to needy children living in New York. Dynamics Search Partners assisted the Uncommon Schools Program in raising $22,000 to help high school graduates to register for their first year in college. Uncommon Schools is an organization that manages schools in low-income areas of Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. Additionally, this program also prepares and encourages students to pass their high school exams to secure positions at leading colleges.

According to Mann, Uncommon Schools Program serves to assist the needy students. Mann and his company set up a scholarship fund for needy students graduating from Uncommon Schools-sponsored high schools. The scholarship caters for college education for students who excel in their high school finals. Additionally, the scholarship offers up to $5,000 to cater for the tuition fees.

The Creation And Impact Of Evolution Of Smooth

The Founding Of The Evolution Of Smooth Brand

Evolution of Smooth or EOS lip balm is a new comer to the beauty aisle of supermarkets, discount stores, health food stores and pharmacies. The lip balm industry was dominated by a few big players who had the lion’s share of the market. Now this upstart, Evolution of Smooth, has broken into the lip balm market and surpassed many of its competitors.

Just how much has EOS surpassed its competitors? The company went from being obscure to the number two selling lip balm in the United States over a span of only a few years. Its competition included such recognizable and popular brands such as Chapstix and Blistex that had the backing of major ownership corporations like Clorox. Evolution of Smooth is right behind number one best selling lip balm brand, Burts Bees, and is rapidly gaining ground on its rival.

According to the brand was created with a purpose to disrupt the current market and bring innovation to the lip balm industry. Its founders include employees from startup incubators and marketing directors. They knew that to be successful in a field like lip balm they had to come up with something new that would wow prospective buyers.

The wow factors from Evolution of Smooth’s founders was a new spherical ball shaped packaging. Lip balm no longer had to come in a stick format. Many people were tired of flavorless or unpleasant tasting lip balm. The owners of Evolution of Smooth did research into what consumers wanted or were looking when they were buying lip balms.

The result of careful research and studying demographics led Evolution of Smooth to roll out dozens of different flavors such as strawberry sherbet and blackberry nectar what would please the senses of even the most discriminating buyer. EOS would also be made with 99% all natural ingredients. This would ensure that it would fulfill the growing trend towards all natural and sustainable products.

For more information, visit the EOS Facebook page and


Getting Holiday Help Using Securus Technologies

Getting to have better communication with your loved one during the holiday season can be exactly what you need and want to feel better about yourself. Many person families all around the country feel very badly during the holiday season because their loved one who would otherwise be spending a lot of time with them and their families, are simply not able to see themselves with their loved ones each and every day. This is why it is important for you to use a system like Securus to make sure that you are finally doing something that is going to benefit everyone involved.


I have personally been using Securus for many years but have found it to be incredibly beneficial during the Christmas season so that I can have Christmas video visitation with all of my loved ones in prison. It is difficult having several family members in the prison system when the holiday season rolls around because this is the time we would otherwise be spending a lot of clothes and quality time with each other and simply can not because of where they are located.


Because of my own experience using this amazing system, it is something I can definitely recommend to just about anyone who would like to have great communication with their loved ones on a more regular basis. Securus has changed my own life and I feel I can change a lot of other individuals lives as well because of the different communication options that happen to be available to you. Make sure to consider Securus this holiday season so that you can have good quality video visitation service is available to you when it is most important in your life.


Making sure that you begin to use Securus for its intended purpose can help you to feel totally confident and what is available to you and anything else that might interest you at the current moment in time. I have been using Securus for a while now and can definitely tell people how beneficial it can be in their own lives and this is why I tell so many individuals to begin using it for their own benefit. It is also very easy for you to use using a computer or laptop in your own home and can be exactly what you need when it’s most convenient for you and your family.


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Securus Technologies


The Different Color Sapphires Gems, and Healing with Yellow Sapphires

A natural color blue sapphire is a gemstone grown naturally in the ground and mines in many regions of the world, such as Central and East Asia, Africa, Australia and the state of Montana in the United States (USA). However, one of the rarest gemstones is the Blue Kashmir Sapphires, which are velvety blue in color and honed its name in the 1800’s from the sapphire mines in the Kashmir region of India.

Pink sapphires and its hues of basic colors like Madagascar pink and Burmese pink (i.e., a category of color red) sapphires can be treated with heat, but natural sapphires, of course, are best recommended by The Natural Sapphire Company. The rarest gemstone is named after colors in the flower Lotus blossom, Padparadscha sapphires. These sapphires are a breathtaking spring color scheme of pink and orange mixture, and have become a high demand similar to blue sapphires.

Uniqueness of sapphires is that these gems are available in many beautiful colors from dark and light tones of blues and pinks to greens, violets and purples, and whites, browns, and star sapphires. Green sapphires are uncommon, which makes this gemstone a rare color in sapphires, therefore, green sapphires have a one of a kind appearance on its own. Green sapphires can be found in mines throughout the state of Montana in the USA, Australia, and one of the largest islands in the world, Madagascar in Africa as well as Tanzania in the African continent. In addition, green sapphires can be found in the country island of Sri Lanka in South Asia where 98 percent of yellow sapphires, such as canary yellow sapphire, come from.

In fact, The Natural Sapphire Company supplies all natural, untreated pure yellow sapphires to astrologist to use on clients for Vedic astrological reasons. Two to three carats of pure, untreated yellow sapphires is not only known as an aliment remedy to empower and strengthen an individual’s spiritual growth, but also used for curing those who may suffer from either blood or immune disorders, respiratory issues, or depression and financial issues such as poverty, even liver problems.


Kenneth Goodgame Makes a Significant Contribution to the Market Industry

Mr. Goodgame is known for his expertise in areas of brand recognition and product creation. However, he is highly skilled in sales, packaging, promotional campaign planning to improve sales. He has the leadership skills to take several ideas and create a unified vision. Kenneth Goodgame seeks to empower his colleagues. He allows them to make significant contributions that should help with the success of the company. He always has a long term vision for every company. He has thus established a solidified marketplace for himself. He is known to be one of the best retailers in the world.

Kenneth Goodgame is a person every company would like to have on their team. True Value Company has succeeded mainly because of Mr. Goodgame’s leadership skills. He has had an authoritative direction that has helped True Value. After he joined the company in 2013, he helped develop a clear marketing plan for the future. True Value increased its marketing and advertising programs. The nature of advertising was in a way not seen before. Goodgame succeeded highly with True value. He left a mark of success with a proper advertising plan.

True Value made a stir in the marketplace after Kenneth Goodgame joined the company. True Value grew its sales in a way they never thought they could. The company has posted gross earnings and profits only the second quarter revenue. Kenneth Goodgame portrayed his excellent skills in leadership and marketing.

Apart from working at True Value Company, Goodgame worked with Ace Hardware Corporation from 2010 to 2013. Throughout this time, the company was able to improve its sales by 4.5 percent. The company received an annual increase in stores by 300 percent.

Between 2008 and 2010, Mr. Goodgame served as the leader and president of Direct Factory Outlets and Baja Motorsports. He designed a proper retail division that improved the company’s marketing strategy. He saw an increase in growth of sales as a result of a reduction in the price of goods. The reduced price made the company boost its sales among consumers. The company made huge profits by selling standard products at affordable prices.

Highland Capital Management Supports The Family Place’s Capital Campaign

In October 2016, the president of Highland Capital Management (HCM) L.P, announced that the firm had offered The Family Place $1million challenge grant in support of their Capital Campaign. The Family Place is an organization based in Dallas which helps victims of family violence. The award aims at helping the organization reach their target of $2.8 million for their Legacy Campaign. It was at The Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon that the announcement was made.

The organization has already raised an additional $200,000 from the time HCM made their announcement. Highland’s challenge grant has helped boost the campaign considering that only $2.8 million is required to reach the target of $165.5 million. Dondero said that the subsidy is in response to pleas from Dallas leaders Mike Rawlings (Mayor) and David Brown (Police Chief) to help the community deal with life threatening issues. Dondero stated that he was happy with the activities going on at The Family Place and that HCM was glad to join other generous people and organization to support the campaign.

James ‘Jim’ Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He boasts of over three decades experience in the equity and capital markets. In 1984 James graduated from McIntire School of Commerce in Virginia earning honors in Finance and Accounting. He is also a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. Immediately after graduation, he joined the Morgan Guaranty program where he started his career as an analyst. In 1985, he became a Corporate Bond Analyst and later the Portfolio Manager at American Express.

He left American Express four years later and served as the Chief Investment Officer of GIC subsidiary of Protective Life. His leadership skills enabled the subsidiary to grow to over $2billion. He co-founded HCM in 1993. The firm has been instrumental in developing credit solutions for individuals and institutions on a global scale. James is also the chairman of the board of CCS Medical, Nextbank, Nextpoint and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is a member of the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote. Mr.

Dondero also supports many philanthropic activities some of which include Snowball Express and Uplift Education. You can find more information on HCM’s involvement in The Family Place’s campaign here:

John Goullet, Founder of Info Technologies, and Principal, Diversant LLC

John Goullet, a serial entrepreneur, is well known for his leadership skills in the development of a good number of successful businesses in the IT sector. He is an alumnus of Ursinus College, where he earned his bachelors and masters degree in computer science.

John’s professional career began when he took up a job as an IT consultant before becoming an IT staffing account executive in 1994. He worked for organizations such TSR Consultants, 3D Information Services, and The Costell Group. Using his excellent grasp of the emerging market trends, he established Info Technologies; an IT staffing organization that focused on the provision of solutions to Fortune 500 firms across the country.

Info Technologies witnessed significant growth to a value of $30Million within five years, an achievement that placed it position eight on the list of Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the United States. The primary focus of Info Technologies was to understand the business climate and the IT staffing needs of his clientele. John Goullet would merge the work design and personality of his consultants, and the skill sets of his client, an approach that helped him meet the needs of his clients.

The year 2010 saw the birth of Diversant LLC, following a merger between Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. where John serves as the Principal. John’s role at Diversant allows him to continue pursuing his passion for the development of fresh ways of meeting the challenges associated with the highly dynamic IT marketplace.

Diversant LLC provides a wide array of IT staffing services ranging from user design services to IT staff augmentation, and contingent, temporary and direct hire services for a couple of permanent and contract-based solutions. Diversant LLC also engages in minority business enterprise, as well as veterans programs. Individuals looking for job opportunities get the opportunity to choose jobs such as mobile and app technology developers, database administrators, networking administrators, project managers and creative designers among many others.

Under the leadership of John Goullet, Diversant LLC has experienced rapid growth. For instance, for the past few years, the company’s growth rate has been more than twice that of the entire IT industry. This is a reflection of the ability of the firm to provide diverse services and IT personnel efficiently. The company uses the consultative approach, a strategy that has contributed substantially to its success. Diversant LLC sees its consultants and customers as business associates and always strives to have a full understanding of their individual needs and problems.

The impact of IoT on smart lighting

10 years ago, building smart homes and automated buildings seemed like an unachievable dream. With time, however, this is becoming a reality. With the Internet of Things (IoT), it has become possible to automate various aspects of a building. The lighting system is an example of the many aspects.
Various companies have started developing remote controlled lighting systems. Gooee, a leading Smart Lighting manufacturer, has been in the forefront when it comes to fully designing ad implementing such systems. The industry has succeeded in developing web applications that enable one to remotely control a smart lighting system.
Such systems are convenient and will surely take the market by storm when fully implemented. The efficiency of a smart lighting system cannot be matched. Consider a situation where one has to monitor over 300 lighting bulbs in an organization, and ensure that they are switched off whenever they aren’t being used. It becomes tiresome to do this manually as one will have to walk around checking each bulb. With remote control, it is possible for one to monitor every bulb using a smartphone or any other smart gadget. This makes it possible to switch various bulbs on or off as one pleases. Smart lighting also enables the inclusion of sensors in the system. Sensors work to detect motion or heat patterns and therefore, controlling the lighting. Practically, the lights are supposed to turn on if the sensor detects motion in the room, and turn off whenever one leaves the room. This saves on electricity efficiently.

Exploring The Achievements And Contributions Of Don Ressler

Ranking among top entrepreneurs calls for effort and dedication, something Don Ressler has achieved so well. Don Ressler’s dedication and the zeal to achieve his dreams are part of the drivers that pushed him to emerge a leader and become a successful entrepreneur. He runs several successful businesses that he founded and co-founded and he is regarded a great mentor for upcoming entrepreneurs.

Don Ressler built his career since more than 15 years ago and he seems to have an even better future due to the progress he has made so far. Don Ressler entered into entrepreneurship through the launch of, which dealt with fitness products through an online shopping system. The company ran for several years and it was the best idea he ever had because it allowed him to learn many things about entrepreneurship and running a business. It is through this company that he got the basics of online advertising and marketing his business to rank well in the competitive industry.

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Alena Media
In 2001, he made a decision that led to the sale of to Intermix Media. This transaction was meant to give him capital so he could pursue other better ideas. During the process, he was able to meet with Adam Goldenberg, whose ideas were inspiring and inclined towards great achievements. Their thinking was in sync, so they decided to venture into entrepreneurship as partners.

To start off, they founded Alena Media to work with online-based businesses by offering them marketing services. Alena Media was a great concept and its performance proved to improve into three years after inception. With increasing profit margins, the company gave them a reason to venture into bigger ideas and this pushed them to sell Alena Media in 2005.

After the company was sold, they started brainstorming to come up with a unique and strong idea. After many trials, they settled for Intelligent Beauty, an online-based beauty outlet. They founded the company in 2008 and it is today a profitable and stable business.

JustFab (TechStyle Fashion Group)
JustFab is one of the biggest companies Don Ressler and Adam ever established. It became operational in 2010 and has continued to work on offering unique products through the online subscription system that allows members to access great deals. JustFab received $33 million initial funding in 2011 to facilitate the development of its infrastructure. Other funding received includes $76 million that was paid by Rho Ventures and others in 2012.

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